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Reuters Wire Release, North American Bureau, Thurs. 9 Nov., 2000

PHILADELPHIA, S.L.C. Nov 9 (Reuters) - Amid increasing turmoil, bipartisan charges of election fraud, and the threat of civic unrest, ballot recounts continue in the Northwest Territory and the southern ridings of Jacobia province, where 25 Convention seats -- and the General Moderatorship -- are still undecided two days after the general election.

The Progressive Conservative Party, which have served as Their Majesties' Loyal Opposition for the past ten years, need to capture all 25 seats to unseat the governing coalition of the Whig Party with the small Adullamite Republican Party and the Democratic Socialist Party.

As a change of party was not expected in this election, which has had a very large turnout of voters, the P.C. have not as yet publicly named their candidate for G.M.

If the disputed seats are awarded to the Whigs, they have pledged to elect Albert Gore Jr., a little-known member from Tenisi province.

Jaime Bush, the Supreme Commander of Florida-Caribbea, took the unusual step of issuing a joint communique with his brother and usual rival Jorge Bush, the Governor of Tejas. The Bush brothers "observed with interest" the present election process in the North American League, and hoped that "the outcome would be both peaceful and of a favorable nature."

It is supposed here that Florida-Caribbea, at least, may wish to take advantage of any sustained unrest to attempt renewed territorial aggrandizement.

The outgoing General Moderator, W. J. Clinton, stated that "ten years is enough for anyone" and urged calm until the disputed elections are settled, "probably in the courts".

The last such disputed election was in 1875, when an Electoral Commission awarded the seats to the Whigs, allowing Rutherford Fogg to finally be elected G.M. by one vote after six months of near-civil war. [JC]

BBC Wire Release, Kemr, Sat. 6 May, 2000

CASTRELEON, KEMR May 6 (BBC) We have received reports of an assasination attempt on HM King Geireint XIII at his Palace early this morning. Details are sketchy at this time, and it is not known whether ill Terruin is alive or dead.

The Royal Family's spokesmen have made no comment and the Government has said little other than "the situation is under control". The University of Glastein has been unable to contact Prince Pedr, the heir to the throne, who is said to be en route to Castreleon and Curth Rhuial.

One thing is confirmed however. A government spokeswoman has stated that Cos Nustr is claiming some sort of involvement in the attempt, but in what way exactly is not yet clear. This is in line with a message the BBC recieved last year stating that their terror campaigns would be stepped up in the next century.

Contrary to this claim, at least one arm of Cos Nustr is denying all connexions with this tragedy. In a statement made shortly after this story broke, Mark Ferrar, a Cos Nustr don in northeastern Dunein gave this statement: "News at this time of the untimely Death of our Most Beloved High King of Britain having been here heard; we of Chois Nusteor, defenders of Liberty and ever Loyall to our King, most vehemently Deny the Foul and untrue Allegations that our Bretheren of Chois Nusteor would attempt the assassination of His Britannic Majesty, or indeed of any member of our Royall House. We at all times our Liberties defend; and at all times remain Steadfast and True in our Loyalties to the Heir of the Emperor Arthur. Though there are many who will blame us in Kernow for this Act of senseless violence, let it be known that we in no way have made such Plans for such an assssination, and that we our most Sincere and Humble Condolences now express, to the Heir of our Gracious King, Gerontius xiii Rex Brit."

Buddeg Lladda of Castrwent's Cos Nustr Intelligence Bureau says that this is a typical response, especially from the more radical Cos Nustr cells of Dunein. The Intelligence Bureau's current stance is summed up by Lladda: "We have no doubts that Cos Nustr is behind this." The usual promises to root out the responsible cells were not far behind.

The English and Scottish governments have expressed sympathy for the situation in Castreleon and Prince Charles of England is said to be en route to Kemr at this moment to assist his favourite godson, Prince Pedr. [DML]

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