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Del Norte, Alta California -- A massive earthquake struck offshore 91 miles west-southwest of the city of Del Norte in the province of Costa Norte. It initially measure 7.4 on the Richter scale*, but was downgraded to a magnitude 7.0 by the Instituto Geológico Nacional de Alta California (IGNAC - National Geologic Institute of Alta California).

No damage was reported, but the quake was felt as far north as Vancouver Island in Oregon. Witnesses say that residents and tourists in Del Norte were evacuated due to fears of a çunami, warnings which were issued by IGNAC just after the quake. The warning was issued from northern Baja California to Vancouver Island, but cancelled an hour after the quake struck.

"Fortunately for the residents of Del Norte, the quake happened well out to sea, and was caused by a strike slip event, so there was no vertical motion of the seafloor as there was off the coast of Atjeh, despite the region being a subduction zone" Said a spokesperson for INGAC.

This was the largest quake to strike within Alta California territory since the 1994 Cresta Norte quake, which was of a smaller magnitude, 6.4 on the Richter scale.(Agencia Nacional de Noticias De Alta California)[BG]

IBAP -- 06.11.2005 (22 Prairial CCXIII) -- BATTEN DOWN THE HATECHES!!

Baies de Biloxi-et-Mobile, Pays-Lointains -- Alphonse Rochambeau announced today that the very first storm of the season likely to become a furicano is now bearing down on the gulf-coast. The twin cities are preparing furiously for the pending threat, pulling out the plywood and generators that last saw use in Sans-Culottides of CCXII (September, 2004). Warnings have been signaled for coastal regions from the République in the west over to West Florida of the NAL.

"We are a tough people." Rochambeau pronounced. "We easily surivived the horrors of Floridian occupation. We beat the furicanos of last year; we'll do it this year as well!"

Despite the furicano season getting an early start there are still plans apace to reveal the restored colonial buildings of central Biloxi and Mobile on 25 Messidor CCXIII (July 14th, 2005).[DH]

IBAP -- 10.MAY.2005 -- New Orleans Underground?

NEW ORLEANS -- While the organized crime undercurrent of New Orleans is often publicized in the world news of late, another fact is rarely brought to light. Since the founding of the city, much of it has sunk lower than sea level, and has become a great deal like the Batavian Kingdom. In a move to protect the historical treasures of this city, New Orleans Mayor, Anatole Desse, has garnered the support of the Département and the Préfecture to take steps. Rather than building new and enormous dikes, a secondary solution is taken: Raise the ground level. In a bold move, Anatole Desse and the city fathers are proposing a construction such that ground level in the Quartier Français and the Vielle Ville is raised up one story, bringing ground level to 1 or 2 feet above sea-level. This plan will be implemented in stages, beginning with the Vielle Ville and the Quartier Français. Construction will begin in the next (republican) year, and is expected to complete in the next 10 years. There will be a vibrant underground community, with broad pedestrian streets while traffic goes overhead. In the outlying regions, where the difference is not so much, shop owners will have either steps up or down into their shops to meet the new street level. This has raised some concern among the business sector, and the private sector as well. Most noteable in his defiance is Eugène Colère. "Levees have protected this city for years and years. This construction is a waste of public time, money and patience. Build stronger, larger levees. We don't have furocanos that often!" Others in the Quartier Français disagree with M. Colère. Yvette Delacroix spoke candidly, "M. Colère wants nothing to change in the area. He's afraid that having his second floor become the first floor, bringing it that much closer to the rez-de-chaussée, and exposing his questionable business practices. I think that it's wise for Nouvelle Orléans to think of its future, to put a final solution to the flooding that's plagued us for so long." Plans call for rolling one-way streets as streets are built up to the new level. For landmarks, such as the numerous Catholic churches, protective high-walled plazas will be built, giving additional protection to these beautiful landmarks. This construction is expected to cost in the total of 3 billion Ecus over the next 10 years, mostly funded from an increased tax structure and a higher allocation of Port Authority fees.[DH]


A senior member of the Wight Council was arrested amongst a group of five early this morning for numerous offences. Gwillam Mellyans, the leader of the separatist party Free Wight, was arrested at dawn primarily for arson offences committed three years ago, when empty tourist cottages were burned to the ground. No one was injured in the fires.

Leader of Wight Council, Myghæl Hword, member of the Island's Conservative Party, has condemned the attacks in an emergency session of council. A Free Wight spokesman said that no comment could be made at the time apart from the party were standing by Mellyans.

Mellyans has continually been a controversial figure, once calling the leaders of the Island's other parties "childish puppets of London and Castreleon", and has been barred from the chamber on many occasions for speaking out of turn.

Free Wight, which holds only two seats on the Island's council, was formed in 1923, and has had its radical views on separatism continually ridiculed. They have never been successful beyond winning votes in a one member ward for the council, and recently had their best performance in the polls when they doubled their total of Councillors to a grand total of just two members on the Island's council. Their party policies include making the dead language Wessish the national and only language, compulsory learning of Wessish for all Islanders and fines for anyone speaking Brithenig or English, complete and immediate independence and separate currency. The road bridges would also be torn down to preserve autonomy and independence.[DL]

BBC (in association with ASN) -- 14 FEB 2005 -- Nam Viet a Crouching Tiger?

In one of the last strongholds of Imperial views, Gwillam Horshlay finds an economic tiger stepping to light. Next year Nam Viet will celebrate the end of the Great Pacific War and freedom from the Chinese. In the years hence the Emperors of Nam Viet have sought to bring the often backward country to the modern world. Many have esteemed Nam Viet to be nothing more than devastation and farmer's fields.

Proof of the fallacy of this idea is this fact: Nam Viet is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region, having an annual growth rate of 7%, and Saigon and Huê among the brightest gems of South East Asia.

Not only is Nam Viet seeking and receiving new investment by car and electronics manufacturers, but also by exports of traditional mainstays, such as seafood, silk and timber products.

"Fast economic growth always entails a gap between rich and poor, between the haves and have-nots." Luong Van Ly, of the Saigon city government said. "We would hope that we can help the wealth to be distributed a bit more evenly. This is of course up to the Emperor and the Parliament."

Preben Hjortlund, the Scandinavian (Danish) leader of the European Chamber of Commerce in Hue, said Nam Viet is racing forward along the same path as Corea and other East Asian "tiger economies".

He predicts that Nam Viet will acheive the economic miracle even faster than any of the other East Asian countries.

Nam Viet was deeply shaken by the Great Oriental War, and struggled with its neighbors both economically and militarily for years after that. With the end of the wars, Nam Viet could again begin to look outward. A new policy called doi moi, which means renovation. Doi moi is now bringing quite succulent fruit to the world.

Nguyen Quoc Khanh is one of many vietnamese entrepreneurs, employing 1,700 people in a furniture and interior design company, called AA Corporation, which he founded in Saigon nearly 10 years ago. With an increasing middle class, Mr Khanh's business has almost literally taken off.

Much of past business was done with rich expatriates. These days he designes residential suites and offices with exquisite elegance for clients in Nam Viet. But he doesn't plan on stopping there. Seeing the vast untapped markets of Europe, India, and North America he's looking to branch his already lucrative business into the world at large. "Conditions for business are good," said Mr Khanh.

"The usual wages for our factory workers are FK£30 to 35 per month here. That's cheaper than China."

Uncle Ho, as Bao Long is commonly called has strongly encouraged wealth-creating businesses. There has been no remarkable political dissent because doi moi is delivering rising living standards. But if doi moi falters, that could quickly change.

Due to the imperial arrangements the government is unfortunately rife with cronyism and its evil cousin of corruption. The World Bank has issued careful warnings to the world at large as to the major efforts of Nam Viet to privatize heretofore state-owned enterprises. Since Bao Long has been in power a great deal of internal matters have been rectified as many senior officials in several government ministries have been arrested or dismissed.

Luong Van Ly, a senior planning official in the Saigon government, is one of the open-minded technocrats in charge of the doi moi policy. "Under prior emperors it has been forbidden to question anything that was said by the government. The people should know! The people can debate! The people must have the power to act!"

The latest phase of doi moi involves more sweeping steps to liberalise the economy and attract more foreign investment, as has been seen with recent overtures to the TAR, Japan and even Louisianne. It has also initiated trade talks with the Commonwealth of Nations, and Montrei.

While Nam Viet is poor as compared to other nations, and will need to thoroughly improve the infrastructure, the outlook is strong for this country. But through doi moi, the nation which won its freedom from foreign tyranny so long ago also looks to win the economic freedom as well.[DH]

IBAP -- 9 FEB 2005 -- ATOE Prepares for Crucial Rocket Launch

Lùqiù, JAPAN -- After more than six-months of redesign, ATOE has unveiled the next step in its space effort. The massive rocket, the Sarutahico-2 or S2 is slated to be the workhorse of the Luiziano-Nippono space program. Domestically built through Miçubixi Aeronautics, the S2 is a high-stakes move for the flagging efforts of the consortium, and many officials hope it will re-open the way for everything from putting satellites in orbit, to the first Japanese and Louisiannan in space, as well as many scientific missions.

The upcoming launch, scheduled on the Gregorian calendar day of February 24th is a critical move, as it will be carrying a Louisianna-born Japanese to orbit. The name of the cosmonaut has not yet been released to the press.

After many successful launches, the original Sarutahico rocket was not deemed of sufficient strength to carry a human and all the necessary life support mechanisms for a multiple orbit of Earth. The redesign has produced a most-sturdy rocket. The redesign came after a slap-in-the-face as the Tysk-Scandinaviske-Rum-Compagnie launched not one, but two of their half-sized cosmonauts into space, a feat that ATOE has not yet acheived.

"The success of the S2 rocket launch this time will have a huge impact on the ATOE's future space programs," said Caçuji Coyama, a space science professor at Quiotò University. "Japan and Louisianne both understand this, and have moved to pursue a manned space mission as well."

Officials said Tuesday they are in the final stages of preparation for this month's launch at Tanegashima, a remote island about 700 miles southwest of Honxù, and temporary launch site for ATOE-East. The rocket will be carrying the cosmonaut and other scientific instruments.

"We believe we are now ready," said Hiroaci Sato, a spokesman for ISA, Japan's space agency.

ATOE has several more launches planned for the year ahead.

Questions linger over where ATOE's space program is headed, however.

ATOE launched its first rocket in only recently, and is one of the very select group of nations that have succeeded in sending a probe to the moon and to space at all. It is planning the seemingly largest moon mission this planet has ever known, as well as sending probes to Venus and Mercury.[DH]

East Asian Business Section, ASN Weekend Edition -- 26.JAN.2005 -- Tò-A-Rempò rising like the Phoenix? -- By: Nils Grabe, Business Editor

KYOTO -- Yesterday marked the first visit to Japan by an Asian potentate since the Great Oriental War. This is not surprising since most of the region has had no reason to deal with Japan, as most countries are occupied with daily survival and have no concerns outside their borders.

One great exception is the 'young dragon' of Nam Viet. Historically powerful, Nam Viet has long been an economic power in South-East Asia, and is now looking beyond its borders to strengthen trade.

Emperor Ho Chi Minh made a personal visit with Her Majesty the Emperor of Japan yesterday as one leader to another. No discussion of economic policy took place, but a special meeting of TAR is scheduled for tomorrow, in which Ho will negotiate membership of Nam Viet in the Federation.

Analysts suggest that this will greatly improve the fortunes of Nam Viet, giving it access to western markets, and opening the way for trade negotiations with the Scandinavian Union, who have heretofore turned a blind eye to the potential economic development in Nam Viet.

When asked the chances of acceptance of Nam Viet to TAR most analysts stated that they felt the deal was lukewarm at best. Japan may surprise us and make that step forward, as they have already done with Louisianne, a country seen by most of the world as foolhardy and rank with corruption in its government.[DH]

By: Yves Rioux

Provost, Louisianne -- The clatter of dishes and the rumble of speech of happily dining customers are not unexpected in restaurants most of the time. And yet this is. In the small 'hole-in-the-wall' Bangkok Classic of downtown Provost, most nights the thoughts of reservations and hour waits are unthinkable. Tonight and every night prior this week, this small family business has been bustling with patrons, patrons who've made reservations days in advance.

Khamtay Siphandon, proprietor of Bangkok Classic, has struck gold. "I've promised that at least half of my nightly profits will go to the local chapter of the Green Cross to be delivered to those that were so devastated by the çunami."

Word has gotten out, and not only have the locals from Joseph and Brigham University been attending, but others, including leadership of the LDS church, and the Council themselves.

"I was so honored to see Mr. Hinckley, Mr. Monson and Mr. Faust. Their visit was wonderful." Mr. Siphandon said, "Not only do I see them, but the Council of Lousianne visits my little restaurant! What wonderful things! Of course, I gave them Pad Thai and dumplings for free...and their tip was most gracious."

Pad Thai, sticky rice, and the wonderful mango desserts have flowed freely, and Mr. Siphandon has raised nearly 20,000L€ for the Green Cross in the last week. According to local GC officials, this will be used to purchase lumber in the South-East Asian region to purchase lumber and food to help to feed and rebuild Banda Aceh and other areas devastated in the disaster.

When asked how he came up with the idea, Siphandon smiled, a twinkle in his eye. "I have to admit, I did it as a marketing ploy...but now, well, with the turnout I've had tonight, I'm going to give the whole of my profits for today and tomorrow to the Green Cross! So long as there is such response, I will keep funneling money to the Green Cross to help those poor people." He finished his interview with me by handing me a heaping plate of Pad Thai. "Eat! It'll do you good!"[DH]


WA'AB CITY, Micronesian Confederation -- The Japanese submarine HIJMS Kaiba ran aground in the state of Wa'ab, in the Micronesian Confederation, injuring 20, according to Imperial Navy spokesman Yoxixigue Itxirò. There were no reports of damage to the submarine's reactor plant. The ship was heading back to its home port in Wa'ab when the incident occurred. The submarine is a Kurage-class ship. There is no information as of yet on what the submarine struck.[NT]

IBAP FOREIGN NEWS SERVICE -- 07 JAN 2005 -- Cap-Haitien, Hayti

PORT D'ARGENT (Puerto Plata), HAYTI -- A week of open hostilities by pro-Cuban forces ended this week with the assassination of Don Pablo Guillermo Bercerra. Bercerra, former leader of the Puerto Plata Junta, has worked in close cooperation with Neofrancien troops in securing the region, and his death deeply weakens hopes for a referendum in June.

This also reveals security flaws in contested areas, in the Port d'Argent region and other major cities on the island.

A bombing in La Vallée (La Vega) brought the death of 8 Saint-Domingin troops. This further proves a lack of preparation on the part of peacekeeping troops, the death toll among local militias climbing to 100 since a month ago. Military officials of New Francy, Louisianne and France all believe that the summer Referendum will go forward unhindered, and the Empire of St-Domingue will be peacefully established by year's end.

Etienne d'Aunoy did agree with reporters that there was a challenge to security in Hayti, where insurgency has been ongoing, but fitfully orchestrated. He averred that there was no expected change to the autonomy timetable.

"Aside a few hot-spots, such as La Vallée and Port d'Argent, the populace is welcoming to the idea of Referendum and a stable government. We are working to stabilize these hot spots, of course, we want them all to enjoy participation in the upcoming Referendum."

Aside these scattered resistance regions, preparations for the vote have gone forward with little or no delay. "I'm sometimes amazed at our progress." Grand Mareshal Albert Marsden of the Armée de l'Air. "It's of course due to our air superiority. Without it, we'd be facing chaos."

A concern that many international observers feel has not been addressed is the fractured nature of the island's population. A greater proportion of this island are castillian speaking, and there seems to be litttle or no collaboration with castillian speaking persons.

This Referendum will be the first free election since the imposition of Floridian control in the 1970's. The Castillian ambassador has requested that more involvement of castillian persons be a focus of the peacekeepers, but of yet, this call has gone unheeded. One official said, on condition of anonymitiy, "The whole of the island speaks Creole anyway. It was the Castillian involvement that caused the troubles and horrors of this nation in the last 35 years. We don't need to leave that door open. I'd be happy if there were no Castillian involvement in Hispagnolan affairs."

Sergio Jose Soto, leader of a pro-Cuban separatist movement on the northern side of the island claimed responsibility for both attacks. "We will not rest until we have a union with Cuba. Caribbea for Caribbeans!" He said.

Peacekeeping forces are on the hunt for Soto and his band of rebels.[DH]


NASËMO, NASSINA, 7. ledinek 2005 -- "We express our deepest compassion with all the families who lost their nearests in the cunami catastrophe on Far East," said the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Nassland. "As we have the latest information, 1174 Nassian citizens are still missed in the Thai Republic, Ceylon and the Maldives. In a recent time, South East Asia has become a beloved place for winter holidays of Nassians. Nassian Parliament has decided to release financial help of 1 500 000 sarstiks (750 000 Rigsdalers) and private foundations came with almost 2 000 000 sarstiks. Great disputation in Parliament went on a change of the Nassian Constitution, because of which Nassina is not able to send qualified Rescue Troops to the suffering countries. These elite troops of the Nassian Army unfortunately cannot operate on foreign territory if there is not war between our countries. We found it peculiar that we cannot help although we want to."

Many members of Rescue Troops were temporarily released from service and went as private persons under organisation of Nassian Airlines and Nassian Green Cross to help to find missing persons as well as to distribute collected help in form of drinking water, medical help and basic alimentation.[JiiH]


WARSINA (WSAP) -- The number of casualties of the cunami in Asia has grown well beyond 150,000. Precisely how many of them are citizens of the Republic is unknown: the official number of victims from the Republic has been established at eleven (seven Veneds, two Lithuanians, one Saxon, one Ukrainian), another 150 people are still reported missing.

The government will donate 2½ million talar to the victims of the disaster. "This is a disaster also for us", finance minister Erik vun Söyst said. "We haven't even overcome the costs for restoring Southeast Florida after four furacanos, and now this. We understand this sum is far from sufficient, but it is all we can spare at the moment."

To enlarge the amount of money donated by the RTC, an evening-filling charity show will be broadcast tomorrow evening on TWW1 and LTV1, featuring numerous well-known personalities from our political and cultural life. "We have good hope that our citizens will give generously once again", chairman Franczyszek Czyraz of the hastily founded Foundation for Asia said. "A similar program for Florida resulted in no less than 11¼ million talar. I'm sure we will at least equal that." To give a good example, chancellor Sacz announced to donate a sum of 10,000 talar himself.

Katarzyna Prowana, head of the civil administration of Southeast Florida, and foreign minister Olwarz Piniatyk have left for a goodwill journey through the devastated territories in Asia. They will visit Ceylon, Karnataka, Tenasserim, Monland, the Nicobar & the Andaman Islands, and Aceh. They will also speak with officials from the Scandinavian Realm and the Batavian Kingdom; both were stricken severely by the cunami.[JvS]


Oregon -- Θэ Ґовэрнмэнт ов Ориґон сэпт а ларџъ контйнжэнтъ ов йтс Гюманйтариан Врйґадъ анд мйлйтаре то провйдъ айд то θэ цунаме стрйкэн ареас, дрйнкйнг ытэр, шлтэр анд форэнсйкс тоталйнг овэр а крорь далэрс. “Ые арь эхпэктанд а цунаме ыйђйн θэ нэхт 300 йэарс анд ыйшэс то ґайн дата анд ундэрстандйнг ов θисъ фэномэпоп,„ сайд Докт. Прогаска ов θэ Ошйан Студес Йнстйтютъ. “Йт ыйлл бе а бйґ ун!„

The Government of Oregon sent a large contingent of its Humanitarian Brigade (an organisation similar to the NALs International Peace Corps) and military to provide aid to the cunami stricken areas, drinking water, shelter, forensics, totaling over a crore dollars (?6.5M). Of major interest is to gain data and practical experience for any future cunami that may strike Oregon anytime in upcomming years and to prevent epidemics. Scientists have uncovered evidence that several earthquakes in Japan have created cunamis that have made landfall in Oregon. They expect a "big one" any time in the next 300 years.

Kanawiki -- On January 3, King Nikolai III of Kauai was crowned High King of Kanawiki.

Alayska -- The coalition government fell after the Veterans Party created a countercoalition with the Segregationist Party and several minor parties. Most observers doubt it will last the year.[WC]


Her Majesty the Emperor formally handed over the crown jewels to the newly-enthroned High King of Kanawiki, Nikolai III of Kauai in a ceremony marking Kanawiki's final severance from the Japanese Empire. Kanawiki, which has enjoyed significant autonomy since the late Xòwa era of the 1940's and 50's, possessing only a symbolic connection to our Empire through the Emperor.

"This event shows our Empire's commitment to respecting the rights of all peoples. Japan never conquered these islands, but was invited, in order to protect them from foreign domination. Always respecting the beliefs and customs of the Kanawikians, we helped them to grow into the modern world, preserving their own ways while adapting modern ones, much as our own Empire had done under my revered ancestor, the Meidji Emperor. Now, a century after the Russians left these islands, we leave peacefully, without hostility or anger, maintaining our friendship with these islands."[NT]

Times of New Amsterdam -- 3 JAN 2005 -- Longtime Professor Retires from PUNC

NEW AMSTERDAM -- Eminent history professor Dr John Cowan, who has held the Gibbon Chair for the last 25 years, announced his retirement from the City's campus of the Provincal University of New Castreleon this morning at the New Year convocation.

Well wishers from both sides of the Atlantic include academic and government officials from the NAL and his homeland, Kemr. A public retirement reception is scheduled for a fortnight hence in the Public Library, in the City at 7p sharp; and various by invitation affairs will be announced.[PB]

Rigets Tidende -- 03 JAN 2005 -- Terror in Paradise, a Special Report
By: Lars Gupta Ramahajit

MONLAND, SR -- Those countries unfortunate enough to be bordering the Indian Ocean have seen nothing but suffering and limitless death in the aftermath of a most horrific tidvattensvåg.

The death toll is now approaching 150,000 dead; effects were felt as far away as Chinese East Africa and the Thousand Emirates. World Relief agencies and religious aid organisations are scrambling to send aid.[DH]

BBC WORLD NEWS DIGEST -- DECEMBER 2004 IN REVIEW -- Asahi Ximbun, Gacudai Gannen, Jùitxigaçu 7 (December 8, 2004)

AMMENDMENT IV RATIFIED -- The fourth amendment to the Japanese constitution has been ratified, approved by all 7 xù, 5 of the provinces of Corea [out of 8], the Republic of Ezo, the Kingdom of Lùquiù, and the Confederation of Micronesia. Kanawiki declined to vote in the referendum. The Emperor is expected to officially approve it today.

The amendment renounces Japanese claims to Kanawiki, and established a procedure by which Micronesia may, if they so choose, also seek full independence at a future date. In addition, it reorganizes the Empire, combining the 7 xù into a new kingdom of Yamato. The amendment also re-enforces the notion of the Emperor of Japan eternally ruling both Yamato and Corea, hence the Grand Prince's objections, as the head of one of the largest nationalist groups in Corea, as well as the head of the former royal house of Corea.

The capital of the new Kingdom of Yamato will be the city of Edo, once known as Tòquiò, and former Imperial capital from Meidji era to the late Xòwa era. Elections for the first Coccai of Yamato will be held Sañgaçu 6 of next year [April 6, 2005]. It is expected that the new coccai's first item of business will be the drafting of a constitution for the new kingdom, which, until the ratification of said constitution, will be governed according to the provisions of the current Imperial Constitution.

Other provisions include the devolution of authority from the Imperial government to Yamato for matters affecting only Yamato, such as the education system of Yamato and its currency. The current flag of the Empire will also devolve onto Yamato, with a new flag to be chosen.

= = = = =

Gacudai Gannen, Djùitxigaçu 12 (December 13, 2004)

PRINCESS NOLIS ENGAGEMENT NOW OFFICIAL -- The long awaited engagement of Princess Noli (Sayaco), aunt to the Emperor, has been officially announced.

Her future husband works with the Quiòto-fu government, and is a long-time friend of her brother, Prince Aquixino. The two have known each other from childhood.

The wedding will take place after summer of next year, according to the official announcement.

New of the engagement was first leaked on Djùgaçu 13 [November 14]. The announcement was originally supposed to be made in early Djùgaçu, but was postponed out of respect for the victims of the Cugaçu 21 [October 23] Nìgata Txùeçu Earthquake.

The two became reacquainted in Djùnigaçu of Saisei 51 [January, 2003] at a gathering hosted by Prince Aquixino in his home. They began to see each other frequently, usually in the prince's residence, and began to talk of marriage.

Curoda says he proposed to the princess in Djùnigaçu of Saisei 52 [January, 2004] over tea at Prince Aquixino's home.

Under the Imperial Household Law, Princess Noli will lose her imperial status after the marriage, becoming simply Curoda Sayaco. However, the Emperor has announced that the Princess will be granted the title of Countess Noli after the wedding, which she will be able to pass on to her children.

= = = = =

Gacudai Gannen, Djùitxigaçu 17 (December 18, 2004)

OLDEST MEMBER OF IMPERIAL FAMILY DIES -- Princess Tacamaçu, widow of the late Prince Tacamaçu, a brother of the late Xòwa Emperor, died today of blood poisoning at the age of 92. She had frequently been in the hospital following surgery in Itxigaçu [February].

The Princess was the first in the Imperial Family to officially support the idea of permitting female succession, speaking out in favor of the idea in Saisei 39 (1990) in an article in a popular women's magazine.

The Princess, born Tocugawa Quicuco, was the daughter of Prince Tocugawa Yoxihisa, who, in turn, was the son of Tocugawa Yoxinobu, the last Xògun.[NT]

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