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26-DEC-2006 -- Interbalkpress -- Zukor Train Derails in Bulgaria!

Timisoara -- Chancellor Ionescu's office confirmed that the train carrying the man accused of being Ferenc Zukor--former Director of the infamous Special Security Department of the Securitate--derailed Christmas day within the borders of Bulgaria. Officials of that country, still part of a SNOR-ist regime, are investigating the cause of the crash but have informed Oltenia that among the missing is Ferenc Zukor. Of his official escort, one Xliponian officer is dead, another injured with two Oltenian officers also suffering injury.

This announcement complicates even further what was a tense and complicated situation in terms of both politics and law. Zukor was a government official of the pro-SNOR White Regency when his alleged crimes were committed (including a notorious mass murder of Mormons). He resigned and vanished at the time of the Princely Restoration. Many Securitate records of that time were destroyed. The Zukor family claims Ferenc Zukor (who is or was ethnically Hungarian) is dead and the body they claim to be his was exhumed for an autopsy. Meanwhile, Xliponia extradited the man Ionescu's government claims is Zukor--a charge the man in question confirmed. But now the train returning him to Oltenia has de-railed in Bulgaria, a nation whose pro-SNOR government is bound to come under scrutiny by the current Oltenian government, which has been aggressively seeking to identify collaborators with the defunct Securitate and Regency. Relations between the two countries have been cool at best.

Radio and television commentators in Oltenia are already inquiring as to why Zukor was brought by train instead of airship, and why through Bulgarian territory instead of (for example) the Kingdom of Serbia.[DZ]

26-DEC-2006 -- BBC -- The Queen's Christmas Address

HOLYROOD PALACE, Scotland -- Merry Christmas to the peoples of England, Scotland and all those who listen throughout the Commonwealth today.

This Christmas time we all of us who are Christian, or otherwise and even those of us who do not celebrate this holiday at all, take time to look at the way we relate to our fore-fathers. Certainly, as the time of the birth of Jesus for the tradition of o, we look at what is past, what is present and what is to come.

Once again, I find occasion for continuing the tradition of my forefatahers, in speech of the truth of what is to come over this year. Over all this time I have had occasion and thought to see what has happened over the past 9 years, and take into account the progress we have made on the results of those who are indeed our forefathers.

For without those precedents, which have remained firm and solid, we would have had nothing to base all of these modern changes on. But in doing so, we look to the future. With this in our hearts, let us [...] [PLK]

25-DEC-2006 -- The Star of Georgetown -- 2006 Christmas Gift Index

GEORGETOWN -- Well, everyone is familiar with the old carol, the Twelve Days of Christmas, and its fanciful gifts of dancing lords and milkmaids. But how many folks have wondered what the costs of such extravagance break down to? Well, the financial wizards at Ric Thalmann Financial Services, a local full service financial planning firm, have been running the numbers since 1985 and here are this year's results:

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

Twelve Drummers Drumming: £84/-/- 12 student musicians ... £24/-/- 12 costumes, hired ... £24/-/- 12 drums, hired ... £36/-/- Eleven Pipers Piping: £77/-/- 11 pipers (w/ pipes) ... £55/-/- 11 costumes, hired ... £22/-/- Ten Lords-a-Leaping: £40/-/- 10 student dancers ... £20/-/- 10 costumes, hired ... £20/-/- Nine Ladies Dancing: £36/-/- 9 student dancers ... £18/-/- 9 costumes, hired ... £18/-/- Eight Maids-a-Milking: £36/13/- 8 student actresses ... £16/-/- 8 buckets @ 6d ... -/4/- 8 wooden stools @ 1s ... -/8/- 8 milch kine, hired ... 8/-/- fodder ... -/1/- teamsters pay (x2) ... 6/-/- teams. Xmas bonus ... 6/-/- Seven Swans-a-Swimming: £109/-/- 7 swans @ £12 ea ... £84/-/- large plastic pond ... £25/-/- Six Geese-a-Laying: £48/-/- 6 geese @ £8 ea ... £48/-/- Five Gold Rings: £25/-/- 5 18kt rings @ £5 ... £25/-/- Four Colly Birds: 2s4d 4 blackbirds @ 4d ea ... £-/1/4 1 boy to catch ravens ... £-/1/- Three French Hens: 12s 3 hens @ 4s ea ... £-/12/- Two Turtle Doves: 10d 2 pigeons @ 2d ea ... £-/-/4 1 boy to catch birds ... £-/-/6 One Partridge in a Pear Tree: £5 1 partridge @ £1 ... £1/-/- 1 pear tree (6') @ £4 ... £4/-/-

Total cost for these traditional -- and extravagant! -- gifts ... £461 8s. 2d.

That's nearly a month's salary for most folks! Here's to a happy Christmas with money spent on wiser (and less costly) gifts![PB]

22-DEC-2006 -- BBC World News Service -- ZUKOR SIGHTING

Bovlai -- Unconfirmed reports from persons close to the Xliponian government indicate the man who claims to be the infamous Securitate Director Ferenc Zukor boarded a train this evening for Oltenia. The Oltenian government believes the man to be Zukor, who is wanted for multiple crimes including murder, kidnapping and torture. But the Zukor family insists Ferenc is dead and has produced a death certificate. The body of the man they claim to be Zukor has been exhumed and is undergoing an autopsy. Unfortunately, many records that would normally be used to conclusively establish identity were destroyed at the time of the Princely Restoration.[DZ]


YSCA, KEMR -- It has been four years since the double coronation of our present high king, Gereint ix (Caratheck fitz Mynnig), and his first official interviews where he decried the conditions within the Province and outlined his goals for the future. Again, La Sul have had the very great priviledge of an interview with our High King as we review the last four years of his helmsmanship in Dunein.

The king at the time of our first interview called Dunein a third world country. Asked to consider and review the present situation, he said: "Well, we are no longer a third world country. We still have a long way to go before we reach the standards of the rest of Kemr -- plumbing and so forth -- but we are comming a long way. The infrastructures of our chief cities have largely been replaced. It is now possible to visit any public comfort room within Ysca and flush an honest-to-the-Gods crapper. More than 80% of all private properties are now connected to centralised public water and septic sewer systems. The electric and comm-cable systems have also been revamped and modernised. Our partnership with Ireland has done much to spur our growth in this area. Since most of the Province is national parklands, we can't do much to improve the roads, particularly in the West; however, the railways are proving to be excellent conduits for new electric and communications lines. We are sure that within the next two to four years, the whole Province will be connected to the same electric grid and communications webwork. Dunein will be second only to Ireland herself for the most webwork connected country. To keep up with the webwork, it is our aim to introduce state of the art computers into government and ensure that all our research and medical training facilities have the best machines to do their work."

When asked to elaborate on our "partnership" with Ireland, he replied: "Yes, indeed, Ireland is truly the technological giant in the world today, and we're putting our best minds -- as well as our unused factory space -- to use in the silicon industries. After taking office, I proposed, and the Tinners Senate concurred, that a number of old mining works and factories that have sat unused could be restored and used to house the new industries. As Irish firms were looking initially for places to assemble their chips and slips and whathaveyou, our workspaces offered an ideal solution to the problems of both countries. Now, not only are we assembling Irish products, but our researcers are working with Irish industrial leaders to advance the computer technology. We very much hope that our common desire to steer this industry in an ecologically sound and envioronmentally friendly way will lead to a very sound line of green products and more importantly, green systems and means of production and recycling of components."

"It has also been our desire to expand the ecotourism industry within the Province. Our parklands and empty spaces province many opportunities for travellers to hike and camp in some of the last wildernesses in western Europe; and of course to spend large sums of money kitting out for the adventure!"

The last several years, as is well known, have seen a steady decline in the use of the traditional dialect within the Province. When asked about the state of Kerno, the high king replied: "Well, I can not mince words here. Anyone who can read the grafitti on the loos here in the very capital of the Province knows that all levels of society in the Province, apart from the westernmost centrebs, speak Brithenig after some fashion or other. Our province's governments over the last century have completely and utterly failed to rescue the Kerno language from its untimely demise. In fact, the various Language Boards that we had charged with that rescue turned out to be worst kind of knife in the back for our ancestral language. The facts are, however, that a few decades worth of apathy will do what centuries of national language laws could not, namely, kill of the Provinces native tongue. The schools in the Province have begun using a wholly revitalised curriculum, taught in the prevailing language. Thus, the early days of the last century, teaching Kerno speakers using Brithenig and the middle days of the century, teaching Brithenig speakers using Kerno are both at an end. We have traditionally had a very high rate of scholarship -- for the few students who remained in the schools. The truancy and drop-out rates were quite frankly embarrassing to speak of. It is to be hoped that the new way will at least see a decline in truancy and drop-outs."

We asked about the future of the Province: "I have always had the utmost confidence in my fellow Cornishmen. That we can break out of the poverty we've been languishing in and take our rightful place in the world. We were, as I said years ago, a third world country. We were even behind Portugal -- I ask you, Portugal? How could we slip so far behind!? But we have taken some strong steps towards halting our decline and girding ourselves up for the future. There is no reason we can not acheive our goals within the decade. Our bretheren across the British Sea shall have no further cause for mirth at our chamber pots and lack of running water!"

A number of our readers have asked over the years several minor but interesting questions that we thought we'd put to the king. First, several readers have asked why Gereint ix revived the old title "Emir of Qarnaw", and given the king's appearances in the city's mosque from time to time "are you a Moslem": "Quite simply put, there are two titles pertaining to the job of Dunein's rheitheir, namely "High King of the Dumnonians" and "Emir of Qarnaw". Both titles are a little antique, but the latter hasn't been revived -- it was always there. To answer the latter question, I am a devotee of Cravetheck; but am keenly interested in all religions and philosophies. We, not only in Dunein, but in Kemr as a whole, are blessed with our long standing diversity; not only are we home to the Abbot Patriarch, but we've also got the country's oldest mosque, a couple very old synagogues, some Hindu, Zoroastrian and Jain temples and the only Roman Pagan chapel still in use."

Several readers asked about his bold entrance into Dol cathedral for the second crowning. "Yes, that was a bit of a stunt, eh? Shook the French up and no mistake. Once again, it can not be emphasised strongly enough that even though Kemr ceded its national sovereignty over the Pays Brehun, the government of Dunein certainly did not hand over so readily. We have never accepted the terms of the Treaty of Union (1532) which "yields complete and total sovereignty" to the king of France, through his chosen "dukes". Naturally, Kemr was within its rights to cede its external authority; but legally, this only means that the High King of Dumnonia is now a subregent not only of Kemr but also of France. In as far as our domains in France are concerned, the High King retains his traditional rights and duties to the Breton people as he always has. The French were not keen on this idea and have from time to time tried to sever our peoples from each other. In fact, there is so much commerce flowing between Dunein and Brehun that they could never stop it all, or even the larger part. To answer specifically, it is the right and priviledge of a new high king to be crowned before his people. Not only, in the days before photography and sound recordings, could they see and recognise their new leader, but the king could also visit his new domain and get a sense for his people's needs and hopes."

We asked one final question about the pitfalls the high king sees in Dunein's future. "Well, mostly it is the possibility of a renewed economic collapse. It happened before, and it could happen again. The Cos Nustr crowd have been quiet of late -- they're always a thorn in the side of any provincial authority." We asked what should be done about these pitfalls. "For the former, we should prefer a fairly laissez faire attitude. Let entrepreneurs and small businesses thrive and our Province should prosper. Of course those ruddy Socialists up in Castreleon never seem to grasp anything more than "the more money the People have, the more taxes we should levy" and that will be the ruin of not only Dunein but also Kemr. As for those CN buggers, the lot of em should dance the Hangman's Jigg from the Old Gallows. Let em take a drap o their own tincture. They have no place in a modern society, and their propaganda about "rightful redress and needful criticism of government" is all a barrel of shite. They haven't done anything short of pure criminal knavery in more than two centuries and the Provincial government has charged the gendarmery to root out the bastards and neutralise their organisation."[PB]


Timiþoara, Oltenia -- Amid charges and counter-charges, the Oltenian government confirmed today it has ordered the exhumation and autopsy for purposes of identification the body the Zukor family claims to be their infamous son, former Special Security Director Ferenc Zukor.

A man claiming to be Zukor awaits extradition from Xliponia, but his claims are disputed by the family, along with the Conservative Opposition in the Oltenian Senate. The fact that the only fingerprints discovered on record are those on the death certificate only muddies the matter further. So too are claims now being made by former Securitate personnel that Ferenc Zukor had at least one double, someone who masqueraded as the infamous official sometimes at public events or to provide a distraction for security purposes.

Searches of the mostly-destroyed Securitate archives continue, as do independent investigations in Bovlai.

Zukor, if discovered to be alive and then placed in Oltenian custody, faces multiple charges of murder, torture and kidnapping. To many he is the living symbol of the worst abuses under the former White Regency. His disappearance within days of the Restoration had lifted him to semi-mythical status.[DZ]


Saint-Louis, Louisianne -- Public backlash has already begun following the announcement by Bantam House that it will publish a novelization of the leading conspiracy theory of this summer's dual assassination. The international publisher from its Saint-Louis offices that it has optioned the exposée by Daniel D. Hicken, based on first-person accounts by those involved, including political figures from the RTC, Japan and Louisianne.

Claiming to have written this story under the auspices of Mme. Young, Hicken has gotten approval of the story from both Mme. Young and Mme. President Gildersleeve. It is anticipated that the novel will be published in New Amsterdam, Saint-Louis and Warsine simultaneously to meet demand of readers, as all three nations are featured heavily in the novel.

Zowan Sasometany was unavailable for comment at time of publication, but he, as well, figures largely into the story.

Activist groups in the NAL decry the attacks against the American Leadership Conference as contained in the books, and Mr. Gore's office has been offered the rights to review the novel before publication by Bantam House.

Advance copies have been released to literary review agencies, and publication release is set for January 16, 2007.[DH]


BOVLAI, XLIPONIA -- While Xliponian and Oltenian officials prepare to extradite a man accused of horrible crimes, conflicting claims about his identity have surfaced.

Ferenc Zukor was the Director of the Special Security during the worst days of the White Regency in the Romanian Principality, was in fact in charge of organizing multiple murders, tortures and disappearances. On Wednesday, the government of Oltenia claimed Zukor was living in nearby Xliponia. The next day the royal Chancellory agreed to extradite the man thus identified.

But Istvan Zukor, Ferenc's younger brother, speaking for the Zukor family, insists Ferenc died of an unspecified "blood disorder" in 1998. They even claimed to have given the location of his grave to Oltenia's government. A photocopy of a death certificate was made available to members of the press. As is standard in that country, the death certificate includes fingerprints taken from the deceased.

The suspect, meanwhile, has evidently made no effort to deny his identity, releasing a statement he looks forward to defending his actions which would be "vindicated by history." Sources within the Chancellory confirm the man does indeed claim to be the notorious Zukor and that his dental records are a "close match" with those supplied by Oltenia from 1989.

Gregori Florea-Doneascu, current Leader of Oltenia's Conservative League, accused the Ionescu government of "engaging in an inquisition-like inquiry to distract from its failures in policy."

In Timişoara, searches have commenced within Regency archives for evidence, including (hopefully) fingerprints as well as photographs.[DZ]

07-DEC-2006 -- Affiliated News Service -- BORIS HILL TRIAL TO START

TORONTO, ON -- Failed actor Mikhail Medved and ten of his associates in the so-called "New World Order" (a radical offshoot of the American Snorist Party) went on trial today in Toronto, after all pleas to seperate the cases failed. The eleven men are charged with over two hundred felony counts each, including conspiracy, arson, trespassing, vandalism, murder, rape, kidnapping, unlawful intercourse with a minor and possession of illegal weapons. Charges stem from the group's takeover nearly one year ago of the small farming community of Boris Hill, then isolated by seasonal snows. The NWO, which adheres to a doctrine of Slavic superiority, were attempting to create an isolated homeland in which to live out their ideology, said Crown Prosecutors. Despite claims to the contrary by Defense Counsel, the Prosecutors' office denied the timing of the trial had anything to do with the anniversay of the crimes themselves.

Medved, the acknowledged leader of the group, was arrested weeks after everyone else in the city of Chicago. He claims not to have been present in Boris Hill, and demanded (unsuccessfully) to have his trial severed from that of the other defendants.

The number of homicides during the NWO's control of Boris Hill is alleged to have been forty, with the number of rapes approximately one hundred. At least three murders and some sexual assaults took place inside the vandalized Orthodox Church, which is considered desecrated as a result. One officer in the Provincial Police was killed in apprehension of the defendants in March, 2006.[DZ]


Ardurylak de Mersdon of the Xliponian Chancellery has issued an official declaration today that, once inequivocally identified, former Oltenian Special Security boss Ferenc Zukor will be extradited to his home country. While Xliponia prides itself on maintaining neutrality in international affairs, said de Mersdon, "[w]e cannot tolerate a former member of a snorist regime in our midst, especially knowing of the enormities that his agency, and he personally, is guilty of. Such ideologies are not only politically questionable, they represent a menace to all that is good and compassionate in human nature."

Positive identification of Zukor, living near the King's Park in one of Bovlai's most exclusive neighbourhoods, should occur within a few hours, and extradition will follow immediately. Zukor is rumoured to have ties to the notorious Mapukra, the violent and not-quite-dead Xliponian secret society.[RK]

07-DEC-2006 -- National News Corporation -- OLTENIA ACCUSES XLIPONIA

(Timişoara) Chancellor Tibor Ionescu publically accusing the Kingdom of Xliponia today of harboring a wanted fugitive from Oltenian justice.

Ionescu, whose Socialists hold a slender majority in the principality's Forum of Deputies, has for the last two years been rooting out what he calls "the worst remnants" of the former Snorist rulers of Oltenia, specifically members of the feared Securitate not yet arrested and tried since the fall of the White Regency. Over a dozen individuals have been arrested, sentenced to prison terms between twenty years and life. In a prepared statement at Dicasterial Palace, the Chancellor specifically identified Ferenc Zukor as living openly in a suburb of Bovlai, Xliponia. Zukor, the youngest Director of Special Security in former regime, was in office during the worst abuses while Istvan Gheorghiu was Lord Regent. Among the crimes attributed to him was the 1986 mass murder of 39 Mormons in Bistriţa, and the disappearance of nearly five thousand persons in between 1977 and 1988. Most are assumed to have died in the notoriously vicious prison conditions under the Regency--either by torture, casual brutality, starvation or simple lack of medical care. Zukor, an ethnic Hungarian, resigned and emmigrated within months of the Princely Restoration.

"The government of Oltenia," said Ionescu, "demands the immediate extradiction of former Director Ferenc Zukor into our custody, as well as an explanation for why any civilized sovereign nation would harbor this individual. The people of Oltenia demand answers, and they demand justice. This government is pledged to give them both."

So far, there has been no official reply from the Xliponian government to Ionescu's statement, nor have Oltenian authorities answered any questions.[RK]


New Amsterdam, NAL -- In answering questions asked on the Senate floor regarding the latest news from South Florida, Foreign Secretary Josette Biden of Kent seemed to signal a change in course for the Gore Administration. "We of course applaud any movement in the direction of stability," Biden said, "and we eagerly await the next logical developments which will lead to formal recognition of both Campos Naranjas and Puerto Plata. Really, saying anything else is premature." This marks a major difference from the government's former enthusiastic support of the Irish occupational policies coupled with severe criticism of the RTC's efforts. Observers immediately theorized such is the result of the General Election earlier this month in which the Whigs lost their majority in Parliament. No coalition has been formally announced.

Some speculate that Josette "Jo" Biden may lose her job as Foreign Secretary in the expected cabinet re-shuffle. The Kentian has served since Gore's election as General Moderator in 2001, when she also offered herself for the Whig nomination. It is widely believed she might run again in 2010 even though she will be 68 by then.

Gore's relatively interventionist foreign relations policies have come under increased scrutiny since the double assassination of First President Jean-François Young and Empress Gacudai of Japan in Louisianne August 28. Rumors and accusations of involvement by the American Leadership Conference, of which Gore and Biden are members, have circulated ever since.[DZ]

08-NOV-2006 -- National News Corporation -- VOTERS FORCE NEW COALITION

Atlanta, NAL -- With 91% of all ridings now reporting their findings, the biggest political shake-up in the NAL for a generation is taking shape. The entire House of Deputies as well as half the Senate were at stake. Originally, only the Senators were to face campaigning but in a little-used action General Moderator Gore's cabinet authorized a full General Election last Spring, in order to bolster support for the proposed UNICOV program of universal health care. Given the scandals in which the Opposition Progressive Conservative Party was mired, it seemed a good bet that an even stronger Whig majority would result, perhaps even bringing an end to the Whig coalition with the Democratic Socialists and Adullumite Republicans which has been notoriously contentious.

Instead, the Whigs have lost control of the House, while thinning their majority in the Senate. Their allies and the PCs have lost seats while the new party—comprised of disaffected members of the PC as well as others—has become a force impossible to ignore in Philadelphia.

The Whigs will enjoy a plurality of 102 seats, while the Progressive Conservatives will be the next largest party with 87. However, the new Covenant Loyalist Party easily is their rival, having won a total of 83 seats—many of those defections from the Whig and Progressive Conservatives into the ranks of the new party, which is openly claiming the political center for itself. The remaining seats are divided between the Democratic Socialists, the Adullumite Republicans, the Green Carnations and the Ecotopics. In practical terms, the Gore administration will need to form a coalition with either the Progressive Conservatives led by Franklin Dibb (Ouisconsin) or the Covenant Loyalists led by Eugene Levi (Alba Nuadh).

Whigs retained a clear majority in the 90-member Senate, but narrowed the margin by two. The Progressive Conservatives, led by John Robert O'Kinneide (Mass. Bay) by comparison lost five seats. All seven and two others besides were picked up by the Covenant Loyalists, bringing up their total to 19, led jointly by Howard Provo (Jacobia) and Diane Rodham (Illinoise).

Most analysts believe that unless Gore makes common cause with the Progressive Conservatives, the UNICOV program can be considered dead in the water. The CLs have offered their own alternative program, dubbed "Medical Relief" and made much of it during the campaign. Whether O'Kinneide's recently-revived leadership would survive such a deal with the party faithful (to whom Gore is anathema) is in serious doubt.

Other issues in the election include the Florida War and the ongoing occupation, as well as accusations that the American Leadership Conference may have had something to do with the double assassination in Lousianne as part of an orchestrated plan of "nation building." The Watergap Scandal, in which several prominent PC politicians are accused of having tried to frame General Moderator Gore of staging a coup against former FC president Jaime Bush almost certainly played a part. Debate about the budget, about new taxes and about environmental cleanup (especially in the wake of the atomic explosions and the New Orleans furacano) were also vital issues in the southern provinces. Law enforcement in the northern provinces was equally important, with the Boris Hill crimes high on everyone's minds and perhaps also connected to recent outbreaks of violence in Deseret. As far as individual races, Geoffrey Sessions (Mobile) and Victoria Lynch (Cherokee) as well as Hannah O'Kinneide Blaine (Castreleon New) were all re-elected. Hannah Coultier, on the other hand, was not returned by her Pennsyvaania Riding to Philadelphia, which has led to the soon-to-be-former Delegate to accuse officials of election fraud. Parliament begins its new session in January. Its first business will be election of Speakers for each House, which will almost certainly indicate the dynamics of the next session.[DZ]


Paris, France; São Paulo, Paraná; Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -- Festivities today in three world capitals commemorate the centennial of the world's first aeroplane flight.

On 23 October 1906, piloting the Douze Bis -- the thirteenth in a series of designs and called "12-A" for luck -- before a large crowd of witnesses, Alberto Santos Duval of Brasil flew a distance of 203 feet at an altitude of 7 to 10 feet. This event was the first flight, verified by the Aéro-Club de France, of a powered heavier-than-air machine in the world. It constituted the world's first public demonstration of an aircraft in flight.

Santos Duval was also a pioneer in the design and construction of dirigible aircraft, making several improvements to that already successful type of flying machine.

Reenactments of the Douze Bis flight were staged before crowds of aeronautics enthusiasts in Paris on the site of the historical event. In São Paulo, where Santos Duval spent his childhood, and in Rio de Janeiro capital of his native country reenactments and other festivities also took place.[RK]

BULK NEWSFEED 10.JUL.2006 through 1.NOV.2006


July 10, 2006

Onlookers were shocked as a troop of SNORist soldiers marched 
their limousine into Costume Night at Plush, one of the hottest 
in Boston.  Among the crowd?  Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne and 
some would say, lap-dog, Frankie Young, son of Louisiannan
First-President Jean-François Young.

The group was raucous and spoke with thick Russian accents the 
evening, but were otherwise well-behaved in this upscale club.  
furor ignited when the group were confronted at 2:00 AM, NEST 
the club by a local group of Anti-Snorists who proceeded to 
taunt and
otherwise harass the college students as they waited for their 

According to reports, the taunts escalated, becoming more and 
directed at the Prince in Exile and Young and their dates.  When 
of the drunken Anti-Snorists made a grab for one of the female
companions Young threw a punch, and a general fight broke out, 
and it
was only ended by the arrival of local constables who arrested 
entire group.

Young was released on his own recognizance as were his 
when the investigation proved there was no fault on their parts. 
Calls from Anti-SNOR groups across the NAL and Louisianne have
requested that Young apologize personally for his distasteful 
but to present only a family spokesman has expressed the 

This is not unexpected, as Frankie's father, Jean-François Young 
known to be a carouser of women and general trouble-maker in his
college days, being arrested for disorderly conduct several 
times, yet
each time being released on his own recognizance.[DH]


July 12, 2006


The original story about Frankie Young and Antoine II Bourbon-Le 
made it appear that Antoine II was on a date without his 
Princess Aquico of Micasa.  This was not the case and the 
princess was
in attendance at the club.  She was not arrested with the group, 
remained behind and contacted Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne who 
instrumental in getting the legal air cleared.

The Expositor regrets an intimation of infidelity or 
indiscretion on
the part of M. Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne.[DH]


Louisiannan Support to Alta California part 3 

    July 23, 2006

While the Ministry members celebrated their "Pioneer Day", 
the arrival of their ancestors from Louisianna, President
Jean-François Young and Arnoldo Schwarzenegger met in Tremble,
Alpes-Argentés today to discuss the scope of the insurgence led 
Ouaren Gough.

Dirigibles with Spretu fighters and officers from Louisianna 
as military advisors have arrived.  The first regiments of
Alta-California's armies have begun arriving via the desert road 
passes through Las Vegas.

July 24, 2006

A major air strike against the FLDS stronghold of Riu Verde has
destroyed the FLDS temple and church headquarters, as well as
stockpiles of weapons, some of which is reported to have been 
in nature.  Clashes in Scipio and Panguitch between Alta 
forces and FLDS have resulted in large numbers of casualties for 
FLDS, and rumors of  rape of surviving women has been 
propagated.  The
government in San Diego is investigating these claims.[DH]


Ouaren Gough Speaks Out

July 27, 2006

Ouaren Gough has announced through a recording that was 
delivered to
an Oregonian news office near the Serpentine River that "this 
war will
be unending.  God is with us and we will fight to the end."

He went on to further say, "Hostility toward Alta-California is 
religious duty, and we hope to be rewarded for it by God ... I 
confident that faithful Saints throughout Deseret will be able 
to end
the legend of the Alta-Californio rule."

Gough threatened reprisals against Alta-Californios, saying, 
Californio is an enemy to us.  We will decimate them."

Speaking of their rights to the lands of Deseret, Gough made it 
that martyrdom was not something he or any other FLDS feared.  
"In our
religion, there is a special place in the hereafter for those 
participate in a war protecting their homes, their wives, 
and religion.  We will be at the right hand of God, right next 
Captain Moroni."  Behind him in psuedo-hebraic script is what
mormonism specialist identified a "title of liberty", 
representing the
cloak that was written on by Captain Moroni, a righteous general 
defeated oppressors through the grace of God against great odds.

Regional analysts agree that this war will not end any time 


Tejas Unrest

July 26, 2006

Santa Fe's downtown district was flooded with a small group of
protesters who have come out against the proposed merger of 
Louisiannaise and tbe Banco Nacional de Tejas.  Most are locals 
are against the idea of any attachment to Louisianna, however 
some are
ex-officials at the bank, laid-off as the merger has proceeded 
the close date later this year.

This has brought up renewed questions as to the legality of the
merger, but the Parliament and the Solms-Braunfels have 
supported it
whole-heartedly, feeling that it will be a boon to the otherwise
crippled economy of Tejas.[DH]


Labour Leader Arrested

 Thermidor CCXIV (July 28, 2006)

Shrèveport, Saint-Onge, Louisianne


The private residence of Jacques Chevalier was raided today by Louisiannan Gendarmes.  While many of the staff were arrested, M. Chevalier was no where to be found.  After extensive searching a secret passage was discovered, leading to an underground car-park filled with M. Chevalier’s fleet of cars.


Later that afternoon the elusive M. Chevalier was cornered near the Tejan border and arrested on charges of bribery, embezzlement and money laundering.  This bold move according to an anonymous source has been years in the planning and was initiated by Prefect Gildersleeve.


Reprisals for M. Chevalier’s arrest have been near immediate as government offices in Baton Rouge were attacked, strafed with bullet-fire.  Similar attacks were brought against the City-Hall in New Orleans .


M. Chevalier will be arraigned by closed circuit television early Monday.  As he is a flight risk, many suspect he will be held without bail, and his arraignment will be held via closed-circuit television.[DH]


WITA WARSINIE - Sobota, 29 jule 2006 j.


£ÓD — A group of 49 prominent scientists and artists from the 
have written an open letter to chancellor Aldendorf, in which 
protest against what they call the "unlawful occupation of 
Florida". They call for an "immediate withdrawal of all our 
forces from the region". The signees of the letter have formed a
pressure group under the name Inicjaciwa Czywila Kêtra Okupaceñ

Among those who signed the "Letter of the 49" are the writer and
Nobel Prize winner Wanda Szyszko, science-fiction writer G³urzan
Lemba³y, cineasts Krzysztof Kieœliny and Jó¿ef Micha³ 
Straczynik, pop
singer ¯yrardzina Iz³arzana, chamber musician Maja Naza³a, 
Adam Choroszynik, the singers Witold Jêdrzej Helin and Jadwiga
Szczepanik-Rapina, cardiologist Zbaszczan Rzegiela, sociologist 
Staniszkienie, and chief editor of the Gazeta Jelecona³a Adam
Szkutyniek. The list also includes former chancellor Jó¿zef 
and "the red priest from Kronin", senator Karol Ko³¹blany. 

On a press conference in £ódŸ, the interim chairman of the 
Czywila, linguistics professor ¯owan Sasomêtany said: "It was 
from the very beginning that this experiment could not become
anything but a failure. Now we know it for sure!" 

"It's clear", he said, "our country is totally unprepared for 
Terrorists, guerrillas, tropical storms... Let's face it, there 
is no
way for us to handle all this. We were supposed to restore order 
democracy in Florida, but all we brought there was chaos. In the 
and a half years of our presence in Florida, the project has 
much ruined our treasury and made us the laughing stock of the 
world. We should leave there now to prevent things from getting 
bad to worse." 

What worries the members of the committee most are recent 
towards integrating Southeast Florida in the structures of the
Republic. "It's obvious", Sasomêtany said, "for the government,
Florida is a matter of national pride. What I observe is that 
idea of transforming Florida into a democratic state has moved 
to the
background. Instead, they are slowly turning it into some kind 
overseas territory. As if that wasn't obvious enough yet, they 
deemed it necessary to appoint a governor-general! It is 
to look at Mr. Bambary³a's performance to see how crazy that 

The government has not issued an official reaction yet, but
vice-chancellor Roman Jokór-I³ór said: "Yes, we have seen the 
It merely show the utter lack of patriotism of the political 
left. If
we will ever be out of toilet paper, we will at least know where 
look for a substitute." [JvS]



WARSINA (WASP) — On Friday, the Sejm has voted down a motion 
by Katarzyna Paryd¿anka and Wójt Olanik for the complete 
of our armed forces from Southeast Florida. 219 MPs voted in 
of the motion, 354 voted against it, 40 abstained. It was 
by the entire left, including the UNDO, the OLD, the WWPS, 
LSDDP, the
SVP, the SDPH, the PKRDK, the U£, the DKRS and part of the 


If you have problems with the encoding of the above, you can 
also see the article at: < >


The Bridal Shower of the Century (VANITY FAIRE) 


    Bright lights, red carpet, and hundreds of beautiful women.  It 
more like a movie screening, but this was the gala bridal shower 
Princess Aquico of Micasa.

The guest list read like a who's who, with famous persons coming 
around the world.  Among the stars, royals, politicos and nobles 
many from the League of Noble Emigrees, including Nicola 
 Invitations were sent to the royal houses of Europe, however 
actually attended, although many sent their warmest personal 
and fine gifts.

Surprise attendees were Anaïs Michelle Bouvier Young, First Lady 
Louisianna and Anne-Laure, her daughter, a college friend of 

When questioned about her attendance, Mme Young proudly 
"Our son Frankie and daughter Anne-Laure have made good friends 
Antoine II and Aquico.  It's only fitting that we support their 
friends in this happy occasion.  We wish them all the best on 
of Louisianna."

The eight hour affair included spa treatments, dancing, fine 
and a cultural showcase by the Ainu people of Japan.

Articles in this special edition include...[DH]


11 Thermidor, CCXIV (31 July, 2006)

Shrèveport, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

Jacques Chevalier was arraigned today in Saint-Onge Superior 
Court on
charges of bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, and 
accomplice to a murder.  All told, M. Chevalier could face life

In a pre-recorded message, M. Chevalier reqwuested that 
partisans of
the Labor Unions not exact revenge against the government, and 
that justice would be reached through this trial.  

M. Chevalier was consigned to jail without bail, and has been 
moved to
an undisclosed, secure location.[DH]


WUCZ FLORYDZIE, sobota 4 ugustu 2006 j.


MIAMI - On Sunday, November 5, municipal elections will take 
place in
Southeast Florida. It promises to become a historic day, as it 
be the first time citizens of the Zone can choose their own
representatives into their local bodies in completely free and
democratic elections. "This is one giant leap ahead in the 
of Floridian self-government", governor-general Bambary³a said 
he made the formal announcement. "If we can make these elections 
success, we can proudly say we have a least partly succeeded in 
we are here for."

The term 'free and democratic' explicitly does not mean that 
anybody can run for any office, the governor-general explained.
"Obviously, in our current situation that would be impossible. 
cannot allow bushists or silvists to become representatives of 
people of Florida. Therefore, every candidate will need to be
approved by the governorate first."

He waved away the complaints of some Floridians that November 
be way too early. In their opinion, that would not give them the
amount of time needed for the formation of new parties, which 
jeopardise the democratic level of the elections. "That is 
Bambary³a said. "There are plenty of parties already, both old 
and new ones. Three months is more than enough for them to 

The governor-general also announced a referendum about the 
status of Southeast Florida. He did not mention a date, though.[JvS]


All Ashore That's Going Ashore!

19 Thermidor CCXIV (7 Aug 2006)

La Salle, Saint-Onge, Louisianne

With a flourish of the pen, Captain Christian Grabe of the 
signed the
discharge papers of Henrik Lyngstaed from the HMS Carslkrona. 
Lyngstaed is the last of Louisiannan volunteers to the 
fleet of the Scandinavian Realm who signed up during the Florida 
 At the end of the gangplank stood Rear Admiral Louis Mareshal
Odequirk, who shook Lyngstaed by the hand and wished him safe 
in all that he would do from this time forward.

Declining comment, Lyngstaed was quickly surrounded by his 
family who
had voyaged from Nouvelle Navarre to greet him.  Lyngstaed is to 
awarded the Republican Palm for the service he rendered 
indirectly to

- Henri Vankrikonge, IBAP[DH]


Uncontested Prefecture Race

18 Thermidor, CCXIV / 7.AUG.2006
Pamplona, Nouvelle Navarre, Louisianne

Nefi Ivarsson is the picture of calm as he sits in his office in
Pamplona.  He's up for re-election this year, and while most 
and elected officials would be frantically glad-handing the 
Nefi Ivarsson fidgets with the cards he's using to play 

Why so calm?  With an approval rating of 95% and opinion polls 
happier with him, Ivarsson expects a landslide, even with the
announcement today that Ivarsson's predecessor, Akecheta Lakota, 
be running for the high-office again.

"Akecheta and I have visited extensively.  He's mostly running 
for his
tribesmen who feel it a matter of honor that they be represented 
this race, having been lead by a white-man for these last 7 

The only other candidate on the radar is Willy Nägli from a 
Hutterite colony just outside of Pierre.  As most Hutterites 
have been
firmly behind Ivarsson since he was first elected, Nägli will 
likely be a minor detractor.[DH]


Resolution to Graft Investigation
vid. 22.MAY.2006 story entitled "Graft Investigation Turns Deadly"

19 Thermidor, CCXIV (7 Aug 2006)

More than a month has passed since the MP FisGeoffreys was found 
in his home with his family in Pairial.  Rumors of Tejan 
have proved unfounded, but there is a clear line of questioning 
La Pègre and Labor Unions, which has been and is currently under
extensive investigation.[DH]


WITA WARSINIE, 8 ugustu 2006 j.


WARSINA — The interim chairman of the Inicjaciwa Czywi³a, Dr. 
Sasomêtany, has addressed the Sejm yesterday. He was invited to 
do so
by the bloc of parties who are in favour of the withdrawal of 
Republic from Southwest Florida. In a concise speech, which 
fifteen minutes, Sasomêtany warned the MPs for the consequences 
of a
continuous occupation of the Zona, and offered them several
alternatives for leaving the region. 

"It is clear that we have failed in our approach. We have failed
misarably," Sasomêtany said. "We were supposed bring peace in
Southeast Florida. But is there peace now? Seeing how many 
people are
still being arrested on a daily base, the answer is clearly: no! 
were supposed to restore the country's economy. But did we 
anything? Unless we count the immense black market, the country
doesn't even have an economy yet! When we arrived in Florida, 
country was in ruins. Nowadays, it still is. We haven't rebuilt
anything. Our task was to monitor Florida's transformation into 
democracy. But all we accomplished successfully is that all Bush
statues have been demolished, all streets named after him have 
renamed, all his books have been burned, and thousands and 
of people are in jail. Is that our concept of democracy these 

"The Floridians are a proud nation," Sasomêtany argued. "but 
of liberating them, we are now trying to colonise them. They 
be treated with respect. They suffered a lot under the Bush 
Why should they suffer under the regime of other overlords now? 
It is
clear that our paternalistic approach hasn't worked out in 
We can't save the world with banquets and dinner parties only. 
is about the last thing the people in Florida are waiting for." 

Sasomêtany offered several suggestions for a quick withdrawal 
off all
the Republic's armed forces from Florida. In his opinion, the 
solution for Southeast Florida would be if either the League of
Nations or a consortium with representatives of the Federated
Kingdoms, Ireland, the NAL, France, Louisianne, the Scandinavian
Realm and the RTC would temporarily take over the 
"Our first priority should be free elections in Southeast 
Sasomêtany said, "and the primary task of the administration 
will be
to monitor them." 

"What will happen next won't we for us to decide," he continued. 
it is the will of the Floridians to become part of the NAL, then 
be it. If they will prefer to germanise Florida, as Ireland 
into several smaller statelets, then that must happen. Even if 
decide to reelect Jaime Bush or Adolf von Hessler himself as 
president, that will be their fullest right and we must respect 
whether we like it or not." 

"A very convincing speech," WWPS leader Katarzyna Paryd¿anka 
afterwards. "I don't think the government will listen to him, 
But you never know. Perhaps some members of the ruling bloc will 
responsive to the voice of reason after all. Majorities come and 
It won't take that many people to create a breakthrough." 

Chancellor Aldendorf was unavailable for comment.[JvS]


LA -- Ceadaoin, 9 Lunasa 2006

A spokeswoman for the Department of Defence announced yesterday 
that the
government would be calling for third party administration over 
whole of South Florida to be put in place before the forthcoming

The government also announced that district and local elections 
in the
Irish ZoC will be called several months early to coincide with 
recently announced elections in the RTC ZoC. The government will 
requesting election observers in both Zones of Control to ensure 
and free elections.[KG]


Mrzkierdzej, 9 ugustu 2006, 12:20



WF: "Good afternoon, dear listeners! This is Waldemar Fiorarz. I 
proud to announce to you that the WiL-Kuziel has decided to give 
ten more minutes of broadcasting time. Therefore, the name of 
programme will from now on be: 'The World in Fourty Minutes'. 
dear listeners, I am equally happy to tell you that our first 
in our new setup will be professor Onute Staniszkiene, director 
the Institute for International Relations of the WiLASz. 
professor, it has been a while, hasn't it?"

OS: "Indeed, Mr. Fiorarz, it has. And thank you very much. It's
always a pleasure being in your show."

WF: "The pleasure is all mine, of course. Anyway, professor, you 
one of those who signed the famous Letter of the Fourty-Nine, 
for the immediate withdrawal of our people from Southwest 
But as I remember, two years ago you actually defended Katarzyna
Prowana and our occupation of the Zona. Why this change of 

OS: "One thing to remember, Mr. Fiorarz, is that not all signees 
the letter are against the occupation of Southwest Florida as 
Some of us were opposed to it from the very beginning, others –
including myself – have supported the idea of a temporary 
to help things get back on track over there. But we all agree 
the situation has developed in such a direction that at present 
only wise thing for us to do is leaving Florida altogether."

WF: "And why would that be?"

OS: "Our job in Florida was to restore order and help those 
build up a genuine democracy. That task should have been 
a year ago! And after accomplishing it, we should have left 
once and for good. But the truth is that things are only 
better than when we arrived. Some things have actually 
We should simply face the painful conclusion that we failed."

WF: "We failed?"

OS: "Yes. Obviously, the Republic was totally unprepared for 
such a
task. Our people over there have a very poor understanding of 
local culture, you see. And instead of adapting, they simply try 
impose ours. Such efforts are of course doomed to fail."

WF: "Well, they say..."

OS: "What also shouldn't be forgotten is that we ended up with 
roughest, toughest part of old Florida-Caribbea, namely the 
around Miami, where any resistance would be strongest and 
against foreigners would be most obvious! But even so, instead 
being constantly fixed on all sorts of real and imaginary 
and instead of measuring our success by the number of arrests 
made in
a week's time, we should have sought the active cooperation of
reliable elements in Floridian society instead. Katarzyna 
indeed made some good efforts in that direction. But 
the bulk of our folks in Florida simply don't seem to trust 

WF: "The government argues that it is Mrs. Prowana herself who
failed. That's why they replaced her. Perhaps you and the 
are on one line, after all!"

OS: "Not at all, they are only making it worse. Prowana was 
about the
only person who had some deeper understanding of the specifics 
Floridian society. That doesn't of course mean that she hasn't 
mistakes as well."

WF: "Like what, for example?"

OS: "You know, the first thing we did after we arrived in 
Florida was
renaming streets, removing statues and that sort of things. 
are hopelessly romantic people, with quite a strong sense for
symbolism! Charming as that may be, it was not what the 
were waiting for. Of course, once those things were done we also 
some genuine efforts of reorganising the whole country. But
obviously, we weren't very good at that. All the time, the 
has been hopelessly old-fashioned and paternalistic in its 

WF: Yes, but at least the new administration appears to be more
active when it comes to cooperating with the locals."

OS: "Don't make me laugh, Mr. Fiorarz! I take it you are 
referring to
those municipal elections they announed, yes? Well then, let me
assure you that three months is way too early for such elections 
take place. At the moment, Florida barely has a political
infrastructure. There are some rudimentary political parties, 
they are still extremely small, the lot of them. For elections 
to run
properly, people need plenty of time to form parties, to find
candidates, to write programs, to prepare a campaign... I'm 
these elections are doomed to fail! Besides, have you heard 
about the
provision made by Bambary³a? Each and every candidate needs the
approval of his people first. Without that approval, they can't 
participate. Now, Mr. Fiorarz, let me make a prediction: nine on
every ten candidates won't be allowed to run in the elections at

WF: "That is a bold statement, professor."

OS: "I know. But let me assure you that I am very worried about 
recent developments in Florida indeed. The rhetorics used by 
government to justify its actions in Florida are far from 
They talk about it as if the Republic was predestined by God 
to rule over Florida. As if all threads in history were coming
together in this one thing! Honestly, Mr. Fiorarz, I have a very
strong feeling they are working towards incorporating Southwest
Florida into the Republic, as some kind of overseas territory! 
are not interested in building a democracy in Florida at all, 
just in
finding Floridians who are ready to collaborate with them. All 
in order to give it a democratic appearance, yet ...” 

WF: "Aren't you exaggerating a bit? After all, the chancellor 
said clearly…"

OS: "I think the facts speak for themselves! Why else would they 
appointed a 'governor-general' in Southeast Florida? It is 
clear that they are turning the Zona into a second Gambia. And 
is an incredible mistake, because Florida is an entirely 
can of worms!"

WF: "But the 'Wucz Florydzie' wrote last Saturday…"

OS: "The 'Wucz Florydzie' is a shame, really. They call it an
independent quality paper, but it is under the tight control of 
authorities. Almost every single word in there is propaganda of 
worst kind! They make it appear as if the Floridians are all 
madly in love with their
new masters!"

WF: "Yet, some argue that becoming a province or an overseas
territory of the RTC wouldn't be such a bad solution for Florida 
all. The only alternative would in their opinion be Irish, 
or Castilian occupation. In that case, we might as well stay 

OS: "Of course, and that is one of the reasons why I don't think 
was a bad decision for us to be caretakers of Florida for a 
But incorporating it altogether? Mr. Fiorarz, have you thought 
of all
the trouble we would get into, should Southwest Florida indeed 
a province of some kind? Which of the two Crowns will it belong 
Gambia is part of Veneda. That's why the RTC doesn't have a 
of colonies; it's administered by the government of Veneda, 
dóes have such a minister. Lithuania has nothing to do with it. 
Florida, as for now, is administered directly by the central
government, which is after all responsible for foreign policy. 
once Florida will to be incorporated as an overseas territory, 
must become part of either Veneda or Lithuania. Otherwise, it 
de facto become a third Crown. How are we going to explain thát 
the Ukrainians? They have been denied the right to have their 
third Crown for almost sixty years now! Even without Florida, 
situation is pretty tense in Galicia and Volhynia. Now, can you
imagine their reaction if we keep telling them that they can't 
what they want and at the same time create a third crown 

WF: "Well, the government…"

OS: "Besides, the international community will never accept it. 
I said, we failed miserably. In the beginning, we had quite some
goodwill in the world, you know. They kind of thought of us like 
neglected country on the world scene - always hiding back in the
scenery and never given anything important to do. And now all of 
sudden, we were given a chance to do something great that would 
a lot of work and expertise we simply didn't have. And so, we 
up enjoying our powers over a vanquished nation a little too 
much and
aren't quite able to wrest the reins of state from the 
natives. Let's face it, Mr. Fiorarz: we are on our own in 
right now. The NAL, the Federated Kingdoms, Louisianne, Ireland… 
have completely lost their confidence. You see, Mr. Fiorarz,
everybody knows that the Irish are doing a much better job in 
zone of occupation. The Floridian population hates us! People 
crossing our borders by thousands, no matter what Bambary³a says
about border control being extremely tight an all that. The 
camps are already overfilled! While officially we are still on 
terms with our neighbours, everybody knows that they have all 
of scenarios for what will happen if we lose it. The NAL is 
gathering its troops near the border. In Aldendorf's place I 
worry about that. I would worry a lot!"

WF: "Are you saying they are planning an invasion?"

OS: "I don't think so. The NAL has been pretty clear about their
intentions: they don't want any more of Florida than they 
have. Yet, there are influential elements in society who think
otherwise. And you know how easily things can turn around in a
democracy. Especially a democracy like that…"

WF: "So you think it is just precaution, because they do not 
us... Do they fear we plan on invading the NAL?"


OS: "You better be careful, unless you want to give Mr. 
Aldendorf new


OS: "Seriously, of course not! But it is a fact that our Allies 
trust us anymore. Do you think we will come out of this 
Either the present administration will suffer from within or 
without. One way or the other, there will be some kind of

WF: "With the government, you mean?"

OS: "Yes. And obviously, if it comes from the outside, that 
would a
very bad thing for us. If we are to isolate ourselves even 
from the rest of the world… Can you imagine the economic setback 
that? Project Florida has ruined our national treasury pretty 
already! We surely can't handle much more of that! On the other 
if it comes from the inside, that might improve our standing 
with the
rest of the world. But if would mean we'd have to act against 
our own
democratically elected government!"

WF: "A quandary."

OS: "Yes."

WF: "Hmmm... Well, let us return to what we started with, then. 
have undoubtedly heard ¯owan Sasomêtany's speech to the Sejm on
Monday. On behalf of the Inicjaciwa Czywi³a he said that we 
withdraw immediately from Southeast Florida. But how do you 
that should be done, professor?"

OS: "Well, it is obvious that we can't just go pack our bags and
leave. If we'd do that, we'd leave behind a devastated country,
without any leadership, without an economy, without a polical
infrastructure... That can clearly not be anyone's intention. It
surely isn't mine! No, we should first investigate which options 

WF: "And those are, in your opinion?"

OS: "Sasomêtany put it all in a nutshell. The easiest way is of
course to hand over the Zona to another country. The most 
candidates for such a takeover would be the NAL, Ireland, the
Federated Kingdoms, or Castile-Leon. But in all cases that would 
huge disadvantages. The NAL, for example, would probably be 
to take over from us, but I personally wouldn't trust them too 
with Florida either. They already incorporated their own zone of
occupation! Officially, they say they are not interested in 
ours, but
like I said already, there are forces at work there that might 
not be
able to resist the temptation. Other countries wouldn't be happy 
that either, because they fear the NAL would become far too 
in the region."

WF: "And what if we simply return the Zona to the 

OS: "During the very short period when they were in charge, they 
made themselves pretty impossible in Florida. You know what they 
don't you? They emptied the musea, plundered the Banco Nacional, 
they took Florida's entire gold stock with them. Scandinavia is
clearly not an option. Besides, they have made it pretty clear 
they don't want anything more to do with Florida."

WF: "And how about the other countries?"

OS: "Well, there's Castile-Leon. Two years ago it was said that 
were the most natural candidate to take over Florida from a
historical point of view. But they made it perfectly clear that 
don't want anything to do with this. And even if they would, I 
much doubt they would do any better than we. Then, there is 
to consider. Everybody, including the Floridians themselves, 
that they have done a very fine job in their zone. But would 
they be
able to handle Southeast Florida? Ireland is a small country, 
their resources are limited. And let's face it: Southeast 
Florida is
a lot harder to manage than Southwest Florida."

WF: "No other options?"

OS: "Well, sure there are, but none of them realistic. France 
been mentioned, but they were remarkably silent during the war.
Russia has expressed an interest in the region, but they are 
able to manage themselves. Besides, nobody is waiting for a 
Florida! Germany has been mentioned, too. Some argue that if 
should be germanised, then Germany could play a guiding role in 
process. However, ..."

WF: "Germanisation is a word that falls very often these days,
professor. Do you agree with the Irish that germanisation would 
the right thing to do in Florida?"

OS: "No, I don't. Germanisation would be a way of dealing with a
conquered enemy. But my point is, we should stop looking at the
Floridians as enemies. They have learned their lesson. And even 
they would ever want to start another war, they simply don't 
have the means for it! Besides, Florida is not Germany. You 
know, the
Holy Roman Empire has always been like that to a degree. What
happened after the Second Great War was just a return to the 
quo of a century earlier. It could work in Germany because they 
had a
tradition. Florida doesn't have such a tradition. And nobody in
Florida really wants such a solution, anyway."

WF: "So you agree with Sasomêtany that we should hand over 
Florida to
the League of Nations?"

OS: "That is surely a very good option, Mr. Fiorarz. Another
possibility, also mentioned by Sasomêtany, is that we form an
international consortium that would station a peacekeeping force 
the Zona. All that on a temporary base, of course, and with the
single purpose of organising free elections and handing over all
power to a democratically elected government. In any case, the
Floridians are through with foreign occupants, no matter from 
country. If we linger on a little more like this, the idea of a
revolution of the people against us become a lot more than a 
I don't know if you have heard..."

WF: "I'm sorry to interrupt you, professor, but we have to put 
an end
to our discussion. It's time for the commercials. Thank you very 
for your lucid comments. I hope you will be back with us soon!"



The Sunny Cape! 

    South Florida, REPUBLICA de CABO SUNNIBEL (9 August 2006)

With a flourish of the pen under the flash of photographers from 
press, the commander of the Irish Forces signed the autonomy 
Cabo Sunnibel is the second of South Florida's redistricted 
to become autonomous.  Having suffered for years under a strong
central government, most Floridians feel a renewed sense of 
pride in
South Florida, as they have more of a say in what happens 
locally than
ever before under the new government of the Irish ZOC.[DH]



WUCZ FLORYDZIE, 10 ugustu 2006 j.

MIAMI - Ireland is losing it. After they successfully 
Monsterrat two years ago, it has had a very hard time ruling 
over its
Zone of Control. Earlier this year, it became completely clear 
Ireland simply lacks will and the manpower to keep it under its
control any longer. And so, one region after another is drifting
away. In March, the keys proclaimed their independence under the
ridiculous name "República Conchesa", and yesterday, a second
province seceded from the Irish Zone under the name "República 
Cabo Sunnibel". In a disgusting display of weakness, the Irish
commander to force the autonomy accord. 

The worst thing is that Ireland lets it all happen. In order to
justify their inability to control their zone, they even 
invented an
ideology, which they call "germanisation". Insiders know 
well that it is not because Ireland wants it that badly, but 
because it is unable to think of a better way to disguise its 
lack of

Chancellor Aldendorf has sent a telegram to his Irish colleague,
Pádraig Parthalán Ó hEachthairn, in which he offer military
assistance in restoring order in the Irish Zone. He also pointed 
to the prime minister that the germanisation plan for South 
present by the Irish under the name "Liberation Plan", also 
parts of the Governorate-General, which is of course 
unacceptable by
any international standard. He urged Ireland not to take any 
action without consulting the other parties involved first.[JvS]


8 August, 2006


Ouren Gough and his miscreant Apostles succeeded today in 
Lago Merom, a man-made lake from the damming of the upper Río 
 The resultant flood destroyed a wide swath of the northern 
valley, threatening the orchards of Ciudad San Benito, but 
minor damage.  The resulting rise in lake level inundated 
land along the edges, however damage was minimal.

Loss of life is still uncalculated, but it is suspected that the 
had managed to infiltrate one of their following into the dam's
hydroelectric crew.

Louisiannan air strikes have destroyed the major cities and 
points for the FLDS offensives, and the Alta-Californio Army has
secured much of the province, however Gough's guerilla tactics 
had a powerful toll on the morale of citizens and army officers 


10 August, 2006

Ricksborough, Oregon

In a recorded message delivered to Oregonian news outlets, 
Gough called upon all "Faithful Saints of God" to stand forth in
defiance of foreign oppressors and claimed a revelation from 
calling on those with "ears to hear" to step forth and kill 
Rodrigo Vasquez, President Jean-François Young, Presidente 
Schwarzenegger, and any Alta-Californio soldier that fell into 
hands.  He cited scripture from the Book of Mormon to seemingly
support his "revelation."

"And it came to pass that the Spirit said unto me again: Slay 
him, for
the Lord hath delivered him into thy hands.  Behold the Lord 
the wicked to bring forth his righteous purposes. It is better 
one man should perish than that a nation should dwindle and 
perish in

Border crossings have been ended by Louisianne and Oregon, and 
strictures are being made for those crossing the border at other
locations , in an effort to prevent militants from following 
their agenda.[DH]



Radio Transcript:Excerpt, Frankie Ozarque Show:

OZARQUE: You know, I think I speak for a lot of Louisiannans 
when I
say Is Aldendorf related to Cosh'em Sessions?  They both seem to 
along in their own dream-world.  Have any of you out there read 
Couvernian rag the Vootchiz Floridzee?  Well today they're 
the Irish for their germanization of South Florida.  

I don't know how you all feel, but I like the idea...keep 'em 
on the local, make 'em worry about planning commissions and 
whether or
not Ms. Mcrary's dog pooped on the neighbors petunias.  That way 
won't get their britches in a hitch and go coshing the poor 

It looks like Louise has gotten us a few people.  Go ahead, 
What's your name?

PIERROT: This is Pierrot, from La Salle.  I've got a cousin
volunteering with the Oregonian peace-keepers, and man, he says 
it's some bad news on the Vened side of the lake.  All the 
of Miami are vacant, and all the windows are knocked out...

OZARQUE:  Yup, and them Couvernians sure are doing their best to 
care of the Floridians.  Can't you just tell from that sparkling 
of news?  Did you read the Vootchiz Floridzee, or about it 


OZARQUE: Hey, Louise, did any of the callers read the Vootchiz?  
looks like she's got one.  What's your name caller?

VINCENT:  Oh, hey, Frankie--I'm Vincent.

OZARQUE:  Did you read that Vootchiz Floridzee, Vincent?

VINCENT:  Yeah, I glanced through it today here at the 
Why do I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I read the 
in that?  How can anyone actually believe that crap?  Ireland is 
weak they're gradually losing control?  My eye!

OZARQUE:  That's right, Vincent!  Who had to come in and pick up 
pieces after the Scandinavian Rape and Pillage Tour?  The
RTC...they're like buzzards, them Couvernians.  The Irish have 
care of their section of Florida and have coaxed it to florrid 

Well, thanks Vincent.  That's about it for my show.  I'm going 
leave you with that great hit "Good Catholic Girl," by Nellie 


Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, France
Friday, August 11, 2006

In near simultaneous explosions two bombs heavily damaged two 
care facilities in Neuilly-sur-Seine, part of the Parisian 
It was hoped and feared that this was another case of Helvetian
cooking gone awry, however the bombimgs were claimed by Lou 
Parti di
Biou, the militant arm of the Ligue Bourgignonne.  Most heavily
damaged was the Hospital Américain on the Boulevard Victor Hugo. 
Windows in the Rue Chauveau were blown out by the explosion.

This is the third in such bombings, part of a campaign by Lou 
Parti di
Biou to secure independence of Grand-Burgundy, a separate 
country.  In
recent years there has been an upsurge of regional pride, 
resulting in
a resurrection of the Burgundian trilled "r", heretofore 
only in Louisianne and moribund in Bourgogne itself.

Other attacks have targeted banks and metro lines.  Police are 
on high
alert in Paris and across the country.[DH]


12 August, 2006

Clean-up continues in the Galilea Valley, and the death-toll 
around 100 persons total.  Most of these were farmers and 
ranchers who
lived up the Cañón Timpanogosa who were caught unawares when the 
was detonated.

Ouaren Gough, his brother Abel and the militia have recently 
been seen
in the vicinity of Fuerte Buenaventura near the northern end of 
Gran Lago Salado.  Louisiannan reconnaissance flights are 
but there are rumors of the FLDS possessing anti-aircraft 


WITA WARSINIE, 19 ugustu 2006 j.

by our political correspondent, Piotr Szemica

With the elections for the Sejm only fifteen days ahead, Veneda 
witnessing a campaign of unprecedented vileness. Indeed, much is 
stake for both government and opposition.[JvS]

See full article at: 


(As reported in the Nieuw Amsterdam Times)

August 21, 2006

The full body of a letter was released from the Ministry of War 
in San
Diego today, coupling with a letter released from Governor 
Vasquez later this afternoon.  The two letters come together to 
forward the newest revelation in the ongoing situation in Lago 

In what is seen as a move toward consolidation of the region the
Deseret Freedom Fighter's leader, Joseph Hyrum Taylor and the 
DFF have
pledged allegiance to Alta California, reversing their long 
bid for independence in a bid for semi-autonomy rather than deal 
the likes of Ouraen Gough.

In the letter Young said:

     "...I do not offer a surrender from the Deseret Freedom 
     I cannot.  As a people we have agreed to seek our goals of 
     self-rule working within the bounds of the government of 
     nation, Alta California.  We have no goal for autonomy.  We 
     a goal for peace...

     "We tire of Ouaren Gough and his ilk.  Our people are dying 
     his hands and we are sick and sad in our hearts.  From this 
     forward, we will not fight for a freedom that will never 
     but a peace that will come and will last."

The letter released from Governor Rodrigo Vasquez has stated 
"[Alta California] welcomes the support of the Deseret Freedom
Fighters.  They will be taken in as a regiment of the Army to 
serve in
the region until such time as the war against Gough ends, at 
point they will be offered positions in the new police force of 
region as their commanding officers recommend."

Presidente Schwarzenegger was unavailable for comment.[DH]


Arrests Foiled, Arrests Made

1 Fructidor CCXIV (18 Aug 2006)

Alpes-Argentés, LOUISIANNE

Republican Guards in Rontalon* had nearly brought a carefully
orchestrated sting operation when their mark, a Deseretan 
most likely involved with the FLDS movement, walked into the 
shop for their meeting and threatened to blow up everyone there 
conditions were met.

The man, German Moulinière, proceeded to threaten the crowd, 
two people, a newlywed couple on honeymoon before being killed 
GIGN^  snipers.  The couple were airlifted to a hospital in 
and are considered in good condition.

At nearly the same time in Grignors, 10 kilometers or so up the
Colorado River a second group of Republican Guard in cooperation 
the Police National apprehended a trio of suspects who are 
rumored to
be involved in a plot to kill one or more of the elected 

A source inside the Gendarmes has said that there were plans 
local officials in Alpes-Argentés and that agents within the 
cell had
noticed an increase in the scope of their plans at the 
from Ouaren Gough and his brother Abel.  The three are being
questioned at present.[DH]




LODZ – Ambassador Jan van Steenbergen of the Batavian Kingdom 
paid an unofficial visit to the interim chairman of the 
Czywi³a, dr. ¯owan Sasomêtany last Sunday. 

A spokesman of the Batavian embassy said the visit had a 
private character. “There was nothing political about this 
he told our reporter. “The ambassador and Mr. Sasomêtany have 
each other for years now. They simply happen to have a lot in 
Except for the fact that Sasomêtany has a beard and Mr. Van
Steenbergen doesn’t they even look similar.” 

According to the same spokesman, the ambassador believes both 
men may
be remote descendants of the ancient Kemrese folk hero Princep
Ioanes. The prince, it is said, was captured and taken by 
pirates the
night before his wedding. When he returned many years later, he 
his beautiful bride-to-be dead. He sung a lament on her death, 
from a high tower, and the two were buried together. His lament
became famous in all Kemr under the name “Jowan di'll Duncalath” 
later also in England under the name “John o the Stone Burg”. 
drawings of Princep Ioanes would show a striking resemblance 
both ambassador Van Steenbergen and Dr. Sasomêtany.

“Whether this is true or not, I can't see how it would offend 
government of the RTC,” our spokesman added.

Three weeks ago, a similar visit by Louisiannan ambassador Bunny
almost led to a major diplomatic crisis between the two 

Dr. Sasomêtany's house is under constant surveillance of the 
ODS. The
government accuses him of undermining state security. A special 
commission is investigating whether he and the Inicjaciwa 
have displayed any illegal activities during the last month.[JvS]


Popularity Contest?


Le Matin
Paris-sur-Mizouri, LOUISIANNE

5 Fructidor, CCXIV

Next year's election for First-President looks to be a 
contest in a poll released yesterday by the BonHomme Sondage 
the Louisiannan division of the Gallup Group.

President Jean-François Young is currently viewed as the most 
First-President of Louisianne, and according to poll results 
enjoys an
approval rating of 95% +/- 2%.

When presented a list of potential candidates for the
First-Presidency, including Mr. Young, the Council and other 
figures around the nation, Mr. Young garnered 55% of the vote, 
Prefect Marie-Claire Gildersleeve second with 25%, and 15% for 
other prefects.  The remaining 5% was divided between the other 

While President Young has not yet begun campaigning for a second 
of office, it is expected that he will start in the near future, 
possibly with a proposed visit next week to Petit Japon in
Lyons-sur-Mizouri with Her Majesty the Emperor of Japan.  
with poll results like that, a campaign analyst quipped, Mr. 
Young may
only need to get up and give an acceptance speech.[DH]


 Fructidor, CCXIV (23 August 2006)

Alpes-Argentés, Louisianne

After intensive questioning the group that was responsible for 
bombing in Rontalon and attempted bombing in Grignors have 
proven them
to be aspiring terrorists and nothing more.  Searches of their 
have yielded no plans, no weapons aside what was to be used in 
bombings of Grignors and Rontalon, and it is apparent at this 
that there were no plans afoot to attack any but local 

Security remains on a heightened alert for the Members of 
Prefects and First-President.[DH]


ATOE Launch Immanent

19 August, 2006 (2 Fructidor CCXIV), 


Paris-sur-Mizouri Louisianne


A press-release was issued today that the first segment of a space-based habitation would be launched, depending weather, on September the 8th from the Tanegaxima Cosmodome.  President Jean-François Young and Her Majesty The Emperor of Japan are expected to be in attendance for this first effort to place humans in space for small periods of time to learn what changes come to the human body.  This habitation would allow the Cosmonauts to begin work on the Raitxò cores of the Sarutahico rockets which will be converted to habitation environment for the planned Çuxima space station.  This habitation core will become the center of the station, and will eventually be converted to an industrial scientific and experimentation zone.


The Kemrese doctors employed by ATOE are especially happy for this event, as they will be able to test their theories on the effects of space on humans.[DH]


Japanese-Louisianan Royal Wedding

Asahi Ximbun, Gacudai 3, Xitxigaçu 20 (August 25, 2006)
The former Princess Aquico of Micasa wed Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne, Count of the Ozarks and son of the pretender to the thrones of both France and Louisianne.  In doing so, she has left the Imperial Family, taking the title of Countess of the Ozarks.
The wedding was attended by much of the main branch of the Imperial Family, including the bride's parents and siblings, as well as Her Imperial Highness herself, accompanied by her infant sons and the Prince Consort.  In addition to the groom's family, First President Young of Louisianne and his family attended.  Other world leaders were also in attendance, including ... [fill in the blank!  :-)]
After the ceremony, the Empress will travel to Louisianne with the First President, visiting several cities with large Japanese émigré populations, beginning with Lyons-sur-Mizouri on the 22nd and 23rd [27th and 28th], followed by Paris-sur-Mizouri on the 24th [29th] and New Orleans on the 25th [30th].  She will then return to Japan, after a brief trip to Kanawiki on the 26th [31st][NT]




BILOXI, Pays-Lointains, Louisianne — The Louisiannan gendarmérie 
arrested a citizen of the RTC yesterday on the suspicion of arms
trade. Although his identity has not officially been revealed 
yet, it
is almost certainly Maciej Bambary³a, a former professional 
boxer and
brother of governor-general Ju¿eñ Bambary³a of Southeast 

While his older brothers Ju¿eñ and Szczepan pursued careers in 
military and the clergy respectively, Maciej "Bam-Bam" Bambary³a 
made himself a reputation of a juvenile delinquent. Having spent
seven terms in youth prisons, he decided to channel his tendency 
excessively violent behaviour in a different fashion: he became 
professional boxer. His successes became almost legendary: in 
and 1966-69 he was RTC champion at middleweight, in 1968-1970 
also at
heavyweight. In the years 1969-1972 he won the world title at
heavyweight. Although many people found his style dirty — he was 
typical brawler — he was considered unbeatable. However, the 
turned after a series of sensitive defeats in Australasia 
(1972), the
NAL and South Africa (1973). Bam-Bam developed an alcohol 
problem and
disappeared from the boxing scene as quickly as he had emerged.
Things got even worse for him after 1976 when his sport school 
Kordyn bankrupted. Since 1982 he owns a night club in Warsina.
Although his name has regularly been linked to organised crime, 
specifically to the Olêca Siekrzota [1], sufficient evidence for
prosecution could never be found. 

On Thursday morning, a peloton of gendarmérie surrounded 
while he was meeting an unidentified second person on the 
terrace of
a cafeteria in Biloxi, a Louisiannan exclave surrounded by NAL
territory. It is unknown why he was in Biloxi and what he was 
there. There may be a connection with the recent bombings in 
and Grignors. It has also been suggested that Bam-Bam has been
selling arms to the FLDS, one of the militias that terrorise 

Governor-general Bambary³a has not reacted yet. While the 
is awaiting further news from Louisianne, it will probably 
Bam-Bam's extradition. Given his close connection to a 
RTC official, that would be the only way to avert another 
crisis between our country and Louisianne. 

[1] “Secret Alliance”, a criminal organisation acting mostly on 
territory, involved in arms and drugs trade, espionnage, 
terrorism and various other illegal activities.[JvS]


From St. Louis Local Television, airing across the NAL.

13:25 NALST 28 August, 2006


SPECIAL REPORT:  Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, you'll 
excuse me if I'm out of breath, but 10 or 15 minutes ago a tragic 
thing, from all indications at this point, has happened in the 
city of Lyons-sur-Mizouri.   Let me quote to you this, and 
I-excuse me if I'm out of breath.  A bulletin, this is from IBAP, 
'First-President Jean-François and Her Majesty The Emperor of Japan 
have been cut down by assassins bullets in the Little Yamato 
district of Lyons-sur-Mizouri.  They were riding in an open 
automobile.  The First-President, limp, held like a child in the arms of 
Mme. Anaïs Young was rushed with the Empress to L'Hôpital Dieu 
for urgent treatment.[DH]


L’Hôpital Dieu, Lyons-sur-Mizouri, Louisianna 28 August, 2006, 3:00 LST


Martin DuPlessis, Assistant-Press Minister made the announcement just a few moments ago, stating, “Jean-François Young died at approximately 12:40, Louisianna Standard Time, today, here in Lyons-sur-Mizouri,  Her Majesty the Emperor of Japan was also declared dead at 12:40 Louisianna Standard Time.”


When asked for more detail, DuPlessis said flatly, “I have no other details.”  When asked about the location of the members of the Council, DuPlessis responded, “I do not know.  At the moment, their movements are a secret and will be in the future.”[DH]


Radio Transcript: 29.AUG.2006


[PRESENTER] ... Dear listeners, we interrupt our program for an 
edition of the Mszatka.


[NEWS READER] It is 18:50, this is the latest news at WRW1, 
to you by Krzysztof Terenik. Alarming news is coming in from
Louisianne. About half an hour ago, there has been an attempt at 
lives of Louisianne's first-president Jean-François Young and 
Japanese empress Aico, who is on an official state visit in
Louisianne. Our correspondent, Liwia Polana, was at the place of 

[CORRESPONDENT] Yes, Krzysztof, it is an immense chaos over 
here. The
people are literally in shock. There is gendarmérie running 
virtually everywhere. Heavily armed GIGN, Louisianne's 
equivalent of
the DMGR, are trying to secure the area. 

[NEWS READER] Could you tell the listeners what happened 

[CORRESPONDENT] Well, as you know the empress of Japan is 
visiting Louisianne. The two heads of state - the empress and 
president Young - arrived at the aerodrome here in 
about an hour ago. They were on their way to the Japanese 
quarter of
the city, known as "Little Yamato". Everywhere, there were 
crowds. But while the two heads of state were driving through 
streets of the city, suddenly one or more shots were heard, and
complete panic broke out. At the center of all consternation was 
presidential limousine. We don't really know yet what happened
precisely. Some say president Young was hit by a bullet, others 
the empress was hit... But you know how these things go, 
sees the same thing from a different perspective. And it all 
in a split second. Anyway, while the gendarmérie was securing 
area, the car drove at high speed to the nearest hospital. I'm
standing right in front of it. As for now, nothing is known 
about the
medical condition of its four passengers: the first-president of
Louisianne, his wife Anaïs, the empress of Japan, and the Prince
Consort. I suspect that at least one of them must have been hit 
by a
bullet. Otherwise they wouldn't have gone to a hospital, I'd 

[NEWS READER] Do you have any idea who shot Young or the 
empress, and

[CORRESPONDENT] Not yet. As I said, nobody knows precisely how 
shots have been fired. I've heard a rumour that there were more
shots, fired from multiple locations according to some, but the
gendarmérie hasn't confirmed or denied that yet. In any case, 
after the incident, several arrests were made, but it is unknown
whether they actually managed to capture the shooter. Until 
that, I
don't think we will find out much about the motives for this 

[NEWS READER] Where are you now, Liwia?

[CORRESPONDENT] I'm standing in the middle of a huge crowd in 
of l'Hôpital Dieu. This is where the presidential automobile 
immediately after the assault. We are waiting here for a formal
announcement regarding a state of the four passengers of the 
car. The
athmosphere here is very different from the one at the crime 
There, it was frenzy, panic and chaos. Here, most people are 
standing, solemnly, as if they were nailed to the ground. Many 
are praying or holding candles. It seems like most people don't
really know what to think of it. In any case, there is little I 
tell you at this time. All we can do is wait..."

[NEWS READER] Thank you, Liwia, we'll get back to you later...
President Young has gained immense popularity during the six 
years of
his first-presidency. He is an ardent fighter of the deep-rooted
corruption. Under his leadership, Louisianne developed from an
isolated and backward country into a modern and booming state. 
He was
praised my many for his role in the 2004 Floridian War, as well 
for his role in the restructuring of Hayti. He also placed 
back on the map with a series of bilateral agreements with 
countries, notably Dalmatia, Japan, Alta California and the 
Kingdom. In spite of the fact that his policies met the approval 
ca. 95 % of the Louisiannan population, Young has also made a 
lot of
enemies, notably among state officials who owed their carreers 
Young's predecessor, Marc-Albert Mitterand.

Empress Aico was only 22 years old when she took over the 
throne from her predecessor, emperor Saisei, or Aquihito. During 
two years of her reign, she made herself many enemies as well.
Earlier this year, she put through new legislation in order to
repress the Yacuza, Japan's powerful equivalent to the Mafia. 
it was only two weeks ago that a plot against her life by an 
terrorist group from East Primorye was discovered by ...

Just a moment, something is happening. Liwia, are you still 


[CORRESPONDENT] Yes, I'm still here. Someone just came out. It 
like he is going to make some kind of statement. I cannot quite 
what he is saying. Hang on a second...


[CORRESPONDENT] Oh no... Oh my God... Oh-my-God!... Krzysztof, 
you still there?... They are both dead. I repeat: the 
and the empress are both dead! That man who just came out, 
a policeman, just said it. President Young was shot in the head 
throat, and he just died of his injuries. The empress is dead, 
although I couldn't quite hear what kind of injuries she had
suffered... The other two are okay. Anyway, a wave of dismay is 
through the people who have gathered here. It is like they still
don't want to believe the historic event they have been 

[NEWS READER] A historic event, certainly. What do you think the
consequences of this double assassination will be, Liwia?


[NEWS READER] Liwia, are you still with us? What do you think 
consequences... Liwia?


[NEWS READER] It seems like our connection with Louisianne is 
We are doing our best to restore it. Since there is little we 
add, we will continue our regular program on WRW1. We will be 
when more details come to the light... Wait, here is something 
We just received an incoming message. Immediately after the
assassination of president Young and empress Aico, chancellor
Aldendorf has interrupted his visit to Latvia. He is on his way 
Warsina, where an emergency meeting of the government is planned 
take place within a few hours... That's it, listeners, stay 
from more news from Louisianne.




Ouaren Gough Apprehended!

August 29, 2006, Las Vegas

In a raid on the industrial complex of Las Vegas Ouaren Gough 
and his
FLDS band were intercepted by Alta California forces.  Some of 
the band
managed to escape toward San Jorge de la Virgin (Saint George), 
but have
been followed by Louisiannan air support.  Those that were not 
by the Louisiannan Air Force were intercepted and pacified by a
contingent of Alta Californio militiamen.

There have been claims by FLDS supporters in Louisianna that it 
was an
FLDS partisan that effected yesterday's assassination, but none 
of the
suspects arrested have expressed ties to the FLDS.

Gough and his surviving apostles are being transported to San 
Diego for
trial at this time.  Some suggest that he will not be executed, 
as he
would become a martyr to the FLDS cause.[DH]


World in Shock After Double Assassination!

LYONS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne (WASP) — The world is in shock 
the brutal assassination yesterday evening of Louisianne's
first-president Jean-François Young and the Japanese empress 
While the two were making a tour from the aerodome to the 
quarters of the city, the limousine was suddenly taken under 
fire at
12:20 local time. Both the president and the empress were 
wounded. Although they made it to the hospital alive, they both 
of their injuries twenty minutes after the assault. 

Leaders from all over the world have uttered their condoleances 
expressed their gravest concerns over what happened. Chancellor
Aldendorf, who was on an official state visit in Latvia, 
decided to interrupt his visit and return to Warsina for an 
meeting with the government. Before he left, he held a short 
conference with his Latvian colleague, Alksnis. “This is a great
tragedy”, Aldendorf said. “The leaders of two befriended nations 
been brutally murdered. It is hard to believe that this kind of
things still happen in the 21th century. We deeply regret this 
of events. On behalf of the people of Republic of the Two 
Crowns, I
wish to express my deepest feelings of compassion for the 
families of
these two great leaders, as well as for their entire nations.” 

In a message conveyed by the ambassadors in Louisianne and 
Kranc and Wodyczka, king Witold IV expressed similar feelings. 
world has lost two of its greatest leaders”, the king wrote. “A 
hero of our times, and a young woman with the future still ahead 
her, have died prematurely at the hands of a murderer. It is a 
awful thing what happened. My thoughts are with the mourning 
of the deceased and with the people of Louisianne and Japan. I 
them to know that I mourn with them.” 

In an evening-filling program on TWW1 yesterday evening, the 
of all major parties in the Sejm expressed similar emotions. 
Onute Staniszkiene of the WiLASz warned for the possible 
of the assassination. “This only shows how fragile peace can be.
Louisianne was well on its way to become a regional superpower
instead of a banana republic. I’m sure there are plenty of 
people in
Tejas, Alta California and the NAL who are secretly very 
about this. I also think our government should take this as a
warning. We should really pay much attention, because otherwise 
Florida adventure might turn into a complete disaster.” 

Nothing is known yet about the identity of the shooters, nor 
his motives for the assault.[JvS]


Asahi Ximbun, Consai Gannen, Xitxigaçu 25 (August 30, 2006)
Her Imperial Highness, the Princess Regent, in consultation with His Highness Prince Higaxiyama, has announced a name for the present Emperor's reign, _Consai_.  The name is derived from an abbreviation of the Meiji-era slogan _Wacon Yòsai_ "Japanese Spirit, Western Learning", and is intended to convey the same sense of growth and reform, as well as the internationalism combined with preservation of traditional values.[NT]



The Governments and Peoples of the Peoples Ecotopic Republic of 
Soviet Republic of Alyaska, and High Kingdom of Kanawiki send 
condolences to the Empire of Japan and its People, the Republic 
of Louisiane 
and its Citizenry, the Imperial Family of Japan, and the family 
of President 
These Governments also pledge to give all such aid as they can 
to bring the 
prepetrators of this heinous act to justice. As a first step, 
information as agents of the aforementioned Governments have 
collected on 
such organizations and individuals that have threatened either 
of the 
victims or the States of which they were Heads, has been sent to 
approprate Agencies.

HE Zhang Michael Singh
High Consul, Captain(II) Gereint Hagurashi, SRAN
High Consul, Kioki Aloha[WC]




(Philadelphia)  Speaking to Parliament on behalf of the
administration, Senator Ion Edwards asked for a declaration of
"national mourning" on behalf of the assassinated leaders of 
and Japan.  In a remarkable show of bipartisanship, Senators 
Robert O'Kinneidi (Massachussetts Bay) and Diane Rodham 
leaders of the Progressive Conservative and Covenant Loyalist 
co-sponsored the bill which passed unanimously.

Edwards said "If there is hope in this world, it lies in the 
and minds of good people everywhere.  Good people such as the 
of citizens all over the globe who feel outrage at these 
Good people such as the victims themselves, remarkable leaders 
seemed to embody that most precious of jewels--Hope."

O'Kinneidi called the double assassination "A memory that will 
our hearts and minds, as is proper.  But the flame of that 
must do more than scar.  We must take that flame and use it to
rekindle the very dreams so cruelly under attack.  A man and a 
are dead.  They have been killed.  We, however, yet live and it 
is our
responsibility to see these martyrs did not die in vain."

Rodham said "This is a turning point.  For all alive today, the 
of where we were when we heard the news will remain.  We will 
forget it.  We must not allow ourselves to forget it.  We must 
make it
our business never to forget this day, this tragedy, this 

Flags all over the North American League will fly at half-mast 
thirty days as result of the today's bill.  What was not 
were widespread rumors that the assaassinations were somehow 
linked to
the Watergap Scandal which has shaken the Progressive 
Party to its core, supplanting the rising stars of that party 
with the
old school O'Kinneidi and motivating others to break away to 
form the
new Covenant Loyalists.  Analysts are unsure how this might 
November's General Election.  Some believe accusations from 
will shore up the PC base, while others think it another nail in 
coffin of a party hasn't managed to win control of Parliament 
the administration of James Wainwright--coincidentally, also
assassinated on a state visit to Louisianne.[DH]



11 Fructidor CCXIV 17:05 LST

In the city of Lyons-sur-Mizouri, along the shores of the 
Mizouri today, President Jean-François Young was assassinated and 
Empress Aico of Japan fatally wounded in an attack by what some 
believe to be an Alta Californian national.  Other reports suggest 
that it was an attack by a Japanese citizen or citizens from the 
island of Ezo.  It is unclear at the present time whether 
President Young or the Empress were collateral damage to the other's 
assassination, or if it was indeed a dual assassination.  Police 
are eagerly pursuing all leads at this time.

28 August, 2006 (11 Fructidor CCXIV) 23:10 NALST
New Amsterdaam

Lawrence Koenig Show Transcript:

"His death is a sad thing.  He was a good man, even with them 
decimals and eek-yous.  It's a serious situation, for sure.  And I 
make no light of it, but I tell thee, Larry, it's dark in 

"Dark how, Mr. Sessions?"

"I'll tell thee, Larry.  It's a cause t'them Blue Martians.  
Young wasn't listening to their demands any longer, and I tell 
thee, they killed him for't.  You make a deal with them aliens, and 
you'd best keep it, I tell thee.  Proof right here, today."

12 Fructidor CCXIV 8:00 LST

Preliminary information has been leaked by investigators that 
there is a possible connection to the Progressive-Conservatives in 
a continuance of the Watergap Scandal that so rocked the NAL in 
recent years.

Additional information suggests that it could be an Alta 
Californian with a grudge, the same that tried to assassinate President 
Young in January.

Investigators in Japan say that this is either a move by Ezoan 
anti-monarchists against the Empress Gacudai, or the Yacuza in 
retribution for her Anti-Pegre legislation.

Further investigations are ongoing.

12 Fructidor CCXIV 9:30 LST

A young man from Les Plaines, a young Hervé Dieudonné Deschamps 
was arrested yesterday following the shootings, but after 
further investigation appears to have simply been in the wrong place 
at the wrong time.  Mr. Deschamps had come to Louisianna to buy a 
rifle for hunting due to the cheaper prices and lower taxes.  
While in the shop he heard of the visit of President Young and the 
Empress, and wishing to see them went out to watch them pass by.  
Once passed, he returned to the shop, gathered his purchase and 
began walking away, only to be arrested within a few blocks.

His name has been cleared and he has returned home to Les 

12 Fructidor CCXIV 10:30 LST
Télé-1 Toulouse, Louisianna

Thomas Horatio la Chappelle, renowned TV commentator from 
Louisianna announced on his show today his predictions for the 
conspiracy theories that will abound in the next hours following the 
double-assassination yesterday.

"I predict that these are the possibilities bound to become 
'gospel' to conspiracy theorists within the next 48 hours:

* Mitterand's party did it.
* The Yacuza did it.
* Those folks from East Primorye did it.
* Someone in Chancellor Aldendorf's party was behind it.
* The Louisianna gendarmerie did it.
* The Bushes did it -- after all they did everything else.

I'm not saying that any of them are correct.  I haven't 
researched the issue, and I'll leave that to those who do it best, the 
Gendarmes.  But I'm 'rounding up the usual suspects.'  I hope 
we'll eventually figure out who did it, hopefully before the end of 
my lifetime."

12 Fructidor CCXIV 12:00 LST

Speaking from secure locations, Geoffroi Gastinois and the other 
members of the Council addressed Louisianne today.

"Our country was shocked yesterday," Gastinois said, "but I say 
to you that our country is challenged at home and abroad: that 
it is our will that is being tried and not our strength; our 
sense of purpose and not our ability to achieve the course that 
President Young has set for us."

"Until a new First-President is elected, I will do my best. The 
Council will do their best.  That is all we can do. We ask for 
your help-and God's."

Speaking from Saint-Onge, Marie-Claire Gildersleeve added, "We 
live in a world that has narrowed into a neighborhood before it 
has broadened into a brotherhood.  We must be careful in the next 
weeks, months and years as we come to terms with this 
assassination and what it means for the security of our nation and the 
world if a political party can do as it is suggested the 
Progressive-Conservatives of the North American League did."[DH]


RZEJPYBIE£KA, 30.VIII.2006 - Election camp aign turning violent in Galicia 

     CZYTAÆ LEONIÓR — Less than a week before the elections for the
Venedic Sejm next Sunday, the campaigns are assuming an 
aggressive character. Main focus of the tension are the 
National-Democratic Organisation UNDO and the organisation of 
patriots, Nostra Galicja, which allied itself to the Demokracja
Nocona³a in these elections but is considered even more radical 
many. Nostra Galicja is one of the smaller coalition partners in 
Aldendorf government. Its only minister, nationalities minister
Gra¿yna J¹zierz, has been pursuing a fiercely anti-Ukrainian 
ever since this government has been in office. 

In various debates broadcast live by URiTH, UNDO leader Darko 
and NG leader Jêdrzej Jek³a-Sasiny have been calling each other 
of the worst kind. Among other things, Jek³a-Sasiny accuses 
of being a traitor of the state and an “agent of socialist 
“Don't try to fool the voters, Mr. Popczuk”, he said on Monday,
”everybody knows that the UNDO has a hidden agenda. Splitting 
Galicia and Volhynia from Veneda and Lithuania first, and
subsequently splitting off our beloved country from the Republic 
give it to Ukraine for free. You ought to be charged with high
treason for that.” 

“It is not at all our intention to break away from the RTC”, 
replied. “We merely want to give the Ukrainians of Galicia and
Volhynia what they deserve: to be on equal terms with our 
nations, the Veneds and the Lithuanians. I cannot see who could
possibly have anything against that.” He accused Jek³a-Sasiny of 
fabrication of facts, of spreading ethnic hatred, and even of
secretly preparing a genocide. He also said that the Aldendorf
government is trying to bring back the Middle Ages in the 

Also on Monday, it came to a physical fight between members of 
UNDO and members of the DN and Nostra Galicja in the building of 
Galician High Council, of which Popczuk is chairman. Security 
had to intervene and restore order before the meeting could 
in the absence of the offenders. 

During the last few days, an increasing number of violent acts 
been reported. The police confirms that small groups of armed 
militia have been spotted in several Galician cities, notably 
Leoniór and Przemyœl. In the streets of Czytaæ Leoniór it came 
to a
rally between UNDO and Nostra Galicja sympathisers. In Tarnopol,
three Ukrainians were harassed by Venedic youth, and in Czytaæ
Franku, a Ukrainian student was almost beaten to death by a 
group of
Veneds armed with sticks. In Drohobycz, the houses of two 
inhabitants burnt down to the ground, allegdedly the work of
Ukrainian nationalists. Lastly, a group of armed Nostra Galicja
members stormed the UNDO headquarters yesterday evening and kept 
occupied for several hours. The police convinced them to leave 
building peacefully, but the damage they had done inside was
enormous. No arrests were made. 

Meanwhile, Popczuk remains optimistic as always. “We will win 
elections. And even if we won't, that will not hamper our 
efforts for
a third Crown. Frankly, I completely don't care who under me 
the new prime minister.”[JvS]


Wita Warsinie, 31.VIII.2006 - "Bam-Bam" found dead in Louisiannan cell 

    PARIS-SUR-MIZOURI (WASP) - Maciej "Bam-Bam" Bambary³a, ex-boxer 
brother of the governor-general of Southeast Florida, has been 
dead in his cell in Paris-sur-Mizouri last night. He had 
suicide, Yves Bournan of the Louisiannan gendarmérie declared. 
that could happen, we don't know. The matter is currently under
investigation", he said. This was a rectification of an earlier
statement by a Louisiannan gendarme, who said that the zeppelin,
which was supposed to transport Bam-Bam from Biloxi to
Paris-sur-Mizouri, had been raided by a group of armed men 
connected to the Olêca Siekrzota. 

Bam-Bam's name has repeatedly been mentioned in relation to the
assassination three days ago of Louisianne's first-president 
and Japan's empress Aico. He was arrested on August 24 in Biloxi 
the Louisiannan gendarmérie. Initially, it was assumed that his
arrest had something to do with arms dealing, but now it is now
widely suspected that Bam-Bam may have played a role in the
preparation of the murders. According to some, the murders were 
concerted attack by several organised crime organisation from 
over the world. 

"My brother has been eliminated", governor-general Ju¿eñ 
told a reporter of the Wucz Florydzie this morning. He denies 
involvement of his brother in the Olêca Siekrzota. "It is 
isn't it? It's all one big cover-up. Young has been killed by 
one of
his own people, and now they are trying to throw the blame at 
That way, they hope to kill two flies in one hit: nobody will 
them of what the murders, and they discredit our work here in
Florida. But I assure you, that trick won't fly. I'll personally 
sure of that."[JvS]


Wita Warsinie, 31.VIII.2006 - Primoryan president warns Japan 

    VLADIVOSTOK (ITARF) - President Pushkin of the Republic of 
has warned Japan not to send troops to the island Carafuto, near 
Russo-Japanese Condominium Area. Yesterday, the Ezoan governor 
of the
area (called "Outer Manchuria" by the Japanese), Sacura 
called upon the Japanese imperial government to mobilise the 
army in
anticipation of an eventual war with Primorye. She accused the
government of Primorye of being involved in the murders of 
Aico and president Young. However, she did not reveal any 

"Japan, watch your steps", Georgi Pushkin said yesterday evening 
on a
press conference. "Any concentration of Japanese troops near our
borders will be considered an act of aggression to which we will
respond accordingly." Pushkin categorically denied any 
involvement in
the murders three days ago: "I can assure you, gentlemen, that 
have nothing to do with that tragic event whatsoever. Obviously,
there are forces at work in Japan that are trying to abuse it 
their own political purposes. I am very worried about that."

Directly after Mrs. Haximoto had made her statement, Pushkin 
the Japanese ambassador in Khabarovsk to his office and 
Haximoto's immediate replacement. "Cooperation with Japan in 
Primorye has always been fruitful. But our governor there, Mr. 
can impossibly work together with a woman who is openly calling 
for a
war with us", he explained at the press conference. "Let us hope 
will blow over forthwith", he concluded.

During the snorist era, the Russian govenors were the de facto
masters of the territory, with the Ezoan governors generally 
bullied into consenting to their programs. Since the fall of 
however, the Ezoan governors have taken a far more independant
stance, backed now by the entire Japanese Empire, while 
authority has been weakened by the fall of a strong central 
government. It is generally held that the present situation 
last long, the only question being how the matter will be 
whether peacefully or by war, and whether by granting the 
of the area greater internal autonomy and a more unified 
or by one side ceding or losing its authority. 

Russian analysts believe Japan is merely trying to stir up a 
in order to settle this issue once and forever.

Russo-Japanese relations have been sour ever since Ezo withdrew 
the snorist bloc of nations in 1991. Two weeks ago, the 
deteriorated after a Japanese fisherman from the area had been 
dead by a Primoryan patrol, just outside the territorial waters 
the condominium area. Three other fishermen were detained by 
and have still not been released yet. The Primoryan patrol boat
opened fire on the Japanese vessel after it was found in 
waters and refused to stop, according to Russian media. The 
guard insisted that the vessel defied several orders to stop and 
dangerous manoeuvres, according to the ITARF news agency.[JvS]


Wita Warsinie, 31.VIII.2006 - Primoryan president warns Japan 

    VLADIVOSTOK (ITARF) - President Pushkin of the Republic of 
has warned Japan not to send troops to the island Carafuto, near 
Russo-Japanese Condominium Area. Yesterday, the Ezoan governor 
of the
area (called "Outer Manchuria" by the Japanese), Sacura 
called upon the Japanese imperial government to mobilise the 
army in
anticipation of an eventual war with Primorye. She accused the
government of Primorye of being involved in the murders of 
Aico and president Young. However, she did not reveal any 

"Japan, watch your steps", Georgi Pushkin said yesterday evening 
on a
press conference. "Any concentration of Japanese troops near our
borders will be considered an act of aggression to which we will
respond accordingly." Pushkin categorically denied any 
involvement in
the murders three days ago: "I can assure you, gentlemen, that 
have nothing to do with that tragic event whatsoever. Obviously,
there are forces at work in Japan that are trying to abuse it 
their own political purposes. I am very worried about that."

Directly after Mrs. Haximoto had made her statement, Pushkin 
the Japanese ambassador in Khabarovsk to his office and 
Haximoto's immediate replacement. "Cooperation with Japan in 
Primorye has always been fruitful. But our governor there, Mr. 
can impossibly work together with a woman who is openly calling 
for a
war with us", he explained at the press conference. "Let us hope 
will blow over forthwith", he concluded.

During the snorist era, the Russian govenors were the de facto
masters of the territory, with the Ezoan governors generally 
bullied into consenting to their programs. Since the fall of 
however, the Ezoan governors have taken a far more independant
stance, backed now by the entire Japanese Empire, while 
authority has been weakened by the fall of a strong central 
government. It is generally held that the present situation 
last long, the only question being how the matter will be 
whether peacefully or by war, and whether by granting the 
of the area greater internal autonomy and a more unified 
or by one side ceding or losing its authority. 

Russian analysts believe Japan is merely trying to stir up a 
in order to settle this issue once and forever.

Russo-Japanese relations have been sour ever since Ezo withdrew 
the snorist bloc of nations in 1991. Two weeks ago, the 
deteriorated after a Japanese fisherman from the area had been 
dead by a Primoryan patrol, just outside the territorial waters 
the condominium area. Three other fishermen were detained by 
and have still not been released yet. The Primoryan patrol boat
opened fire on the Japanese vessel after it was found in 
waters and refused to stop, according to Russian media. The 
guard insisted that the vessel defied several orders to stop and 
dangerous manoeuvres, according to the ITARF news agency.[JvS]


Wita Warsinie, 1.IX.2006 - POPCZUK SHOT 

    CZYTAÆ LEONIÓR (WASP) — Darko Popczuk, leader of the UNDO and
chairman of the Galician High Council, has been shot yesterday 
17:36 while campaigning for his party. Popczuk was delivering a
speech to the people of Czytaæ Leoniór on the Owiêta Liwartacie 
front of the Teatr Grêdzi, when suddenly four shots were heard. 
front of the entire audience and the cameras of URiTH, Popczuk
collapsed instantly. Immediately after he had been hit, several
members of his staff surrounded him in order to protect him from 
further bullets. When those did not come, they quickly pulled 
into a police car and drove off to the nearest hospital. 

As it turned out later, two bullets hit Popczuk in his right arm 
one in his left lung. The fourth bullet missed, only hitting the
opera's announcement board. According to his doctors, his state 
critical. “Mr. Popczuk is still unconscious”, one of them told 
reporter early this morning, “but there is hope. We do all that 
within our possibilities to save him.” 

Right after the incident had happpened, panic broke out among 
who were attending the meeting, mostly Ukrainians. People 
running over each other to reach their safe homes; several 
people got
hurt in the pandemonium, although no one was injured seriously. 

The shooter, 20 years old Tomasz Walêcinik, tried to seize the
occasion and escape the scene. He could be arrested by the 
police of
Czytaæ Leoniór. His motives have not officially been revealed, 
there is strong evidence that Walêcinik, a geology student at 
University of Czytaæ Leoniór, is a member of “Jewnia Galicja”, 
militant youth branch of “Nostra Galicja”. If so, it was 
ukrainophobia that guided him. Popczuk, the immensely popular 
of the UNDO, was the main instigator of the referendum for
Galician-Volhynian unification two years ago. In December 2004, 
withdrew his party from the coalition that supported the Sacz
government, because the latter refused to intervene in the chaos 
Volhynia, almost causing its downfall. 

Nostra Galicja's chairman Jêdrzej Jek³a-Sasiny denies any 
of his organisation. “Why would we want to kill Popczuk?”, he 
“This whole incident works more to the advantage of the UNDO 
doesn't it? Apparently, this is the only way left for them to 
some sympathy among the population. That is the pitiful truth. 
Ukrainian could have fired those bullets, but certainly it was 
us.” However, Jek³a-Sasiny would not regret Popczuk's death. 
all the hatred he has been spreading against the Venedic 
here, I can't say I feel sorry for him. He doesn't deserve any

During the last few weeks, Galicia has increasingly been the 
scene of
riots and ethnic strife between Veneds and Ukrainians. It can be
expected that the assault on Popczuk will only sharpen the 
old antagonism between both nations. Iryna Korowko, Popczuk's
temporary replacement as chairperson of the Galician High 
Council for
the duration of the latter's incapacition, said it 
unambiguously: “If
it is true that Darko Popczuk was shot by Nostra Galicja, then 
have a civil war here in Galicia. Heinous acts like this can 
never go

Chancellor Aldendorf has strongly condemned the action and in 
name of the two entire nations expressed the hope that Popczuk 
soon recover. In a first reaction, he told the press: “So soon 
the violent deaths of two of the world's most eminent leaders 
and the
death of one of our own greatest sportsmen... I find it both sad 
very alarming. Who would have expected that things like these 
happen on the safe soil of our own beloved territory?” 

The Sejm in Warsina will convene in an emergency meeting today 
discuss the situation. It remains to be seen what impact 
eventual death would have on the outcome of the elections for 
Venedic Sejm next Sunday, should he die of his wounds.[JvS]


Newel i Mrew -- 01.IX.2006

    The flags of Japan and Louisianna flew at halfmast over the 
Curth Rhuial
and other significant buildings to mark the death of the Empress 
and the First President Jean-Francois Young in Lyons-sur-Mizouri
yesterday.  They were lowered at the end of the day by Royal 
Marchsollteirs (Horse Soldiers) in turn as the national anthems 
played.  King Pedr was present as the flags were presented to 
attending ambassadors of both nations.  The king expressed 
sympathies on
behalf of the Kemrese nation to both ambassadors.

Motions of Sympathy were also passed unanimously in the House of 
and the House of Commons today over the recent assassinations to 
delivered to both governments.[AS]



An oil tanker owned by the Bornei-Filipinas Petroleum Comapny 
sunk off the coast of Guimaras island on August 11. Officials 
that the sunken tanker leaked at least 200,000 liters of oil.

The danger to the environment is real, for now the slick has 
affected a Marine Reserve, one of Filipinas' largest.

It is undetermined if the ship was sunk either by human error or 
bad weather, but there are indications it might be both. 
Furthermore, the tanker was supposed to carry only about 1.2 
metric liters of oil, so there is the possiblility of 
There are no indications that the ship was sabotaged.

The Panghulo Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and The Rajja of Vizaya had 
appealed for foreign help, especially Japan and the Chinese 
in helping cleaning up the oil spill. Experts say that the 
may last for at least three years.[KT]


Gazeta en Domieñku -- 3.IX.2006 -- News Headlines 

    WARSINA — Today, over 20 million Veneds vote for a new Sejm. 
they give prime minister Florêæ Drakoñ another chance, or will 
have a government of the same political colour as the Republic? 
ballot is open from 8 o'clock in the morning.  Read More... 

CZYTAÆ LEONIÓR — The life of UNDO leader Darko Popczuk, who was 
at a public meeting in Czytaæ Leoniór last Thursday, is no 
longer in
danger. According to his doctors, Popczuk is still unconscious, 
his condition is stable now. His right arm, which was hit by two
bullets, had to be amputated though.  Read More... 

PRZEMYŒL — A small bomb has exploded yesterday evening at the 
Station in Przemyœl, Galicia. No one was injured, but the damage 
the bookstore were it had been placed is huge. A group of 
Ukrainian nationalists, known as the "Zachidno-Ukrajinœka 
Orhanizacija", has claimed responsability for the incident.  

PARIS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne — Louisianne continuously refuses 
hand over the body of Maciej Bambary³a, an RTC national who died
three days ago in a Louisianne prison, to his relatives in the
Republic. His name has frequently been mentioned in connection 
to the
murder of president Jean-François Young of Louisianne and 
Aico of Japan. Minister Piniatyk has summoned the Louisiannan
ambassador.  Read More... 

PARIS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne — Tomorrow morning will be the 
of president Jean-François Young, who was assassinated last week 
Lyons-sur-Mizouri. King Witold will not be present at the 
as his health condition does not allow him to travel at the 
Read More... 

KHABAROVSK, Republic of Primorye, Russia — The danger of a new
Russo-Japanese War is over. On Wednesday, the Ezoan governor of 
Russo-Japanese Condominium Area had accused the government of 
Russian republic Primorye of involvement in the double murder in
Louisianne, and called upon her government to prepare for a war
against Russia. She was removed from her post immediately by 
prime minister Izumi. Yesterday, Primorye's president Georgi 
thanked Ezo for this quick response, and expressed the hope that 
two countries' friendly relations would last for another hundred
years, unjeopardised by misunderstandings such as this one.  
More... [JvS]


Gazeta en Domieñku -- 3.IX.2006 -- News Headlines 

    WARSINA — Today, over 20 million Veneds vote for a new Sejm. 
they give prime minister Florêæ Drakoñ another chance, or will 
have a government of the same political colour as the Republic? 
ballot is open from 8 o'clock in the morning.  Read More... 

CZYTAÆ LEONIÓR — The life of UNDO leader Darko Popczuk, who was 
at a public meeting in Czytaæ Leoniór last Thursday, is no 
longer in
danger. According to his doctors, Popczuk is still unconscious, 
his condition is stable now. His right arm, which was hit by two
bullets, had to be amputated though.  Read More... 

PRZEMYŒL — A small bomb has exploded yesterday evening at the 
Station in Przemyœl, Galicia. No one was injured, but the damage 
the bookstore were it had been placed is huge. A group of 
Ukrainian nationalists, known as the "Zachidno-Ukrajinœka 
Orhanizacija", has claimed responsability for the incident.  

PARIS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne — Louisianne continuously refuses 
hand over the body of Maciej Bambary³a, an RTC national who died
three days ago in a Louisianne prison, to his relatives in the
Republic. His name has frequently been mentioned in connection 
to the
murder of president Jean-François Young of Louisianne and 
Aico of Japan. Minister Piniatyk has summoned the Louisiannan
ambassador.  Read More... 

PARIS-SUR-MIZOURI, Louisianne — Tomorrow morning will be the 
of president Jean-François Young, who was assassinated last week 
Lyons-sur-Mizouri. King Witold will not be present at the 
as his health condition does not allow him to travel at the 
Read More... 

KHABAROVSK, Republic of Primorye, Russia — The danger of a new
Russo-Japanese War is over. On Wednesday, the Ezoan governor of 
Russo-Japanese Condominium Area had accused the government of 
Russian republic Primorye of involvement in the double murder in
Louisianne, and called upon her government to prepare for a war
against Russia. She was removed from her post immediately by 
prime minister Izumi. Yesterday, Primorye's president Georgi 
thanked Ezo for this quick response, and expressed the hope that 
two countries' friendly relations would last for another hundred
years, unjeopardised by misunderstandings such as this one.  




Newsday in Review, 17 Fructidor CCXIV (9/4/6) 
    Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne


In the quiet National Cemetery , President Jean-François Young’s interment was proceeding apace this morning, and all dignitaries were properly somber.  Louis Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne was even in attendance, the first royal to attend the funeral of a First-President in the course of our nation.


As the widow and her children were casting fistfuls of dirt on the President’s coffin a man began screaming and running toward the First Family.  He identified only at this time as a Neofrancien.  This man was taken into Gendarmes custody once subdued.[DH]


Newsday in Review, 18 Fructidor CCXIV (9/5/6) 
    Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne


Yesterday afternoon (17 Fructidor) there was a police chase across most of central Paris-sur-Mizouri.  At present the Gendarmes and Police National have not revealed the subject of their chase.  There were fortunately no casualties, however a number of pedestrians were admitted to local hospitals to treat wounds sustained in evading the reckless drivers.


Florissant , ( Saint-Louis ) Louisianne


In the suburb Florissant a bank was the subject of at least three violent crimes.  Near noon yesterday a robber proceeded to rob the bank, shooting and killing the bank manager.  Police were called to investigate, and it appears that late last night the robber returned to the scene, presumably killing both the Captain of the Police National and Yves Bournan of the Gendarmes, although both bodies had been removed from the scene by their assailants.  It is expected that trawls of the Mizouri and Mississippi down river will uncover the corpses of the victims.


St. Louis , NAL


Early this afternoon Louis-Antoine Bourbon-Le Moyne, Prince-in-exile of Louisianne boarded his airship from the St. Louis aerodrome bound for a humanitarian conference in Europe .[DH]


06.IX.2006 -- Louisianan Elections Results

Paris-sur-Mizouri, Louisianne
19 Fructidor, CCXIV.

It was announced today by the council that elections will be 
early, with the replacement First-President taking office a few 
early.  In the meantime, the Council will step-up and maintain 
foreign visits that President Young was going to have.

At press time, candidates for the First-Presidency are as 

Luthériens Démocratiques Populaires (LDP):
No candidate offered, forming a coalition with the RL.

Législateurs de la Moralité Chrétienne (LMC):
Albert Didier

Loi Naturel (LN):
Benct Olaf Norbin

Free Republicans (RL):
Marie-Claire Gildersleeve

Parti Ecotopique (PE):
Misha Kregovich Coubertin

Analysts from TeleLouisianne suggest that the vote will be split 

LDP/RL: 60%
LN:     25%
PE:     10%
LMC:     5%
Other:   5%



6 September, 2006 (19 Fructidor, CCXIV) -- CAPITOL IN CHAOS

At approximately 9:15 AM LST a large armed force of what are 
to be adherents of the Action Française have taken control of 
Presidential mansion, holding Mme. Young and her four children 

As part of their demands they are insisting that the National 
be reconvened to pass legislation allowing a monarchic 
succession of
the Young family, effectively making Frankie Young into King
Jean-François II.

There has been no word from the Gendarmes, but it is expected 
they and the Police National are working through all means to 
the lives of the First Family and a safe end to this stand-off.  
snipers have been spotted on the rooftops near the presidential
mansion, but the Gendarmes will issue no official statement to 


Agence France Presse News Feed 

    Friday, 8 September 2006

At 8:00 AM the Police National revealed the name of the young 
and man, former parts of Jean-François Young's staff where were 
by members of the Action Française who have held the Young 
captive since Tuesday.

Thursday, 7 September 2006

A fire has destroyed an entire neighborhood of downtown 
Grenoble.  It
appears to have been accidental, cleaning supplies touching off 
explosion in a bank vault when one of the patrons refused to 
obey the
smoking ordinance.

Destroyed first in the fire was the Credit Agricole, and 
buildings were heavily damaged by the blaze and may well be 
a loss by insurance companies.

An investigation by the DCRG to respond to suggestions that this 
have been a terrorist act.[DH]


Agence France Presse News Feed for Lundi 11 septembre, 2006 

    Vendredi, 9 septembre, 2006

A man thought to be a disgruntled postal worker rammed his car 
the historic post office in downtown Besançon today, and 
fear that the man had been encouraged by Lou Parti di Biou.  The
driver was killed on impact, but no one was otherwise injured.  
damage from petrol that ignited from the vehicle did cause 
damage to
some of the neighboring buildings.  

The Parti has been stepping up its efforts to gain their freedom 
France, with car-bombings and riots turning much of the poorer
neighborhoods of Burgundy and Franche-Comte into war zones.  But 
rich neighborhoods are not unaffected, as just last week a 
couple was
found gruesomely murdered in their home.  The husband, 
Jean-Pierre Van
Tander was a former prefect who had staunchly opposed the
semi-autonomy movement.  His wife, Genevieve is thought to be an
unfortunate casualty.

Sniper attacks have also become common, and the GIGN has been 
in to the downtown regions of Besançon, Dijon, Dole and
Lons-le-Saunier to catch or kill any would-be assassins.

Samedi, 9 septembre, 2006

The Louisiannan GIGN has successfully brought to an end the 
situation in the Presidential mansion.  Frankie Young, his 
mother and
siblings are all reported in good health, if shaken by events.

The perpetrators have been subdued and are under questioning by
Gendarmes at this time.  

The funerals for Guenaelle Blouchard and Lucas Perigord are to 
be held
late Monday, and they will be given state honors posthumously 
their support against the terrorists.

Lundi, 11 septembre, 2006
The prefectures around Louisianne are enacting legislation today 
near unison to ban the Action Française as a political party and 
extended investigation is underway to root out the perpetrators 
of the
hostage situation.

The Action Française were rumoured to be trying to get Frankie 
installed as King of Louisianne.

Lundi, 11 septembre, 2006

DCRG investigation has ruled out any evidence of Pegre 
involvement in
the fire that destroyed the Credit Agricole in downtown 
Grenoble.  The
names of the two victims in the vault have not yet been 
released.  It
is sure that it was a stray match that one had used to light a
cigarette started the blaze.

DCRG is currently investigating allegations that the couple that
entered the vault were actually members of the much feared Parti 
Biou, fast becoming known as the most violent separatist group 
in Europe.[DH]


Aug 29, A.E. 57(2006/09/11) Stoyanka, Alyaska(Anchorage)
Last night, at the Segrationist Party Conclave in preparation 
for the Autumn 
Session of the Supreme Soviet, the tensions between the Russian 
and Japanese 
wings of the party flared into violence. The Conference Hall at 
the Imperial 
Hotel burst into chaos just moment into the meeting, as fists 
flew and chair 
were smashed over each others heads. In the end, riot police 
were called and 
the entire delegation taken either into custody, or to the 
hospital. Two, 
Gennady Ulyanov and Sasuke Kaga, are in serious condition in the 
and over a dozen others had minor injuries.
The tension were aggravated by the Primorye Incident and the 
Assisination, as well as the perceived differences in the 
investigations of 
the deaths of two teenage girls during the summer. Another 
factor is that 
with all of the previous governments Integrationist policies 
overturned and 
with those policies they could get support from various other 
already in place, the party needed to find a common ideal in 
order to 
continue to exist, and given their origins, that was next to 
When the Supreme Soviet returns to session, they will be 
impeached, and this 
means that their will be so many empty seats that there will be 
a general 
election this fall.
There are already rumours that the fight was started by agents 


3 Sans-Culottides, CCXIV (20/9/06)

Marie-Claire Gildersleeve was sworn in today in a short ceremony 
the National Assembly just prior to her departure in state visit 
the Empire of Japan where she will be negotiating continued
cooperation in the space efforts and other trade agreements.

Mme. Gildersleeves' press office has already swung into play,
declaring that there is credible evidence that President 
Young was not the victim of a random lunatic, but a carefully
orchestrated assassination by the American Leadership 
Conference, and
that Empress Aico might well have been a most unfortunate 
The investigation is ongoing, but already this news has sparked
protests in Philadelphia and at the New Amsterdam headquarters 
of the ALC.[DH]



Questions about ALC in Parliament 

(Philadelphia) In the wake of new First President Marie-Claire
Gildersleeve's press office's claims of "credible evidence" that
Andrew Young's assassination was orchestrated by the American
Leadership Conference, questions were asked in Parliament today
regarding possible investigations into the accusations, 
including the
possibility of Lousisanne efforts to distract from internal 
by accusing their neighbor.  Senator Ion Edwards (W-Carolina) 
the Senate that the CBI were in contact with security forces in
Louisianne and that all possibilities were being examined.  
Hannah Coultier (W-Pennsylvaania) spoke in the House within the 
hour, going further by claiming "the guilty parties will be 
brought to
justice, stripped of their power and privilege, their 
revealed to the harsh light of history."  Responses to 
comments, which implied guilt on the part of the ALC, received 
reaction in both chambers.  R.J. O'Kenneide (PC-Massachussetts 
expressed "Outrage that in such times as these, when our 
indignation over a terrible crime needs more than ever, the 
and courage to pursue truth before all else--in these times, the 
to judgment is in danger of becoming not even a race, but a 
 And woe onto those who happen to be in the path."  O'Kinneide's
brother, the late former General Moderator, was one of the 
founders of
the American Leadership Conference.

Senator Howard Provost (CL-Jacobia) mildly echoed O'Kenneide's
remarks, simply saying "We do not yet know the truth.  We must 
the truth.  That is what is most important."

In the House of Deputies, the Speaker had to call for order 
Coultier's speech.

Maureen Regan, current Chair of the Board of the ALCF (American
Leadership Conference Foundation) had no comment.[DZ]


Wita Warsinie, 14 IX 2006 - Spectacular escape from ODS headquarters in £ódŸ 

    £ÓDZ — Yesterday afternoon, around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a
spectular escape took place from the ODS [1] headquarters on 
Witoldu III Absolutu in £ódŸ. Two alledged terrorists, who had 
taken prisoner earlier that day, managed to escape the 
room and exit the building. Although the police had the building
surrounded by then, the two managed to escape the scene via a
stairway to a roof-garden. Their trace was lost while they 
various roofs before they disappeared into the city. Although 
used various unspecified kinds of violence, nobody got seriously

Nothing is known about the identity of the two terrorists, nor 
the precise nature of their crimes. According to Roman 
head of the ODS, the two – a man and a woman – are extremely
dangerous and armed. He said the police will do everything to 
them down as quickly as possible. 

It is not known whether the incident was related to a mysterious 
chase in £ódŸ that took place a few hours earlier that day 
the city center and the aerodrome. 

(1) Oficz Dziefiêce Statu, "Office for the Defense of the 
State", the
RTC's secret service.[JvS]



"New Party Shakes Things Up Election Countdown" 

(Philadelphia, NAL)  With only a month and a half left before 
General Election, the new Covenant Loyalist Party (which has 
the third largest party in Parliament following the defection of 
two dozen Senators and Deputies) introduced a detailed 
proposal to GM Gore's UNICOV on Friday.

The proposal, dubbed "Medical Relief," would not restrict or
discourage private hospitals nor medical practices, but replace 
expand the current MEDICOV program.  In essence, all medical
treatments "necessary in order to preserve life and general 
would be paid for by the League government in a no-frills, 
basis.  All plastic surgery, gender re-assignment and 
allergt treatments woud be off limits under the plan. 
dentistry and "severe" mental health issues would be covered.

Commentators were all-but-unanimous is their analysis of the 
for this proposal.  "Rather than going any further to the 
noted Robb Christofer of the NNC, "the Covenant Loyalists are 
the center, defining not only the debate but themselves."  It 
was also
pointed out that by making such a concrete proposal so close to 
Election allows them to focus on themselves and the positive 
seeming to sling mud amid accusations of NAL involvement in the
assassination of the First President Young and Japanese Empress
Gacudai August 28.  This may well account of the timing of the
proposals, which have--according to Richard Novak, syndicated
political columnist--nearly "zero" chance of passage in the 
forty five
days this Parliament will remain in session.

Senator Dianne Rodham (CL-Illinoise) offered the Medical Relief 
in the Senate Friday afternoon.  Almost simultaneously, Deputy
Victoria Lynch (CL-Cherokee) offered an identical proposal in 
House.  The former was no surprise, given her prominence in the 
political party (Rodham is Deputy Chair of the Covenant Loyalist
National Committee) but the later did raise comments.  Lynch 
1960) is perhaps best known for being voted "The Sexiest MP 
Ever" by
the readers of DANDY MAGAZINE in May, 2003.  This event resulted 
in a
proposal to censure Lynch, introduced by Deputy Hannah Coultier
(W-Pennsylvaania).  Said proposal was tabled in committee 
without debate.[DZ]


03.X.2006 -- BBC Wire Service -- News From Alaska

As was predicted, the members of the Segregationist Party were 
impeached and 
are awaiting trial; unfortunately, for murder,because the two 
worst injured 
individuals died. Since the original arrest, there have been 
riots (larger 
than usual this close to election season). Thing started to get 
very strange 
when four of those arrested turned out not to be involved with 
the Party, 
their staff, or the Hotel. In fact, they appear to be agent 
provocateurs, 2 
Yakuza and 2 Mafiya (If they were correctly identified). This is 
odd, given 
the tradtionally poor relations between the two organizations.[WC]


ASSASSINATION IN THE PALACE! -- BBC, East Asia Desk -- 2 October 2006

It has been released to the public that a Mr. Roman Kościołany, 
former head of the Oficz Dziefięcy Statu was assassinated within 
confines of the Imperial Japanese palace some time last week.  
Japanese Intelligence agencies have been rather tight-lipped 
about the
situation, and it is hoped that more word will be forthcoming 
either the RTC or Japanese government.[DH]



20.JUL.2006 -- Times of New Aamsterdam -- Editorial in resonse to Wita Warsine article dated 19.JUL.2006

By: Damon Ratcliffe, guest commentator, Lyons-sur-Mizouri "Etoile" -- Governments in the west, watch out. The times of colonialism are, evidently, far from over. In today's Warsine Life (Wita Warsinie), a story announced that a Governor-General has been appointed for the RTC Occupied Zone of South Florida.

Venedic West Africa is ruled by a Governor-General. Are we to have a Venedic South-Florida? As a former Floridian, this makes me cringe. I was hopeful that we might actually see peace in the region. As nice as Louisianna has been in my sejour of 25 years, I would like to return to the land of my birth.

As it stands we'll have competing forces in the Caribbean Basin. If the government the RTC establishes is as weak and inefficient as their occupation force has been, there will soon be a power-vacuum and only a matter of time before another junta fills the gap and we revisit Florida-Caribbea and the horrors it stands for.

It's a good thing I'm not General-Moderator. I'd declare an invasion today and secure the whole of the peninsula. The last thing we need is a renewed colonialism. That ship has sailed. It's time to support the Irish plan of a highly decentralized federal government of South Florida.

Floridians chafe under the rule of strangers. Despite all the good news that makes it to international light, it has been tough going for the Irish, and only in recent months have the Floridians come to trust them to honor their word. When the Irish bow out gracefully, and West South Florida comes to its own, what will Veneda face? Even the casual observer can see that Floridians know how to fight.

While I'm drinking myself blind tonight I'll raise a glass to Aldendorf and his bumbling, misguided government. With the failure looming ahead of them, they'll need all the well-wishing they can get.


Damon Ratcliffe has written several guest columns for the Times, and is currently a guest professor of journalism at Nieuw Amsterdam University.[DH]


WARSINA (WASP) -- Retired army general Ju¿eñ Bambary³a is the new head of the Civic Administration of the Republic's occupation zone in Southeast Florida, chancellor Aldendorf has informed the press. Bambary³a succeeds Katarzyna Prowana, who was unexpectedly dismissed by the government last week.

Ju¿eñ Bambary³a is not well known to the public. Born in 1936, he spent his entire professional carreer in the army. He was promoted general in 1978. Being a man of common descent himself, a feature he shares with his fellow general Aldendorf, Bambary³a greatly contributed to the cultural breakthrough in the higher echelons in the Republican army, traditionally a stronghold of the aristocracy. Bambary³a and Aldendorf have been close from the early 1980s onwards, and nowadays Bambary³a is considered one of Aldendorf's most trusted associates.

Unlike his predecessor Prowana, general Bambary³a will carry the title "governor-general of South Florida". Most analysts see this as a confirmation that the Aldendorf government plans to transform the occupation zone into a colony. The title evokes clear reminiscences of Venedic West Africa, which is also ruled by a governor-general.

When the chancellor announced his decision to the press this morning, Bambary³a's airship had already taken off to Florida, thus anticipating the official confirmation of his appointment by the Sejm, probably next Friday.

It is expected that Bambary³a will respond directly to chancellor Aldendorf, and not to the minister of Floridian Affairs, Pawe³ Boœcicia³u.[JvS]


BOSTON, Massachussets -- A gala event will unfold one week from tonight in the grand ballrom of the five-star Hotel Marlowe. Princess Aquico of Micasa, cousin of the reigning Emperor of Japan will host an exclusive Bridal Shower event, inviting the heads of royal families, dignitaries and some of her select friends.

When she first appeared in Boston, few knew her station in life, and she was quick to make friends. It was only after she garnered attention with her high-profile engagement to Antoine II Bourbon-Le Moyne, Prince and King in Exile of France and Louisianna that her title of Princess was known.

The event is expected ot last all day, with luxury spa treatments for the attendees, and it is rumored that a good number of the Japanese Imperial family will attend, as well.

Vanity Faire has been given exlusive rights to cover this event, and will publish a special edition just covering the incredible events of this spectacular event.[DH]


Warsina (WSAP) -- Effective immediately, chancellor Aldendorf has dismissed Katarzyna Prowana from all her capacities as head of the Civic Administration of the Republic's occupation zone in Southeast Florida. In a speech to the Sejm, the chancellor motivated this decision as follows:

"We have gone through two difficult years in Florida. From the first day on, we had to face various enemies. Some, like the remnants of the Bush administration and various cells of Silva Gonzalez supporters, were to be expected. The unparalleled terrors of mother nature, washing away thousands of square miles of fertile land, have severely tested our endurance. Yet, we could handle them as well. But that even some of our best allies would turn against us, secretly undermining our authority among the Floridian population, is something nobody would have been able to anticipate."

"Our former allies accuse us of footdragging. Unacceptable as these charges may be, all I can say is that there is some truth in them. It has become ultimately clear by now that we are not going to teach democracy to the Floridians in just a few years, as Mrs. Prowana had hoped for. She has constantly sought the cooperation of various local elements in a desperate effort to let them rule the country by our side. However, the very same elements have used any possible occasion to stab us in the back. Despite her best intentions, Mrs. Prowana's efforts have failed. It is time now for us to change our policies in Florida, and Mrs. Prowana is obviously not the right person to carry out the historic task God has charged us with."

General Stasys Lozoraitis, commander of the Republic's armed forces in Florida, will temporarily take over Mrs. Prowana's job. It is expected that a definitive successor will be appointed during the next week.

To the sociologist Prof. Onute Staniszkiene, Mrs. Prowana's dismissal does not come as a surprise: "In fact, I'm rather surprised that it hasn't come earlier. We all know how she expressed herself about the few days when Aldendorf himself was in charge in Florida. Aldendorf has a good reason to be mad at her!" She is worried about the future of Florida: "It is obvious that the current government is only going to make things worse. They are slowly going to turn Florida into a colony. We don't have the resources for that. Simply put, we cannot afford such luxury. And we definitely cannot afford turning the rest of the world against us."[JvS]


Ciudad Galilea, ALTA CALIFORNIA -- Today, much of Salt City lays in burning ruins. On July 9th, militants of the FLDS descended upon the city, setting it ablaze, and abducting the women and young girls. Anyone who stood in the way of the terrorists were brutally murdered or mutilated. They also attacked religious structures, including the Iglesia de San Lázaro, Convento de San Fermín, and the Capilla de San Pedro de Galilea, the original Catholic church in Salt City. Several monks were found murdered, others were found missing eyelids and lips. The nuns at the Convento de San Fermín were taken.

"It's frightening, until now they were more like one of the gangs which pass through here from time to time, but this time they've gone too far. It's disgusting what these perverted pigs have done. They should be hanged publicly for this atrocity. My brother's wife and his daughter were taken like hunting tropies. Fortunately my wife and I were visting relatives in Las Vegas but out house is in ashes." said Porfirio Murrieta.

There have been widespread protests and calls throughout Alta California, Montrei, and even Tejas for the execution of the terrorists. "We must stop these people. For too long the government and local authorities have had their hands tied trying to control the region. It's time to take action." said Rosario Sevilla.

Others blame the government for what they say is inaction. "For decades, the government has forgotten us, leaving us with the bare minimum of protection while it fought Tejas in the southland. Now that the war with Tejas is over, where is our salvation?" asked Joaquin Murrieta.

Survivors were taken to Ciudad Galilea and treated for injuries at the city hospital. The government has begun to increase fortification of the city, and installing military checkpoints outside of the city and nearby towns.

Territorial Governor Rodrigo Vazsquez commented "We need all the help we can get from the federal government. These pedophiles must be stopped. It's time the government of Alta California step in and try to control these people and other groups like them rather than just taking a defensive stance."

President Schwarzenegger has called for increased military presence in Deseret citing the possibility that these attacks could increase. "These are not just murders and abductions. These are an offense to the Californio people, they are crimes against humanity. I would like to extend a call to our neighbors for help. We will accept any aid offered, as this incident could inflame areas even outside of the so called Deseret region."

President Schwarzenegger is expected to meet with President Young of Louisianne later this week.[BG]

10.JUL.2006 (20 Messidor, CCXIV)

Paris-sur-Mizouri, LOUISIANNE -- President Jean-François Young announced today the support of Louisianne's recently acquired Spretu fighters and zeppelins, should Alta California choose to accept them.

There has been no response for Alta California as yet. Analysts and pundits alike have commented on the change in the relationship between Louisianne and Alta California. It was only a few years ago that Louisianne proceeded to bomb what is Alta Californian territory as they sought to bring an end to domestic terrorism. Fortunately for Louisianne, Alta California was embroiled in the cold war along the Rio de Sangre at the time, and gave no thought to the bombing missions.

Some pandits would suggest that President Young and the government in general are being much more conciliatory now that Alta California has shown its mettle against Tejas and could launch a full-scale war against Louisianne if they so chose.

More conservative analysts suggest that Mr. Young is treating Alta California as an equal, and as such is offering aid in an area where Louisianne has a strong expertise.

It is expected that Alta California will accept the help from Louisianne to quell the trouble in the border region.

Salt City is still burning and smoldering as looters and rioters proceed to destroy what was left by the FLDS raiders. With massive thunderstorms and high winds predicted for later this evening, a firestorm is highly possible.

Surviving Ministry leadership has issued a call to its membership to withdraw from Salt City and into Abundance, Kayston and Ranchville, its northern enclaves. Joining the exodus to the south are most of the citizens of Río Jordán, another Ministry settlement. Most refugees of Salt City have been set up in a tent-city near the fruit groves of Ciudad San Benito along the bench of Monte Timpanogosa, under protection from the Mission de San Benito de Nursia.

Ministry leaders have spent the day in negotiations with governor Rodrigo Vasquez. While the negotiations are proceeding behind closed doors, a prior point of contention has been put aside; Ministry officials have agreed to allow other missions to be constructed in or near Ministry settlements throughout the region.[DH]

World News Service -- 09.JULY.2006 -- Salt City in Flames!

Great Basin Territory (Deseret), ALTA CALIFORNIA -- Salt City is in flames. In a concerted attack of the Ouaren Gough and his band of militant "apostles" and disciples, the FLDS militia swept down on the settlement of Salt City near the shores of the Great Salt Lake, killing men and women, destroying homes, farms, and focused on religious structures, including The Bowery of the New and Living Ministry of Jesus Christ of Modern Saints. The Bowery to the Ministry was a precursor to a Temple like that of Solomon in Israel, according to inside sources.

Gough and his band gathered up all the young women they could find, as they are reputed to practice polygamy with a penchant for child-marriages, where young girls, barely of teen years, and often younger are wed to 40 year old men.

"The are pedophiles of the worst kind," Territorial Governor Rodrigo Vasquez said in his offices in the Mission de San Pedro de Galilea, on a bench overlooking the waters of the Lago Galilea.

"This man has escalated his violent attacks since he usurped power in his cult. They seek out the humble monks who have worked so long with the indians and mutilate or kill them."

Governor Vasquez is mounting armed groups to guide the survivors of the Ministry at Salt City to Ciuidad Galilea, the de facto capital of the region. Additional supplies and troops are being sent from the more populous regions of Alta California to restore the peace and end the crisis.

The Louisiannan government has offered the service of military strategists to help the Alta Californian government in the death or capture of Ouren Gough and his band. As yet, there has been no response from the government in San Diego.[DH]

World News Service -- 10.JULY.2006 -- New Flag Unfurled

Tampa, Irish Peacekeeping Zone, South Florida -- The new proposed flag of South Florida was revealed today*, to mixed review. Sharing colors with Florida-Caribbea, (red, white and blue) but styled on the flag of Castile and Leon, the flag has served as a unifying force for some, for others, only contention.

Juan de Azevedo of Punta Gorda is for the flag. "It's beautiful. It reminds of the good that did exist in Florida-Caribbea, and the better that happened with Castile and Leon. It's a sign of a new future."

Laura Zavala of Tampa disagrees. "It brings back the tyranny. I think that once the Erdekans and Irish leave we'll be facing another series of Juntas. The only time someone has cared about Florida was under Jaime Bush's rule.

The proposed South Florida Confederation is proceeding apace, with several prospective member states moving toward autonomy, and the well established Republica Conchesa is completely protected by local Floridians.

Surprisingly, progress has been made in Orlando, but mostly due to aid from East Florida to their Orlando cousins. Only reports of shanty towns in the RTC zone manage to reach news outlets and the RTC occupation force as well as the RTC government remain quiet on the issue. Reporters are routinely blocked as they try to pass from the Irish to RTC zones.[DH]

La Voz de Florida -- 12.JUNE.2006 -- First Tropical Storm of the Season Crosses Florida

SANTO MARCO (IRL ZOC) -- As Tropical Storm No. 1 passes over southern Florida the day, residents of the Caribbean Coast prepare for the onslaught. As of today, the storm has not strengthened to become the first furacano of the season. It is not expected to strengthen either, though there is no way to predict with certainty whether it will remain a tropical storm or not. The storm is expected to strike land somewhere between Saint Peters City and Mobile City.[PB]

BBC World News Service -- Sunday 11 June 2006 -- Cricket World Cup Continues

NEW AMSTERDAM -- Yesterday's opening match between the NAL and Grand Fenwick was not, as many pandits fervently quipped, a repeat of famous fifties movie Lion in Summer, where the diminutive nation takes on the NAL. However, Grand Fenwick put up a fair match and definitely seemed to be taking the match seriously. The NAL side finished 360-2 not out, alashe, in Nieuw Aamsterdaam.

Meanwile, Xliponia are due to play their opening match against England tommorow in Philadelphia, and Scotland will play Kemr in Baltafor.[QS]

La Voz de Florida -- 10.JUNE.2006 -- Southern Florida Recovering Nicely

SANTO MARCO (IRL ZOC) -- As the 2006 tropical storm season is now under way, Occupied Floridians are taking heart and taking charge. "Here in southwestern Florida, things are not so bad. Storms come and go, and so do invaders." So says Fernando Cooper IIJ, alcalde of the resort city of Santo Marco. "Since the last five years, we've been hit by war, invasion and furacanoes. It's not so bad in Santo Marco, though. Here in Los Claros, we are far from the big cities like San Pedro and Miami. Los Claros protect us and keep most troublesome outsiders away. The only problems we have here now are gators and guerillas!"[PB]

BBC World News Service -- Friday 9 June 2006 -- Cricket world cup gets underway in New Amsterdam

NEW AMSTERDAM -- In the NAL, the hosts of this year's cricket world cup, sits the breezy city of New Amsterdam. The weather is sweatily warm, and today is unusually pleasant. World Cup fever is quickly spreading in anticipation of the opening match between Grand Fenwick and the NAL, both of which are avid cricket-playing nations.

Whether or not Grand Fenwick have a serious contest in the cup is another question, but Grand Fenwick could not be called unenthusiastic. There have even been jokes about a repeat of that famous fifties movie, Lion in Summer.

In other sports news, England is due to play Xliponia.[QS]

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