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25 November 2008 -- Henua adopts constitutional amendments (IBAP/EET)

Henua's King Ña'ara III affixed his seal to legislation to amend the country's constitution and create its first independent court system. The amendment has undergone multiple drafts as legislators in the Council of Advisors argued and bargained with the six Ariki, or chiefs, whose unanimous support is required whenever the island kingdom alters its constitution.

The constitutional changes have had a particular urgency on Henua. While officials have discussed similar reforms for years, the catalyst for their passage was the arrest last September of eight foreigners accused in the attempted assassination of Andrew Morris, the Anglo-Cambrian ecotourism baron, Master of Lundy, and come next year, High Chief of the Tokelau Islands. At least six Henua citizens have also been arrested as suspects in the conspiracy. The new court system recommended by the amendment will allow their case to finally be brought to trial.

Although in agreeing to sign the document, the king and the chiefs surrendered their monopoly on Henua's justice system, they and the clan structure they represent will continue to feature in the new system. All criminal cases on the island, including the Morris assassination trial, will be heard before one of five panels of three judges each, to be appointed by the Counil. The chiefs are allowed to petition the judges to move the cases to their old clan courts, so long as the cases are not of national importance - expected to include nearly all major crimes and most minor crimes between members of different clans. Civil cases may be brought before judges or chiefs, as the litigants prefer.

A new innovation in the final draft that nobody had predicted is the creation of a Great Court for the island. It will consist of seven panelists, each of which must be from a different clan. The Great Court, no longer the King and Council, will have final say in all matters judicial. The reforms will clear up many ambiguities in the status of foreigners and immigrants, most of whom slipped between the cracks of Henua's clan court system.

29 October 2008 -- Our Beloved Chiefs, by Hiña Pa'oa (Ratio te Pito broadcast, released through IBAP)


KU: Hiña Pa'oa is a writer for Te Vaka Ama and a regular contributor to the program. In his piece for us today he enters the fray as Henua debates whether to create an independent body of judges.

HP: Nothing brings our beloved chiefs out in force like a constitutional amendment. Happening only once in several years, a change to the nation's founding document gives its oldest ruling class the chance to flex their dwindling political muscles like few other events. At other times, our chiefs are beloved family dignitaries, wise and generous caretakers of the surplus, indispensible intercessors to the gods. But during times like this, when the island considers changing the Agreement of the Seven Chiefs, when they know that their unanimous support will be the difference between rashness and prudence, or between progress and stagnation... in times like this, our chiefs have as much influence as they ever will, and they make sure to get as much use out of it as possible.

It is not hard to see why the chiefs would be vocal about the current proposal. The plan, brainchild of Justice Advisor Ma'oa, will strip the chiefs of nearly all their judiciary authority. With panels of Western-style judges replacing clan elders and appointment by council replacing the clans' individual processes of selection, it gives supporters of long-needed reform all they had wanted and more.

In the past, the chiefs have agreed to having their power reduced when it was clear that not doing so would seriously hurt their credibility with their clans. It seems like this might be that kind of time: everyone agrees that we need reform, and we need it badly. Eight Hiva [1] are still locked up for conspiracy, their trials postponed until a court can be created to hear them, or the Council decides to stop running the country for a few months so it can take the trial. And that doesn't include the several Henua already detained as co-conspirators - four by official count, although there are rumors of additional secret arrests. With many countries getting more and more angry at our delays, and many others simply laughing at our follies, why would the chiefs want to do anything other than enact the reforms immediately?

Then again, why would they want to sign their names to an amendment that will so shrink their authority, an amendment to what is, after all, their own Agreement, but which the Advisorate wrote without so much as asking for their input? The Council voted almost unanimously last week in what can only be described as a state of panic. And with ministers from various island groups haranguing them constantly, their panic is hardly surprising. But surely, there is time enough to respect the chiefs' ancient and revered position in their clans and in the nation; time enough to make sure that as Henua creates a modern justice system, its beloved chiefs have a role to play.

For Ratio te Pito, I'm Hiña Pa'oa.


[1] Tañata Hiva, Foreigners --IBAP/EET

3 October 2008 -- Legal battle comes to an end for Henua - but not for the accused (PUNA)

The Council of Advisers has agreed to hear the case of Andrew Morris's attempted assassination pending new legislation that will reform Henua's judiciary. During the last week, the Council has tried unsuccessfully to persuade the Kemrese government and Morris's personal government of the island of Lundy to take the case instead. The ruling, announced Friday afternoon, handed full responsibility for the case over to Henua. It will allow Kemr to wash its hands of what is sure to be a long and difficult criminal case.

In their ruling, the Council also announced formal charges of conspiracy and attempted murder against eight of the ten foreign contractors currently in their custody. The other two detainees will receive summons as witnesses. Against the protests of the home nations of the accused, the "Orongo Eight" will remain on Henua "until appropriate judiciary structures can be put in place."

Immediately after announcing the ruling, the Justice Committee met to prepare a final draft of proposed reforms to Henua's courts. The proposal will, in the words of Justice Adviser Ma'oa, "ensure that Henua never has another month like this again." Any significant reform will require an amendment to the kingdom's founding document, the Agreement of the Seven Chiefs, and will require approval by two thirds of the council and all of the island's chiefs. Ma'oa's hopes notwithstanding, the Orongo Eight may have to wait for a long time.

25 September 2008 -- Morris, Kemrese minister face off with Henua Council (IBAP/EET)

A three-way legal battle unfolded in Henua's council Thursday between the Kemrese government, "Private empire builder" Andrew Morris, and the council itself over how to proceed with the trial for Morris's attempted murder. Ten men from various Polynesian countries are suspected of planting a bomb with intent to assassinate Morris in Henua's capital. Neither Henua, nor Kemr, nor Morris's semi-independent island of Lundy want to bear the responsibility for trying the suspects. Today all three parties argued that the other two were more fit to hold the trial. Morris, whose perceived neo-imperialism has made him a hugely unpopular figure on Henua, was often derided from the crowded galleries. Several spectators had to be escorted out of the building so that Morris could have the chance to speak.

The ten suspects, all employees of the Aotearoan firm Haukai Poronehia, remain in the joint custody of Henua and Chilean security forces. Both Morris and Kemrese charge d'affaires Cefin Ffeil Padrig insisted to the council that since the crime took place on Henua, it should be tried under Henua law. The council, meanwhile, claimed that Henua law does not provide for the extraordinary circumstances of this crime. The island kingdom continues to use a justice system described as "traditional" and "tribal" by a number of experts, and should it remain saddled with the Morris trial, the council itself will likely serve as the court. In the words of one council member, Advisor Rangitea, "This trial could last for months. The council simply does not have the time for that. We do have a country to govern." Rangitea and other Henua legislators made the argument that Morris should be tried in his own country.

However, it is not entirely clear what Morris's home country is. English by birth, Morris makes his primary residence on the Isle of Lundy, a small island in Kemrese waters. He is essentially the sole ruler of Lundy under a 700-year-old provision of the senate of Dumnonia and upheld by the Kemrese High Court, which makes the island an autonomous region of Kemr. While Ffeil Padrig said that either Dumnonia or Lundy should take the case, Morris claimed that both local court systems were inadequate for an international conspiracy case, citing the usual practice of shunting such cases from the provincial legal system to the national courts.

Diplomats from the suspects' home nations of Fiji, Toga, and Aotearoa will address the Council tomorrow. At the moment, it appears that no country is willing to hear the trials of their citizens, and they are expected to argue that Henua take the case as soon as possible.

** ** **

17 September 2008 -- Muted Tangata Manu race brings Henua bicentenniel to "disappointing" end (IBAP/EET)

Kiokio Pa'oa of Clan Ra'a won Henua's famous Tangata Manu race Sunday, presenting the first frgate bird egg of spring to King Nga'ara at his throne at Orongo. The ritual race, believed to bestow the power and mana of the bird upon Henua's ruler for another year, has changed little since Henua's kings appropriated it from the warrior class exactly 200 years ago. Every year, another champion has emerged victorious from the grueling swimming and climbing race. This year, however, Kiokio's victory should have been particularly spectacular, a show for the entire world in Henua's largest and most deliberate event to attract crowds of tourists from abroad. But with most of the tourists either departed or packing up before the conculusion of the 2-week celebration, only a few stragglers were left among the mostly native Henua crowd gathered to watch on the cliff side.

"It really is disappointing, to see it end like this," said one onlooker, a visitor from Oregon. "You think about the work the whole island has put into this event, only to have it ruined by some crazy terrorists."

Many spectators expressed anger at the still-unknown perpetrators of the attempted assassination of Andrew Morris. Others, however, were more upset with the Henua government'shandling of the situation. "They basically cancelled the whole festival, but wouldn't let anyone leave," said another Oregonian on his way to the aerodrome. "Basically, every foreigner was treated like a suspect, and there was really no sympathy for the fact that here we were, at the end of the world, with no place to go. It felt like an Inspector Watson novel, where everyone's brought into the room at the end so the detective can figure it all out."

While the festival clearly accomplished its goal of drawing tourist money to the island, the attempted assassination and its chaotic aftermath have done little to improve Henua's image abroad. Still unresolved are the fates of as many as 30 people still being detained by Henua and Chilean police, some as suspects, but most for unruly behavior during the island's three-day lockdown.Henua Justice Adviser Ma'oa Petero revealed few details but told the press simply that "the Council will shortly enact special and extraordinary measures to ensure that everyone in custody receives a fair trial."

** ** **

13 September 2008 -- Chilean police arrive in Henua (PUNA)

As Henua's state of emergency entered a second day following a blast targeting Cambro-English tourism magnate Andrew Morris, police detectives and security forces arrived from Chile to aid in the investigation. For two days, tourists visiting Henua for the Tangata Manu festival have been unable to leave the island as all flights have been grounded, while new visitors arriving to see the festival's conclusion have been confined to the country's only aerodrome.

The Chilean forces, contracted via Henua's Interpol office, were flown in via aeroplane, an unusual and expensive step deemed necessary due to the urgency of the situation. They have detained multiple suspects but are keeping their investigations confidential. Meanwhile, the festivities, planned to be more elaborate than ever this year for Henua's bicentenniel, have ground to a halt. The crowds of tourists, estimated at over 6000 compared with a national population of only 10,000, have responded in a variety of ways ranging from staying in their hotel rooms as requested, to one group arrested today while attempting to break down the doors to the aerodrome terminal.

Justice Adviser Ma'oa Petero refused multiple requests for an interview.

** ** **

13 September 2008 -- Andrew Morris in stable condition following attack (IBAP/EET)

English-Kemrese ecotourism magnate Andrew Morris is in stable condition a day after an explosion believed to have been an assassination attempt, Henua officials reported Saturday.

Henua's head of government, Chief Adviser Kupenga Tuki, addressed reporters personally in a press conference, the first conference held since the blast brought the country's bicentenniel festivities to a sudden halt. Kupenga said, "After conducting preliminary investigation at the site, Henua's gendarmerie believes that this was likely a deliberate attempt on Mr. Morris's life. The explosion was centered directly below the cordoned-off section where Mr. Morris was sitting, and the blast coincided with his arrival to the stadium." Adviser Kupenga would not speculate on the identity of the would-be assassin or assassins, sayng, "We don't even know if the bomb was placed by a Henua or a foreigner."

The apparent attack occurred Friday afternoon just before a musical competition in Takataka Orongo, the main venue for Henua's heavily promoted festival. Morris had just arrived and taken his seat when the blast ripped through the air and destroyed a large portion of the stands. 37 people were taken to Hanga Roa for treatment; 15 have since been released.

Privately, royal guard officers requesting anonymity told reporters yesterday that Morris's dealings have made him unpopular in most of Polynesia, and many of the foreign visitors could potentially have tried to kill him.

Emperor Konstantinos XII of Greece, together with his wife, was also present at the event where the attack took place, but was sitting far from the blast and was uninjured.

** ** **

12 September 2008 -- Blast in Orongo (Ratio te Pito news update, released through IBAP/EET)


RH: We interrupt this broadcast for this urgent news update. Minutes ago, an explosion beneath the seats of Takataka Orongo [1] has injured several dozen people, including English billionaire Moriti Anetere [2], famous as the future proprietor of Tokelau. No deaths have been reported. Greek Emperor Kotatino [3] was also present at the site but is apparently uninjured. It is not yet known what or who caused the blast, or whether it was a deliberate attempt on the life of Morris or Kotantino. Security forces have already sealed off Orongo to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the capital. Ratio te Pito will continue to broadcast updates as events unfold. With Ratio te Pito, this is Rapahango Hieronimo.


[1] - Orongo stadium
[2] - Andrew Morris
[3] - Konstantinos -- IBAP/EET

** ** **

8 September 2008 -- "I didn't know they'd be naked:" Haka pe'i prelim finds tourists unprepared (PUNA)

Monday's race on the slopes of Rano Kau was undoubtedly the best attended haka pe'i event in the history of the sport - and it was only a preliminary event, not a championship. But many of the more than 2000 estimated spectators were not fully prepared for the sight of unclothed and bodypainted men sliding down the hillside on sleds of banana brush.

"I knew this would be a dangerous cultural sport," said one middle-aged woman, a tourist from Montrei. "But I didn't know they'd be naked."

Other foreign spectators expressed similar sentiments. An audible gasp was heard from the crowd as the first racer, Riro Veriamo of the Nonoho clan, slid past the barricades, whatever garments he had put on left halfway up the hill. As every Henua knows, haka pe'i contestants' attire is highly ceremonial and adheres to strict traditional guidelines. They wear courtesy coverings for the loins, but these (the coverings) rarely can withstand the rigors of the sled race.

No tourists have been reported to leave the country over the unexpected nudity. Officials are debating whether the news will likely hurt or boost attendance at the next round of races.

ERA MAGAZINE (EXCERPTS) -- 5.DEC.2008 ISSUE -- Trouble Brewing in the Balkans

"Despite its name, the Romanian Federation is not a collection of Romanian states. Rather, its population consists of many nationalities, including Russians and Serbs as well as Arabs and Xliponians. But perhaps most problematical is the large Hungarian minority, an ethnic group caught up in the tides of history....

Oltenians point with great pride at their restored Principality. They glory in the fact that they were the first nation to cast off the yoke of the SNOR. This pride takes the shape of the bat. It is to this country a mascot and a sigil, as well as perhaps an avatar of their identity. Because the bat is a versatile creature that takes to the skies, like the fabled Oltenian Air Corps. It functions as an essential part of the ecology. But the bat can also be a predator, usually a nocturnal one....

...Hungarian employment by the Securitate was not an historical accident. It was a deliberate policy. The whole idea was to foster blame and direct it towards a group already viewed with suspicion. It worked. Following the Princely Restoration, crimes against those of Hungarian extraction increased fivefold. The government had to actively step in, attempting to ban anti-Hungarian discrimination--an effort begun with as many mixed signals as results. Politicians in Oltenia don't defend Hungarians too often, not if they wish to keep their jobs. Negotiating with Hungary is a dangerous past time, but one no Oltenian government can avoid. Hungary forms a huge salient directly into the heart of Oltenia (although Hungarians counter that Oltenia all-but-surrounds their country on three sides). It is a major trading partner. Many thousands and thousands of ethnic Hungarians are scattered throughout the country, in all professions and on virtually every level....

Adding to the furor is Transylvania. A small part of a small country, Hungary, but claimed as a part of an even smaller country, i.e. Oltenia (or more accurately, Romania--since Transylvanian Nationalists see their state as a full partner in the Federation someday). Positions here are reversed, at least in terms of minority status. Romanians are the minority, most of them evidently quite happy where they are, flying the flag of Hungary above the post offices and public schools. A tiny fraction of that minority see Transylvania as a state in occupation, and yearn to toss the invaders out. Some of them are violent, and get support from Oltenians. How much and from whom precisely is a matter of debate. Often extremely rancorous debate. When ethnic Romanians are arrested in Hungary, it is big news in Oltenia. Very big news.

...all this smoldering flames, a new pamphlet has tossed some kerosene onto the flames. The only question is--how much? Dubbed 'The Ten Commandments for Oltenians' this pamphlet, which has been printed and reprinted over the last year, outlines a frightening world view--at least if you have one drop of Hungarian blood in your veins. Or feel very much common humanity with Hungarians. Each commandment includes a mini-essay of explanation, but the rules themselves are enough: I. Thou shall not forget Romania, nor place any land or nation before your homeland in heart or mind or action.
II. Thou shall not treat any Hungarian as an equal to any Romanian, on pain of treason.
III. Thou shall not call any person Romanian who is not of that blood, with no Hungarians or other pollution in their family tree for three generations or more.
IV. Remember the first of November, and keep sacred in your hearts the despair of our enemies on that day.
V. Honor thy fathers, and never forget their enemies remain thy enemies for no less than ten generations.
VI. Thou shall not allow any Hungarian to harm any Romanian, upon pain of death.
VII. Thou shall not marry any woman not fully Romanian, for such unions are not marriage but adultery, and such women are not wives but whores.
VIII. Thou shall not allow any Hungarian to steal from any Romanian, but take from them an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, a tooth for a tooth.
IX. Thou shall not spread falsehoods about the innocence of those who have wronged Romania or Romanians, on pain of treason.
X. Thou shall not succumb to the temptation of Hungarian women, who are the agents of our enemies.

The diatribes against Hungarian women are indicative of the common view that such are both unusually beautiful and very wanton (for example, 'Hungarian woman' is slang for bisexual or lesbian).

Authorship of the pamphlet remains in doubt, but it is known that some Pavelist groups have had a hand in at least the initial distribution."[DZ]

NEW AMSTERDAM POST -- 12.DEC.2008 -- Covenant Loyalist Leadership in Question

ATLANDA, JACOBIA (NAL) -- The National Covenant Loyalist Committee begins its year-end meeting next week, amid considerable speculation over the leadership election. When the party was formed in 2006, from discontented elements of the Whig and Progressive Conservative Parties, the new National Committee was faced with two equally distinguished and ambitious candidates for Party Leader--namely Senators Howard Provo of Jacobia and Diane Rodham of Illinoise. In the end the question was set aside in favor of a less centralized structure, with Ontario Moderator Sir Clive Parker acting as Committee Chair, with Eugene Levi leading the House of Delegates. Rodham and Provo jointly led the Senate C-Ls from then on.

However, now that Parker's term as Party Chairman is due to expire, the fifty-member National Committee must elect his successor and this has become widely seen as a referendum of different leadership styles and goals.

Provo, who enjoys the "home court" advantage of venue, is under increasing fire as a Pegre War in Castreleon New threatens to escalate League-wide. His role as Minister of Justice makes this growing problem more-or-less his responsibility. The presence of the CBI headquarters nearby makes that point even greater.

Rodham, on the other hand, is widely seen as more of an administrator than an inspiring leader, despite the fact she has attracted a core of extremely loyal adherents. Although she has absolutely refrained from criticizing either Provo or the coalition government of which she is a part in public, rumors insist that she has privately been highly critical of his achievements.

At stake is more than simply the leadership of the Covenant Loyalists. In less than two years the election for General Moderator takes place. Currently, the Progressive Conservatives are still rebuilding after the disaster of the Watergap Scandal. The Whigs, having held the Oblong Office for three decades, have no obvious frontrunner in the wake of Ion Edwards's resignation. It is entirely possible that whoever wins this contest will be in a position to become General Moderator in 2010.

Many pundits have predicted that a compromise candidate is likely to win, such as Speaker Levi or Moderator Parker.[DZ]

NATIONAL NEWS CORPORATION -- 2.DEC.2008 -- Gambeau Crime Lord Dead, Mysterious Circumstances!

NEW CASTRELEON -- Jean Boutins, born in 1922, died Friday according to official provincial records. The death certificate lists "heart failure" as the cause of death, but doubts were immediately raised despite the man's eighty-six years. Boutins was a prominent figure in the Pegre, having been one of the most trusted lieutenants of the late Charles-Luc Gambeaux (1909-1992). He and four other such lieutenants comprise the "Old Men," the junta running the vast Gambeaux crime organization since 1998. Maybe even more importantly, they make up the most prominent representatives of the Old Guard, conservatives within the Pegre that favor a more-or-less strict code which includes distrust of those without Gallic blood, maintaining a low profile whenever possible, and limiting acts of violence to decrease the number of innocent bystanders involved (this to maintain stability rather than out of any sense of morality).

The death of such a major figure within the Pegre would always be a cause of concern to law enforcement, but falling as it does amid what is being dubbed the Signoret Crime War, the dangers to the public are increased. Guillaume Vashon and "King" LeBrun are battling to inherit control of the Signoret Famille following the death of their father-in-law Peter Dale, aka Pierre Daille. Vaschon is a known ally of the Gambeaux Old Men and the Old Guard in general. LeBrun, like the late Dale, allies himself with the Youngbloods, who are more liberal in their approach to crime, willing to employ non-French and to put a more public face upon the organization.

Rivals within and outside the Gambeaux Famille have vied for the vast power of the leadership for years, especially since it extends far beyond Castreleon New, despite having its leadership headquartered there. Indeed, a so-called Southern Confederacy of Pegre crimelords have been agitating to create a "Fifth Family" for some years, according to the CBI.

What hinders a relatively peaceful settlement to this situation is that now two members of the Tribunal, the semi-official commission intended to mediate such disputes, have died within the past year and so far neither has been replaced.

Justice Minister Howard Provo has promised to have a public announcement about what he called "this crisis in law enforcement" within the week.[DZ]

NEW CASTRELEON POST -- 14.NOV.2008 -- Liebermann Criticises Gore

PHILADELPHIA -- Connecticut Senator Jozef Liebermann openly criticized the Gore administration on a subject generally held to be taboo in Parliament--the death of the General Moderator's daughter. The prominent Progressive Conservative legislator noted that the increasing levels of violence in Castreleon New clearly falls under the authority of the CBI, a federal agency. He asked Jacobia Senator Howard Provo, current Minister of Justice in the Whig/Covenant Loyalist coalition, what failures on the part of the current government might have led up to the current "Signoret Crime War" and what efforts the new Minister was taking to correct the errors of the past.

Provo replied that clearer lines of jurisdiction needed to apply between Provincial and League law enforcement, while admitting that the CBI had perhaps focussed too many resources towards less pervasive problems, specifically the hunt for serial killers. He pledged further coordination between Provincial law enforcement and the CBI, not least to bring the violence in 'The Big Peach' to an end.

Liebermann, Deputy Whip of the Progressive Conservatives, is a long-time ally of PC leader Steven Harper. Since the 2006 elections and his own election as leader, Harper has been rebuilding the party's strength and been looking for some issue with which to oppose the current administration while uniting the dispirited PCs (still reeling over the the Watergap Scandal). He has successfully negotiated the union of his party with numerous local conservative parties throughout the NAL. Some commentators, such as H. Ross Lambaugh, suggest that law-and-order might easily prove the banner the party needs to re-energize the base and attack the Whigs, leading up to the General Election in 2010.

Since the death of Peter Dale earlier this year, almost three dozen murders and disappearances have occurred in the greater New Amsterdam area, believed in connection with a fight between Dale's sons-in-law for control of his crime empire. It is feared the fighting may spread as other Pegre familles start taking sides.

Just prior to Dale's death by cancer, the General Moderator's daughter Philadelphia "Philly" Gore was found dead in her apartment of a drug overdose. She was reportedly dating Andre Vaschon, Dale's grandson, although both had denied the rumor. Vaschon himself, wanted as a witness, vanished soon after and remains missing.[DZ]

LWR (League Wide Radio) -- 17.OCT.2008 -- Jump in Murder Rate Signals Pegre War!

At nine o'clock in the morning, October 17, shots rang out two block from Cafe Du Monde Too, a popular French bistro in the Village. Within a few minutes, sirens were heard and within one hour after that the NAPD was confirming what most New Amsterdammers had already guessed. A member of the criminal organization called the Pegre had been gunned down by another member of the same. This marks the tenth attack, and sixth murder, within the past week. Everyone in the know feared this was coming, but no amount of I-told-you-so's makes up for the growing fear in the city. Internecine warfare, generally speaking, is never a good thing. When it is played out in public places between professional killers who don't seem to care all that much who happens to be in the way, it goes from being not-a-good-thing to a potential atrocity.

Of course, for the crew of the airship 'White September', or more accurately for their loved ones, it is already an atrocity. Maybe their suffering would be increased in hundreds or thousands had had to endure similar losses. Or perhaps they would feel better, less alone somehow. It hardly seems to matter.

The brutal fact is that in the wake of Pegre Crimelord Peter Dale, aka Pierre Daille, his sons-in-law are grappling for the throne like the sisters in KING LYR. Or maybe we're looking at the wrong play. Maybe RICHARD III is a better choice, with the Pretender vying against the wicked Duke of Buckingham. Then again, what are literary allusions but ways to deal with unpleasant facts? And among those are the almost certainty that murders will continue to rise. Questions will be asked in Philadelphia, fingers pointed, chalk lines drawn on city streets in New Amsterdam, insurance companies will be getting nervous, French restaurants will suffer loss of business, and lots of blood will get splashed all over a supposedly civilized city.

Oh, and just to put things in perspective. The Pegre member murdered this morning? His name was Jean Dupres. And the same guns that killed him put Rhoberth Mara in the hospital. Who is Rhoberth Mara, you ask? A street vendor. He sold fresh fruit. Dupres was a regular customer, it seems, and that fact allowed his assassins to chose that particular spot at which to slaughter him. Shades of IULIUS CAESAR, really.

Mara is in critical condition. He is not expected to survive. He is a single father of a baby girl, whose mother died of cancer. Anyone thinking that crime wars are maybe a chance for the criminal element to thin their ranks might want to remember this soon-to-be orphaned infant. And consider that she is unlikely to be the last child to be made an orphan before the dust, and the blood, settles.

This is David Darknell.

NEW AMSTERDAM POST -- 8.OCT.2008 -- Crime Lords Make Public Appearance

New Amsterdam -- Weeks after the "White September Massacre", following which an uneasy truce has been observed among members of the Pegre in the city and province, both leaders of the rival factions vying for control of the Signoret Crime Family have been seen in public.

Louis Philip "King" LeBrun and his brother-in-law, Guillaume Vaschon (father of the missing Andre Vaschon) were seen by multiple witnesses during the last twenty four hours.

LeBrun, who was widely assumed to have been aboard the "White September" when it exploded, appeared in the Breuckelen Hall of Justice to register to vote at 4:45pm. He was accompanied by at least six men who seemed to be bodyguards. Members of the press from various outlets got wind of his arrival and within minutes surrounded him, asking questions. Impeccably dressed as ever, he said little and was wearing an arm cast. Asked about the destruction of the "White September" he merely repeated that it was a great tragedy at least three times before entering into a rolls royce limo registered in his name. Many reporters present had covered LeBrun prior to this and agreed the man in question was indeed LeBrun.

Vaschon, perhaps in a response to this sighting, had brunch in a public cafe--the Palace de Croissant--at 10am Wednesday morning the East Village. A regular at the establishment, Vaschon was with his wife Antoinette, daughter of the late Pegre Kingpin Peter Dale, aka Pierre Daille.

Constabulary officials feared with both leaders alive and no longer in hiding, this might indicate a renewal of conflict.[DZ]


September 4, 2008: Easter Island bicentennial begins with diplomacy (IBAP/EET) This is about the Very Small States meeting just prior to the opening ceremony. September 1, 2008: Imperial newlyweds arrive on Henua (PUNA) A bit of royalist hoopla that adds some much-needed zest to the event.

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New Amsterdam -- The Boa Room, watering hole for celebrities and underworld figures alike, was destroyed by fire at approximately 4:30 in the morning of Friday, August 1, 2008, according to Breukelen Fire Brigade spokesmen. Evidence at the scene indicates arson. Fortunately, no one is known to have been killed or injured. But NAPD authorities openly worry this is the opening salvo in a war for control of the Pegre Signoret family. Rivalries between adherents of Guillaume Vaschon and Louis Philip "King" LeBrun have been escalating since the death by overdose of Philly Gore, only daughter of the General Moderator. Her sometime companion, Andre Vaschon (Guillaume's son), is still wanted for questioning regarding her death but remains missing. The death from pancreatic cancer of Pierre Daille, longtime head or "Duc" of the Signorets (and father-in-law of both rivals), has set the stage for what officials believe may degenerate into a full-scale Pegre War.

Sources insisted that the Tribunal, a kind of oversight commission for the Pegre in general consisting of its most senior members, is trying to broker some kind of compromise. However, this is hindered because both candidates for taking over Daille's power have allies and enemies within the Tribunal itself. It is widely believed that the conflict will not end until one or the other is dead, along with their most loyal adherents.

Meanwhile, since Daille's passing in June at least two suspected Pegre members--albeit fairly low-level Capitaines--have been murdered. No suspects have been arrested in either case although both cases remain open.[DZ]


Forty of the highest-profile Tengriist shamans gathered 100 miles west of Yasý, Turkestan today in a ceremonial dedication of the newest section of the extensive Jorðatai wind generation facility on the Betpak Dala steppe. They were joined by a large crowd of spectators, including several members of the clergy of Turkestan's other religious traditions.

The ceremony was far more extensive than usual because of the special nature of the new facility. The thirteen new wind generators, nicknamed "Wind Horse's Tail", are of a new type, each having twenty-two smaller turbines all connected to the same drive shaft. A small aerostatic balloon on the free end helps to stabilise the array.

Shamanistic blessing of new wind generators is considered normal in Turkestan; the Tengriist religion that they represent treats wind turbines as semi-sacred objects imbued with the almost-shamanic ability to draw power from the spirit of the winds. Even the other religious traditions seem to accept this Tengriist link with the wind farms.

"It seems to work," a young Zoroastrian priest trainee said, taking the pragmatic approach. "We haven't had one fail yet."[GH]

Pacific Press Association -— 29.JUL.2008 -— PORF admits two candidate members, rebuffs another

KAILUA, KINGDOM OF HAWAI'I, KANAWIKI -- The Pacific Ocean Regional Forum made the most high-profile decisions of its annual summit today as it voted on petitions from three countries seeking candidate membership in the regional organization. The Chinese state of Canton and the Empire of Germany were received as members, while an application from the provisional government of the Tokelau Islands was declined. PORF, a regional forum concerned with commerce, ecology, and human rights in the Pacific Rim nations, expelled Canton in 2003 after its anarcho-capitalist revolutionary government used atomic weapons to retaliate against an invasion by neighboring Hunan. Canton's unqualified welcome back into PORF is considered one more sign that the world is willing to forgive and forget Canton's troubled recent past. Germany's application caused more debate. The decentralized European empire has repeatedly requested to join since aquiring tiny Rickerman Atoll in 2003, but PORF has until now rejected Germany on the grounds that, in the words of last year's resolution, "the Holy Roman, or German, Empire has not demonstrated a stake in the needs and issues of the greater Pacific region." An eloquent speech at the summit by Rickerman's Commissioner, Walter Steinmeier of the Principality of Lippe, apparently changed the PORF foreign ministers' minds. Steinmeier emphasized ecological challenges to small atolls like Rickerman and the need for international cooperation to combat these challenges. PORF was not so understanding toward the representative of the Provisional Government of Tokelau, which has governed the islands with the tacit consent of its overlord nation, Fiji, since April, although it had de facto administered the island for some months before that against the will of the Fijian government. Not surprisingly, Fiji's foreign minister objected to Tokelau's application, but so did a number of other nations wary of Tokelau's sepratist ambitions or its controversial plan to privatize its entire territory. PORF's official declaration states, "Tokelau cannot demonstrate a stable, working government required of PORF members, as its future status remains uncertain pending certain legislation and negotiations." In the day's session, the foreign ministers also addressed whaling and porpoising rights and the issue of rising global temperatures.[BK]


ATHENS -- At Athens, this morning, the new Emperor of the Greeks announced plans for laying the groundwork for a League of the Pontic & Meditteranean Peoples. Representatives from Crimea, Georgia, Armenia, Albania, Libya, and Egypt were present and have expressed interest in the proposed League. Other Nations contacted were Xliponia, Ethiopia, Dalmatia, the FK, and Cyprus. The latter two have also expressed considerable interest in the project. Cypriote representative Maria Stavrinides said after the presentation: "One thing this region needs is a stabilising international organisation. Unwittingly perhaps, the new Greek king has proposed a solution that will not only bring to a newly unstable Greece a greater sense of calm and common sense; but will also draw together many nations around the great Black and Mediterranean Seas to work together on common issues."

King Constantine said during the presentation that the League will be: "...a network of culturally similar nations working together economically and to protect each other in times of need". He hopes to see the League up and running by early 2010.

When asked how he is settling in to family life with Alexandra, he cryptically commented that they will be "baby-proofing the Palace". Seemingly the young royals will be welcoming a new addition and heir to the family in short order.[KL/PB]

APA -- 17-JUL-2008 -- Abbot Patriarch Down Under

Sednir, NSC -- Sednir today officially and warmly welcomed His Beatitude, the Abbot-Patriarch of Glastein, head of the Cambrian Rite of the Catholic Church. He is in town to celebrate the liturgy for the World Week of the Young; and also to meet with Australasian and Aotearoan government and church leaders. His Beatitude arrived on the 14th, but as is his custom when travelling, has been in seclusion for the last few days in a local monastery; it is said he is offering special prayers for the youth of the world.

In his first official speech, the Abbot-Patriarch has asked the people in attendance to remember that it is a sin to abuse life in its many forms, including natural resources, saying that " is one of our most precious gifts from God". He also attacked new technology such as the videotex for making lustful materials too easily accessible.

The World Week of the Young has been well attended, attracting hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the world to its various retreats, concerts and bible study groups.[MP]

NAL TODAY -- 16 July 2008 -- World Notes: International News in Brief

BRISBANE -- The Whummlin World Cup scandal took another turn as the Ouisconsin women's skip Kassandra Jenssen resigned, causing her team to drop out of the tournament and forfeit its scheduled match against English Australia. Jenssen faces ongoing allegations of inappropriate financial deals with gamblers, some connected with Chicago Pegré members. English Australia will face Cuba today in the next round of competition.

TOKELAU ISLANDS -- The much-anticipated election that may turn this Pacific republic into a privatized state has been postponed, according to the islands' provisional government. The Tokelauan people will vote on the controversial proposal early in September.[BK]

BBC World News Service, Bosporous Desk -- 12-JUL-2008 -- GREECE PREPARES FOR MILITARY STEP-UP IN REGION

CONSTANTINOPLE -- A leak was reported in il Giorno (Rome) very early Thursday morning that a mid-level official of the Greek diplomatic corps, stationed in Malta, approached the Knights of the Order of St. John Hospitaller with an offer of the return of the Turkish held island of Rhodes to the government of the Knights for an undisclosed level of support for Greek plans in the eastern Mediterranean region. Although the Knights lost Rhodes to the Ottomans in 1522, they have never relinquished their claim to the island. The last serious application on the part of the Knights was to the League of Nations in 1935, but the rising tensions in Europe and the subsequent Great War and Oriental War caused Malta's case to be left in abbeyance.

Ill Giorno reported on Friday that the Grand Master has denied the truth in the rumours, stating that the Order is not interested in engaging in military conquest, even to regain stolen properties. He concluded that should Turkey ever desire to return what was taken so long ago, such an act of amity and good will would be welcomed most heartily.

Within an hour of the original report on Thursday, Greek foreign minister Konstantinos Leganopoulos issued the following statement: "No! We deny this entirely. We categorically veto this theory most completely. If anyone can claim Rhodes with justification, it is the Hellenic Empire, not an Order of knights of the pope of Rome who seized it from us in 1309!"

When asked about the nature of the long-standing claims of Malta on Rhodes, Leganopoulos replied: "Why would the Hellenic Empire negotiate with hollow threats? Go ahead, let them think they own it! Whatever they think, it won't happen."

At the Kings College Department of Foreign Affairs (Castreleon, Kemr), on Friday a leading scholar on Helleno-Britannic relations suggested that: "The rapid and somewhat haphazard nature of the Foreign Minister's comments indicates some culpability. It has been substantiated that there have been some low level talks between Greece and Malta of late; and it would not be at all surprising if they involved the status of Rhodes and perhaps the claims on Rhodes being made by both countries. What is most interesting about the rapid sequence of events is that one is left under the impression that Greece is actually trying to hide something."

Early Saturday morning, it was revealed in il Giorno that a series of low level talks between Greece and Malta took place in Rome the last fortnight. Mostly, they involved routine trade negotiations, but it is now clear that some sidebar discussions regarding Rhodes did in fact take place. At a press conference in Constantinople, the Foreign Minister reiterated his earlier statements; but was preempted when an official from the Greek imperial palace issued a video recorded address in which the emperor turned the whole issue on its head: "The Foreign Minister is very much mistaken if he thinks it is his place to make policy decisions! If he turns out to be corrupt I get to execute him. I think it's time we take back Rhodes. It's also high time we retake Turkey; then all of Macedonia! Clearly, the Macedonians want freedom from the Bulgars and I suggest an equal union between the two countries; a dual monarchy. If the League of Nations wishes to play nice and give us some land to keep us quiet, there will be no war! Empire of Yesterday, Empire of Tomorrow!"

Furthermore, at the conclusion of the press conference, the Foreign Minister issued a statement indicating that Greece plans to court Romania, Turkey, Albania and Montenegro allied against Bulgaria in a "second and more glorious Balkan War" with the aim of "liberating enslaved Greeks in Macedonia". It will remain to be seen how the international community will respond.[PB]

Il Girono di Roma -- 11.JUL.2008 -- Order of St. John Denies Greek Connection

The Order of St. John today categorically denied the rumors that they had been approached by Greece about the acquisition of Rhodes. Basil Davids, Chief of the English _langue_ and secretary to the order stated, "While we do not renounce our historical claim to the island of Rhodes, the business of today's order is peace -- not war. That would be our attitude should we ever be approached by Greece about Rhodes."

The Order's claim to Rhodes dates back to 1309 when the Order conquered the island from a Byzantine governor running the island as his personal fief. The Order was driven from the island by the Ottomans in 1522, but never gave up their claim to it. Even today they refuse to use or acknowledge the title "of Rhodes" when referring to anyone but themselves.

The Order's historical claim to Rhodes is a matter of debate even among professionals in international law. While recent legal precedents concerning aboriginal lands have strengthened their claim, those precedents have yet to be applied in a European context.[JW]

IPAB/EET -- 1.JUL.2008 -- Lukas says: Henua to Share in War of the Heavens International Premiere

Far from the memories of men... and from almost everything else... the people of the island kingdom of Te Pito o te Henua are used to disappointment when it comes to movies. Tucked in a remote corner of the Pacific and 1200 miles away from the nearest land, they usually must wait one or even two years for films to make their way to their country, where a single studio adds subtitles and sells them to various local businesses that show them in small public theatres. But this year, as part of his bid to bring unprecedented global exposure to his long-awaited film, American director-guru George Lukas has announced that the new installment of War in the Heavens will open simultaneously across the world, and that Henua will share in the international cinematic event.

The "WITH" franchise, known locally as Tau'a i te Rangi, holds a special place on Henua, where back in 1990, the third film, Ho'ona Ma'ehha (Bright Revenge), became the first film ever shown on the island with subtitles in the native script. The Hangaroa Movie Studio acquired the first two films soon after, and the next two sequels proved wildly popular as well. Revivals of the five space opera movies still draw full houses across the island. The opening of Teata Tonga - that's Winter White - after a decade of waiting is expected to draw still more.

The owner of Henua's subtitling studio, Pokitani Ure, contacted Lukas's company a year ago when rumors of a worldwide release first began to circulate. The film company, Metropolitan Moving Pictures, was receptive to the idea of a premiere in the world's remotest country. A script and a copy of the new sequel arrived at the island soon after, and Pokitani and two or three staffers began work on their translation. Under the terms of their contract with MMP, they had to keep their work, the plot of the movie, and even the news of a Henua release a secret until Lukas's announcement this week. Doing this was quite a feat on Henua, where rumors can spread like a "dance of light and darkness" described in the movies. "Every day was a struggle against the urge to tell somebody - anybody - what we were doing," says Pokitani Peripe, a relative who helped with the subtitling work.

The announcement of the premiere has caused a stir like few on Henua can remember. A special outdoor space is being prepared to host what may be a majority of the country's population on the night of the release. "I'll be there. I've been waiting ten years for this," says one fan in the capital, Hangaroa. "Henua has never been honored in this way. Most people have never heard of us. I'm so thankful to Lukas for this."

Henua's newly elected head of government, Chief Adviser Kupenga Tuki, is an admitted fan. "I don't know what is more exciting, this news or the 200th anniversary coming up in September. This is definitely an exciting year for Henua." He added, "I look forward to watching."

The premiere will be held on the fifteenth of August. Several sites have been mentioned, but most intriguing is the natural hollow of Rano Raraku, the famed "statue graveyard" full of moai statues abandoned in the 16th century.[BK]

New Amsterdam Post -- 28.JUN.2008 -- PIERRE DAILLE DEAD AT 69

New Amserdam -- The man known as either Peter Dale or Pierre Daille, depending upon to whom one was speaking, died Friday afternoon at his Llo Rhiant estate in Castreleon New. Once renowned for his flamboyant dress and attention-grabbing behavior (such as giving away tickets to Broadway shows to strangers at restaurants) has been almost a recluse for months. Most assumed this was out of concern for his missing grandson, Andre Vaschon, wanted for questioning regarding the death by overdose of GM Gore's daughter. In a statement released to members of the press Saturday morning, it was revealed the man believed to have been one of the most powerful crimelords in North America was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Time of death was given as 8:53pm Eastern Standard Time.

Dale always maintained he was nothing more than a very successful investor and real estate developer. The CBI and NAPD, however, openly referred to him as the Duc, or head, of the powerful Signoret Famille of the criminal Pegre organization. Experts maintain Dale was a leader of the so-called "Young Bloods" who seized control of the four major Familles during the 1980s. Dale himself is said to have been a member of the Tribunal, an inter-famille commission of sorts designed to function as a kind of League of Nations for the Pegre. The Signoret famille specializes in the drug trade, making them among the wealthiest group of professional criminals in the NAL, possibly the continent. CBI experts claim the group has ties to many foreign nations, including Louisanne, the now-defunct Florda-Carribbea, Tejas and others.

Most troubling to the city of New Amsterdam and to law enforcement in general is the question of the succession to Dale's power. A widower, his wife having died from an accidental overdose of pain medication in 1998, Dale is now survived by four children. The eldest, Peter Victor, was estranged from his father and lives abroad in New France as an architect. Each of his three daughters married powerful lieutenants in the Signoret famille, lieutenants who have achieved 'Cardinal' status within the Pegre. That is, they are considered just below a Duc in prestige and authority. Guillaume Vaschon, father of the missing Andre, is believed to be in charge of most if not all of the famille's legitimate businesses and investments. As such he has some of the closest ties with other familles, especially the Chicago-based Arnauds. Louis Philip "King" LeBrun, husband to Dale's eldest daughter, has made no secret of his low opinion of Vaschon as well as his intention to succeed Dale. He is reputed to run over two thirds of the trade in illegal drugs within Castreleon New and surrounding provinces. Adherents of the two have been coming to blows since at least April.

Wild Card in this situation, other than the suddenness of Dale's demise, is the youngest of his sons-in-law, Luc Poifret, reputed to have made a name for himself in extortion and blackmail. He married into Dale's family in 1997, a mere eleven years ago.

One police source stated his firm opinion that "its only a matter of time now till the streets run with blood."[DZ]


QUEBEC, NF -- In a suprising move today, the Intendant of New France, Leonce Boucher, has announced some further changes for New France. First, to end the stalemate in the Chamber of Patricians regarding the status of the republic, the Intendant has decided to bypass the Chamber's study committee and declared: "From this day forward, New France will be officialy called (in French) La République de la Nouvelle-France and A République da France-Neuve (in Laurentien)."

The Intendant also announced that both the flag and coat of arms would be changed to reflect the reality of modern New France. Using a sugar maple leaf, long in use in the intendancy's history as a republican symbol, the new symbols serve to cut ties with the past, eschewing the fleur-de-lis which is considered by the present government to be a royalist symbol.

Both moves come after months of agonising debates over the status of the Intendancy. The monarchist Ducal Party said it would appeal the decision in the Superior Law Council as being against the Organic Laws which govern the Intendancy.[MP]


TUROŃ -- An inhabitant of Turoń was granted a job over 34 years after he died. This example of the unprecedented slowness of Venedic bureaucracy was first reported by the local newspaper "Echo Turonie" four days ago.

In 1963, Jętuń Janicy moved from the town of Kuźlin to Turoń, and applied there at the city administration for a job as a school attendant. Because he did not receive any answer to his letter, he started seeking employment elsewhere, and finally found a job at a local drugstore. He died of a heart attack in 1974.

A few days ago, his son Ferdzik received a telegram that was addressed to his father. The city of Turoń kindly informed him that his job application, submitted 45 years earlier, had been examined and accepted by the city administration. He was told to start working on the first day of the next month and was even offered the choice between a few different schools.

After receiving this news, his son decided to pay a visit to the town hall in order to clear up this "anomaly", as he called it. A representative of the department received him and told him that everything was perfectly in order, as they had replied to the job application he had sent back in 1973 just the day before. Since his father had never withdrawn his candidacy after finding employment elsewhere, it was assumed that he would still be interested in the job.

Afterwards, deparment head Karół Miszczału called the incident "a sad misunderstanding". "But then, who's to blame? There is of course no way for us to find out, whether all candidates for a job interview are still alive", he told the local newspaper's reporter.[JvS]

Some extra bits and snatches dredged up from an old archive of news clippings...
Noble Nuptials Looming Amid Security Nightmare
Tuesday, August 12, 2008
From: DZ

(Transmission begins)

I am standing before the beautiful St. Sussana's Church in Rome, a
beautiful structure dating back perhaps as far as the third century of
the common era.  That makes the church behind me older than the
English language.  It predates the Norman Conquest, the discovery of
the New World, and even the birth of Charlemange.  It has seen the
rise and fall of empires, in its time, but in three weeks time it will
play host to a different kind of history.  A marriage.  Specifically,
the much-debated marriage between the heirs of two very different
political entities.

Antonia Guelph is the sister of the Duchess of Mantua.  As such she is
in line to inherit the ducal title, which has been traditionally held
by women for generations.  Nicolae Vlas-Florea is the nephew of the
current Prince of Oltenia, and is his heir presumptive in that nation
that has a de facto if not written Salic law.

Yet that is the least of it.  Months of negotiations have laid out
rules and regulations about the bride's and the groom's respective
titles, how their offspring might fit into various lines of
succession, even how some of their personal property is to be treated
in the event of their deaths.  The rules make up a good-sized book. 
Even more extensive are the security arrangements surrounding the

Come August 26, this church will be filled with many of the crowned
heads of Europe and the world.  The Queen Dowager herself will be
attending, as will the newly crowned Juan Carlos of Tejas.  Queen
Elena I of Muntenia and her family will be there, as will the young
King Aurel II of Moldava and the Khedive of Egypt.  The bridegroom's
first cousin is movie star Nicola Vlas-Florea, and she brings with her
a veritable who's who in Breuckelen.

And then there are the controversies.  The new Emperor of Greece is
said to be attending.  Likewise, the Orthodox Patriarch of Romania,
despite this being a Catholic ceremony.  The North American League's
Moderator General himself will attend, while nearly every major nation
on earth have some representative present.

Which makes for a security nightmare.  In a world still reeling from
the double assassinations in New Orleans, from no less than two atomic
wars within the last decade, and ethnic tensions on the rise, can
anyone doubt this happy event holds the potential for world-shaking
disaster?  Coordination between different security forces has taken on
the level of bureaucracy unseen since the Florida War or perhaps even
the Second Great War. Air clearance on the day of the wedding will
require stringent adherence to the most draconian of rules, with the
armed might of the host country united with that of Oltenia especially
to defend same.  Members of the press must undergo security vetting
worthy of high government appointments while we've been warned every
single camera will be disassembled prior to being allowed within a
mile of the church.

One can hope that the vast majority of the world's peoples wish this
couple to have this day be nothing but joyous.  But the sad fact is,
to insure it requires the kind of resources and organization that
seems akin to a military invasion.  Because the alternative is not
simply a spoiled day for one bride and one groom, but perhaps a true
disaster for every single human being now alive.


World Games Stadium Almost Finished Under New Rule
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
From: Mr. X8

In others news today the World Games in Athena, Greece has been 
announced it will be completed before the Athena hosts the 2009 World 
Games. However the stadium will be massively expanded and redone with 
more of a modern feel balanced with a Classical Greek style. Nothing as 
of yet has been announced about what the Opening Ceremnoy will be like, 
but we assured it will be "megalo".



Bosporus and Dardanelles, Narrow Straits, or Cash Cows?
Thursday, August 14, 2008
From: Mr. X8

Today the newly crowned Emperor has approved the "Bosporus & 
Tharthanelles Act", which carefully assigns tariffs & fees based on 
economic policies, which will lead to very promising trade agreements 
with nations such as Russia, Turkey, the Romanian Federation, Bulgaria, 
Crimea, and Ukraine. The Ukraine which is one of the most 
agriculturally superior to most of the world, usualy does some major 
shipping in between the 2. That could mean a very serious amount of 
revenue pouring into Constantinople.



Underworld Summit?
Saturday, August 23, 2008
From: DZ

(New Amsterdam Post) For over a week rumors have persisted in the
press and police of New Amsterdam that a meeting of various and sundry
Pegre leaders is underway to settle the succession dispute between the
heirs of the late Peter Dale, aka Pierre Daille.  But while rumors are
easy to find, actual details remain scarce.

Unnamed sources in both the CBI and NAPD insist there is "good reason
to believe" that major Ducs or leaders of the different Pegre familles
are trying to negotiate some kind of peaceful succession between the
dead mob boss's sons-in-law.  Rivalry between the two has been growing
for years.  It recently escalated in the wake of the death by overdose
of Philly Gore, daughter of the General Moderator, and a supposed
friend/associate of Andre Vaschon, son of one of the contenders. 
Andre Vaschon has been missing for most of this year, since the NAPD
announced him to be a "person of interest" in regards Gore's death.

Louis Philip "King" LeBrun is openly viewed as a suspect in the young
Vaschon's disappearance.  His father, Guillaume Vaschon, shares a
common animosity towards LeBrun.  Tension between Pegre soldats and
lieutenants loyal to the two is believed by police officials to have
led to the destruction by arson of the popular Boa Room, a bar/night
club in Breuckelen.

Disputes of this kind are usually handled by a body known as the
Tribunal, an unofficial committee of the most powerful Pegre leaders
established after the ascension of the so-called "Young Turks" a
generation ago.  What makes matters still more problematical is that
until his death Daille is believed to have been a member of said
Tribunal.  Law enforcement officials disagree over whether his
position has been filled, and if so by whom.

No fixed meeting place exists for the Tribunal, although neutral
locations in expensive hotels are usually the norm.  In general, the
cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta have been avoided, say experts, in
order not to provoke law enforcement officials.  Philadelphia is the
nation's capital while Atlanta includes the training academy and
headquarters for the Central Bureau of Investigation.  Past locations
for such summits are believed to include New Amsterdam, Chicago,
Savannah, Creve Coeur and Boston.

Should negotiations fail, it is likely the result would be an all-out
war between factions of the powerful Signoret crime famille, which
permeates New Amsterdam as well as all of Castreleon New.  The last
major Pegre War, in the 1970s, which ultimately  brought the "Young
Turks" to power, lasted almost a decade and resulted in over one
hundred confirmed murders and an equal if not greater number of

Minister of Justice Howard Provo has faced increasingly harsh
questions from the Progressive Conservative Opposition in Parliament
regarding efforts to forestall the situation.  He has refused to give
any details out of a concern for "tipping our hand" to Le Pegre. 
However, pressure continues to mount, especially given the involvement
of the Moderator General's daughter.


Amid Arrests, Politicking, A Noble Wedding
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

(National News Corporation)(Rome) - An almost-royal wedding ceremony
was the center-piece of an extremely eventful day for the Eternal
City.  Nicolae Vladescu Vlas-Florea, heir to the Principality of
Oltenia, wed Antonia Guelph, sister of the Duchess of Mantua, at one
o'clock in the afternoon (local time) in St. Sussana's Church. 
Literally thousands of press and well-wishers as well as ordinary
Romans lined the streets as three processions preceded the ceremony
itself.  First was Gurie Savu,  Metropolitan Archbishop of Oltenia,
resplendent in gold and white and red, who performed the ceremony. 
Second was Nicolae Vlas-Florea himself, in the dark dress uniform of
the Oltenian Princely Guard.  Last and most anticipated was Antonia
Guelph, in a magnificent white gown and train, the latter several
yards in length.

Within the church itself, one of the most ancient in Christendom, the
colors and pageantry almost eclipsed the wedding.  The guest list was
nothing less than a who's who of the world.  King Juan Carlos of
Tejas, Dowager Queen Elizabeth of Scotland and England, Queen Elena of
Muntenia, the underage King of Moldova, the new Emperor and Empress of
Greece (the latter an old friend of the couple), General Moderator
Gore of the North American League, as well as crowned heads or their
representatives from as far away as Japan, Mejico and the Scandinavian
Realm were all present, as well as the most complete diplomatic corps
outside the League of Nations.  Indeed, unofficial talks between
different nations have been taking place behind the scenes for much of
the past week, taking advantage of the gathering.

Along with this came security concerns.  The military of the Papal
States were on full alert, with advisors and liaisons from Oltenia
especially playing their part.  One journalist even noted the presence
of the 'Brasov'-class air frigate 'Severin' in local airspace--proof
of just how seriously the government is taking matters.  Barricades
were in place for over a mile around the church, while the hotels and
other residences where the various foreign dignitaries stayed become
virtual fortresses.

Sadly, such measures proved necessary.  Last night a Venicean student
was arrested for trying to bring parts of a machine gun into Rome. 
Details have yet to be released.  And while local authorities have not
confirmed it, numerous witnesses attest to a police raid on a small in
on the outskirts of Rome, in which at least three people were taken
into custody.  By all accounts these persons were not Italian.

The nuptial mass was a hybrid, paying respects to the Latin and
Byzantine Rites, including the "twin crowns" of the latter--in this
case of oak leaves covered in gold leaf.  Vows were spoken in both
Latin and Greek.

Afterwards, the happy couple traveled back to their villa in an open
carriage, waving at the countless Romans and tourists along the way. 
Many well-wishers were waving flags--of Italy, of Mantua, of Oltenia
and Romania, as well as a novelty flag showing a heradric bat and a
horse, the two blazons of the houses of Vlas-Florea and Guelph
respectively.  The location of the honeymoon is a closely guarded
secret, although it is generally believed to be some island in the
Mediterranean (of which there are thousands).

Contrary to some expectations, the Pontiff did not attend.


Voces Nuestras, news from the Anglo Quarter
Saturday, August 30, 2008
From: PB

LOS ANGLOS de SAN JUAN -- Since the end of the War of Scandinavian Aggression, no issus in Portorican politics has been such a hot potato as the on-again off-again progress of the proposed Caribbean League, a new proposed country to be modelled on the North American League. A small but vociferous minority has long denounced the project as thinly disguised foreign imperialism; but a rising number of mostly young people are joining the country's anglos and are increasingly in favour of the proposed new nation. And what is more, a growing number of Portoricans in general support a bid from San Juan to join the new League.

"All of us [Caribbean countries] are hurting since the end of the War," said Julio Gonzalez, owner of a small day-cruise firm. "I'm not saying we should bring back the old republic, but we all know there's strength in numbers and the new League could spell greater prosperity for all Caribs."

North American legate to San Juan, the Rt. Hon. Sir Johnathan Cleese has met several times with President Fidel Ramos and Jamaican governor Lady Esmerelda B. Garvey, and was recently in Philadelphia to report on the Caribbean situation. Cleese found the present climate more favourable to the formation of an Americanesque league in the Caribbean region. "Several years back, the very idea was thought to be preposterous in the extreme. We had, with our European allies, just fought a war to regain long-lost territories. While long overdue, none of the powers felt the need to relinquish what they had just fought for. As time has passed, cooler heads are prevailing and the Home Offices are realising that Florida-Caribbea has indeed left its imprint on many of the island groups in the region. A sort of Anglified "Caribbean Destiny" has been developping; and we should foster this independent and cooperative spirit rather than quash it."

Some territories are more hesitant. The Swans and Providence really have no population to speak of and are more likely to remain status quo or be transfered to the Kingdom of the Mosquito Coast, rather than join the League. Others are already integral parts of other countries. Jamaica is an American province while Trinidad and Tobago are both English counties. None of these territories are likely to seek admission to the League.

The surprise, however, is the growing support among Iberian Portoricans for seeking admission to the League. Ramos said in a speech last week: "Our past is interlinked with our sister islands; our future shall also be interlinked with our sister islands." Clearly, what was once thought of as preposterous is now commonplace.

Cleese said that " of reinhabiting Charlotte Amalie for the capital are perhaps a little overenthusiastic at present. Few in the Cruzans are at all keen on handing over their sovereignty again to a newly formed Caribbean League. Thus far, all of the islands expressing interest are Federated territories or, in the case of Porto Rico, have large British populations. The very strong possibility of the formation of a Caribbean League within the Commonwealth of Nations is welcome news to many around the world, and allows the Caribs to push forward yet again beyond their Florida-Caribbean past." When asked about where the capital should be located, Cleese surprised the press by proposing San Juan itself: "After all, there are more Anglos in San Juan than on many of the smaller islands! It is an ancient city with considerable historicity and is also centrally located within a large territory that would have no trouble supporting the influx of residents
and visitors that a new national government would naturally engender."

Many Portoricans hope that a referrendum can be scheduled for this October or Novemeber and that President Ramos will sign an official proclamation of intent which can be presented to the other prospective members of the League.


Voces Nuestras, news from the Anglo Quarter
Saturday, August 30, 2008
From: PB

LOS ANGLOS de SAN JUAN -- As of today, thousands of Caribs are preparing for the worst as Furacano No. 7 rips through the Central Region. Since midweek, the storm has raged over the western tip of the Empire of Saint Domingue and has ravaged the North American province of Jamaica. This weekend, reports are coming out of La Habana that the storm has passed over the Caymans and is tracking along the southern edge of Cuba. Residents all along the Gulf Coast are preparing for the landfall of a major storm, possibly to rival Furacano No. 11 two years back which destroyed much of New Orleans in Louisianne.

This year, the government of that country is not taking any chances, and has already ordered an evacuation of the coastal regions. The best laid plans of rats and men being what they are, it is not a surprise that the evacuations are hitting stumbling blocks. Petrol stations are running out of fuel; proposed lane reversals on the major roads have been haphazard and the major airlines are balking at sending in more ships, in the event they may not be able to get them out again in time.

All is not in utter disarray, however, as we have reports that the railways are sending evacuees up north out of harm's way into the interior prefectures. And we must applaud the government of Louisianna for the foresight to undertake such a plan. Rarely do governments so readily learn from their past mistakes.

Thankfully, Porto Rico has escaped this storm, but there will be others no doubt! It will remain to be seen whether or not President Ramos has any kind of plan in mind apart from hunkering down in the palace. No official word of any kind was made when this storm first appeared in the region: some kind of warning should have been issued, or at least passed along from some other meteorological agency. The present government seems to be taking no interest whatsoever in the storms passing us by; in stead, they are more concerned about the upcoming elections. Perhaps the post-war coalition hopes its opposition will simply be washed away in the wake of Furacano No. 10!


Greece up in Arms
Sunday, August 31, 2008
From: Mr. X8

Emperor Constantine Palaiologos XII announced he and Parliament will be 
banning all animal testing, inhumane slaughterhouses, and fur/organ 
farms. However he did say genetic engineering for beneficiary or 
harmless to the animal will be exemplified. Various corportations in 
Greece are very distraught by this and some have veiled comments on 
suing the state. Constantine did reply to all companies practioning of 
either of the now illegal acts saying "why would you do it in the first 
place". On the international scale, this debate is rather divided. 
Representative Victoria Lynch of the Cherokee Nations welcomed the act 
in this no longer sleepy empire, whereas (I don't really know anyone in 
IB who would be against this). Among other things, the emperor 
mentioned "fixing of Greece firearms laws" and the governments regards 
on political asylum.


Emperor Begins Tour Spanning Three Continents
Monday, September 1, 2008
From: Mr. X8
New Amsterdam Press

Emperor Constantine Palaiologos also has decided to stop in Ireland, 
Kemr and the NAL after his trips to Scotland & Ireland, and he will 
visit the NAL after his stay in Louisianne. 

The Emperor was deeply sorry his council "forgot" to include those 3, 
as he says he has both important administrative & sentimental values 
to visit these 3 nations.

The Emperor said he is very anxious to visit Ireland as he has been 
mentioned filling out an application to the Euro-Consortium, and 
wants to bring the "Irish Wide Web" to Greece. There is also Greece 
may be involved in South Florida, which the Irish side is home 
to "Tarpon Srings", a city of 100% Greek ethncity. 

Kemr on the other hand, is a different story. Constantine wants to 
talk with "His brothers to the west" and talk to them on other, 
possibly resolvable issues.

Lastly his visit to the NAL will be to talk to General Moderator 
Albert Arnold Gore, Jr. and try to strengthen the ties between the 2 
nations. He will also be in Chicago, which actually has some 
descandants of the Palaiologos bloodline. Some include Police Chief 
Mike Diamentopolous & his family, and Pater Byron Papanikolas of 
Palos, a nearby city.


Emperor Visits Romania
Friday, September 5, 2008
From: Mr. X8

This morning, Emperor Constantine's plane to Bucureºti took off, 
starting his 3 continent journey. He will be giving speakers at 
Muntenia U and begin the groundwork for the Greco-Romanian Alliance. 
Other things mentoned to happen were talks on rumblings of war with 
Turkey & Bulgaria, and the new Greco-Xliponian wind generators being 
laid between the border of the 2 nations.


Birth of the Monoliths
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
From: Mr. X8

New Amsterdam Press

The groundwork for some of the biggest buildings in the world have been 
laid out in Athens today, with the Emperor wishing the builders good 
luck and Patriarch consecrating the ground. Several foreign corporations have determined to build Southern European headquarters in Greece, including Hitachi and Malis Transport plc, one of the NAL's largest shipping agencies. The site will also be home to office blocks and a splendid hotel, conference centre and entertainment arena with casino. It will be one of the largest such complexes in the Meditteranean region. The project is known appropriately enough as "The Monoliths". The estimate as to how many years it will take to completion is unknown. 


Airship Massacre!
Thursday, September 11, 2008
From: DZ


(New Amsterdam) - At three in morning, the skies above the city lit up
with a brilliant but deadly light while man-made thunder echoed across
the buildings.  Children woke up, late-night pedestrians looked up,
and the crew of ferry took emergency procedures to keep from being hit
by falling debris.

The light, the sound and the debris were from the "White September" a
luxury airship used for very high-profile meetings and conferences. 
Having begun life as a passenger liner in 1983, she couldn't keep up
with the larger and faster and more modern versions.  So in 1999 she
was retired, to be purchased anew and refitted in 2001.  Over three
dozen such ships serve as nightclubs or meeting places in the greater
New Amsterdam area alone.  "White September" was smaller than some,
more luxurious than most, and her owners promised absolute privacy.

What has been confirmed by NAPD officials is that several upper
management figures in the Signoret Famille of the Pegre underworld
organization are among the slain and wounded. Precise numbers are not
available, nor are names although rumors abound.  One holds that the
wrong airship was targeted and nothing but ordinary businessmen were
killed.  Another posits that the Pegre Tribunal--a commission of sorts
of major Pegre leaders to handle disputes--was assassinated.  Police
spokesmen said only that the few survivors are in critical condition
and that all seem to be members of the Signoret Famille, which is in
the midst of a power struggle between the sons-in-law of the late
Peter Dale, aka Pierre Daille.

"White September" was destroyed by some kind of explosive device, and
the explosion in turn ignited the hydrogen inside its inner gas bags,
which are normally surrounded by helium to smother any possible flames
or sparks.  However, the explosion ripped through structure.  The
explosion took place over the water, within one hundred yards of the
Statue of Justice.  Divers are already looking for wreckage and bodies.

Analysts were almost unanimous in believing this is either the start
of a Pegre civil war, or a bloodthirsty coup wherein one faction has
decapitated the other.


European Federation in the News
Sunday, September 14, 2008
From: PB

BBC World News Service -- 12.SEP.2008

Brussels -- European Federation officials perked up during last Tuesday's rousing speech by the dashing yound Hellenic Emperor, announcing plans to construct Europe's largest casino complex in Greece, when he also expressed the deisre for Greece to join the European Federation itself: "It is our great hope and desire to lift the Hellenic nation up by its sandalstraps, revitalise its economy and take its place among the great nations of Europe! Many years ago, our nation was invited to join the European Federation, and today, we say 'Greece at long last accepts the challenge!'"

Central Bank minister Jan van Cluis said in an interview on Brussels in the AM: "Greece's joining the union would be of great benefit to all Europeans. As the southeastern gateway for almost all the Suez Canals' traffic, Greece is a major economic center, though at the moment rather depressed and stagnant economically speaking. Simplification of trade and tarrifs and currency would benefit every one of Greece's trading partners here in the West; and would also ease transactions made abroad."

Of course, the road will be long and potentially disasterous for the new Emperor. Van Cluis said that Greece will be carefully assessed over the next five or so years to determine its economic stability and future outlook. Especially in light of rampant spending by the new government. As of today, the Greek new drachma trades at 3/12/6 to the Rijksdaalder. Certainly part of a downward trend from January's high of 2/19/9, but overall a steady rise form the lows of half a decade ago, when the rate was closer to fifteen drachmas. The recent introduction of the Greek "trade livre", as it's being called in official circles, tipped many off to a possible request on the new Emperor's part for admission to the Federation. If all goes well, perhaps Greece will add its star to the EF constellation as early as 2015.


College of Doctors Adopt Metric System
Sunday, September 14, 2008
From: MP

Quebec (New Francy) The college des medecins, the corporation
responsible for medecine standards in New Francy, today ended its
annual meeting in the city of Quebec. 

Many resolutions were debated during the 2 days that lasted the
meeting including one adopting the metric system for teaching
institution under its guidance. "We are a republic now" said a
spokesperson for the corporation, "it is time we leave behind an
outmoded and illogical system of measurement and adopt the more
straightforward metric standard". The measure would be introduced
gradualy starting next semester.

Other corporations in the republic, including the civil engineer, have
so far indicated that they are discussing similar measures but have
not arrived yet at a schedule for when they might implement it.

The adoption of the metric system as received the backing of the
government and follow a series of campaign meant to encourage people
to "think republican".


Greek Ship Destroyed
Monday, September 15, 2008
From: Mr. X8

New Amsterdam Press

At 4:30 AM a Greek cargo ship going to Tripoli, Libya was blown up 
by a submersed mine in the Dardanelles. Of the 221 members on 
board, only 38 survived. Cpt. Yorgos  Kondonyanis was driving through 
the narrow strait when he heard a scrape againt the boat, and the 
explosion rang out. A passing by cruise-liner was near the explosion, 
and was able to save anyone who could climb aboard. Nothing of 
particular value was lost, save the 183 lives lost. The Greek 
government has ruled this an act of non-government affiliated terrorism
and has offered to pay for all 183 funerals. One thing the assailants 
did not expect to literallyland in Cpt.  Kondonyanis' lap as they were 
sailing away, was a piece of the mine saying "Made in Bulgaria"... 

NB: The editor of the Chicago Signaler has already speculated that the 
Greek Imperialists planted the mine themselves.  The editor of The 
Chicago Kosmos (published in Greek, English, and Potawatomi) has 
accused the Signaler of "exhibiting the same backward, ignorant anti-
Hellenism that sparked the Efseyist panic of 1921.  Some things 
never change in this city." [BK]

Juan Carlos Tours Furacano Aftermath
Thursday, September 25, 2008
From: DZ


(Galveston, Tejas) In the wake of the furacano that took nearly 300
lives, King Juan Carlos toured the area of the devastation Wednesday.
His Majesty, surrounded by armed guards, was personally shown the
makeshift shelters housing many of the city's refugees.  It is
estimated nearly half of the city's 40,000 residents may have been
rendered at least temporarily homeless, although over ten thousand
fled prior to the arrival of the storm surge and are trickling back to
find a disaster area.  Almost no drinking water is available. 
Mosquitos and the smell of rotting food are everywhere.  Thousands are
hurt, being treated in a dozen field hospitals and hundreds remain
missing, including children.

Justice Minister Alberto Gonzalez sent units of the Tejano Army to
restore order almost immediately after the furacano hit.  Later that
same day, Prime Minister Ricardo Perry declared martial law in the
province of Carancagua, which has caused a minor uproar in Congress,
since that is a far greater area than was devastated.

Juan Carlos, meanwhile, attended an open air mass with the
survivors--an event patrolled by Tejano infantrymen with machine guns.
(looting has been a problem, resulting in several dozen arrests and
at least two shootings).  Towards the end of the day, the King made a
speech and pledged one million pesos of his personal fortune to help
rebuilt "this jewel of the Gulf Coast, this home to my people who have
suffered too much, for too long."  He also announced that he would be
asking for charitable contributions to help Galveston, setting up a
Royal Foundation for that task and for helping Tejas in general--a
nation still recovering from wars, the repressive Bush Regime and from
other natural disasters.

Members of Congress responded to the young King's words and actions in
a variety of ways.  Most praised his efforts, but several questioned
his choice to don a gray suit rather than the military uniform to
which he is entitled, hinting such was an implied criticism of the
military and/or the declaration of martial law.  One referred to his
trip as a "publicity stunt on the part of the monarchy."


Turkestan International Air Show
Wednesday, October 1, 2008
From: GH

Aviation Monthly, October 2008 issue

Manufacturers' representatives, government officials, representatives of airlines and air forces from around the world, together with curious onlookers, gathered in Qızıl-Su, Türkümänistan last month for the eagerly-awaited First Turkestan International Air Show.  Almost all of the world's major aircraft manufacturers were represented at the five-day event in the formerly secretive and Snorist nation, together with official representatives from over 60 nations and other entities, from the North American League to the Knights Hospitaller of St. John.  The new Greek Imperial Minister of War was prominent among potential aircraft buyers, though by no means the only one, or even the one with the most money to spend.

Several manufacturers had new models or prototype mock-ups to display.  Xierva Autogiro displayed their new X-80 model, which is designed to replace the X-66 in service with many police forces around the world.  Wessex Aviation introduced the world to their Walrus transport autogiro, and the NAL's Douglas-Martin corporation brought the P-118 Salamander mixed-propulsion flying boat debuted last year at the Japanese Air Show in Hiroxima.  Wenedyk-Hindenburg and BOAC had a joint display of the new "Queen Diana" airship recently completed by WenHin and delivered to BOAC, complete with scale cutaway model and mock-up of a typical cabin.

The star of the show, though, by design, was the new jet fighter-bomber from Turkestan's own ÜKÜ company.  Kept hidden until midway through the second day of the event, the Turkestani organising committee pulled off a suitably impressive surprise entrance for the new jet, following behind a flyover of several well-known Turkestani planes, from ÜKÜ's own T-1 Bürküt, through Märgän Aviation's T-4 Laçın ("Peregrine") dive-bomber and ÜKÜ's T-7 Şıkra fighter-bomber, to the eventual culmination of the T-9 Boran, escorted by a group of six T-5 Çagaltaı fighters of the Turkestani national aerobatic display team, the Sunhawks.

The mostly Turkestani crowd cheered wildly as test pilot Talğat Äbidyeşü-ulı Mayor (=Major) brought the jet in for a safe landing on the specially-created airstrip.  Even the notoriously hard-to-please Miçubixi representatives looked guardedly impressed.

A T-9 was on permanent, prominent display among the assembled aircraft for the rest of the event, and flight displays of the new jet in such operational roles as dive-bombing, ground attack and air superiority were scheduled every day, several involving competitive flyoffs against other renowned jets from around the world: the Oltenian V-15 Firebolt, the Japanese Miçubixi Taçu fighter, the Dalmatian Vukilak attack jet and the Australasian Ao Whetuma "Vompire" among them.

Preliminary conclusions are that the Boran appears to be a very capable aeroplane.  While the Spretu can outpace it and a fully-loaded Miçubixi Taçu carries more weaponry, its long operational range, excellent manoeuverability and tiny target profile are strong selling points.

For much of the third day, the representatives of the RTC and Turkestani governments were sequestered away in closed conference, prompting speculation of all kinds of deals being done between the two administrations.  Sorting through the myriad wild rumours, those seeming most plausible to our editorial staff were those of some kind of deal of cut-price Boran fighters for the RTC in exchange for technical assistance with Turkestan's struggling National Air Frigate project, or a plane-for-plane swap of the Boran jet fighter for one of their Rzejpybłiekawya flying boats.

At the time of going to press, the fact that some kind of deal was struck seems almost certain, though the substance of this deal is still unknown.


Metric Mania in Nouvelle Francie
Friday, October 10, 2008
From: MP

(Quebec, NF)
In the grip of metric mania, many companies in the republic of New
Francy have decided to offer henceforth their products in a dual
Systeme International/Metric units designation. The move comes as most
professional corporation have adopted the metric units in their
professional programs as a show of breaking with the old regime.

In a suprising move, the government of the republic has announced
yesterday that they would convert the currency in decimal units. The
piastre will be divided into 10 dixins and each dixin will be further
divided into 10 centins. The piastre will retain the same value as
before. The new currencies will be rolled out at the begining of
january 2009 and the old currencies will be phased out in a year's time.

The move has be coldly received by the monarchists who see this as yet
another exemple of costly "modernity" on the part of the government.
Even on the republican side, some in the far left faction have decried
the adoption of decimal units as only a "token" nod toward
republicanism. A spokeman for the Laurentian Anarchist Front said:
"The government as so far only given us symbols, when will it make
some in dept changes to move away from a Bourgeois regime to a truly
proletarian one ?"


Gazeta Jeleconała
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
From: JvS


"Cuatro kód???" - Jużeń Bambaryła appeared honestly surprised when he first heard about the Commonwealth of Cuatro Palmas. And indeed, the man who has been governor-general of Southeast Florida for 2 1/2 year now, does not seem to have the faintest clue regarding the actual ongoings in the country he is supposed to be governing. He does not even seem to notice that his zone of occupation is slowly falling apart. Instead, as his critics overseas claim, he has been indulging in banquets, drinking bouts, excessive luxury and private meetings with expensive prostitutes most of the time. How is it possible that a corrupt politician with less than reputable habits, a criminal record and obvious connections to the Olęca Siekrzota keeps ignoring his tasks and yet is still allowed by the government to stay in function?

"It's an obvious example of our current government's general incompetence", prof. Żowan Sasomętany of the Civil Initiative Against The Occupation Of Florida told us. "They make lots of noise about fighting corruption, but as we all know, they use it merely as a tool to eliminate their own political adversaries. Bambaryła is a faithful companion of chancellor Janać and his brother Kazimierz. As long as he doesn't cross their plans, and as long as he doesn't gain too much popularity, he can do as he pleases. Our BCKK [Central Bureau Against Corruption] is much too occupied with persecuting left-wing politicians who may or may not have been taking small bribes. And meanwhile things in Florida are getting from bad to worse."

Yet, this last thing has not gone completely unnoticed in Warsina. Since the second half of 2007, rumours about growing guerrilla activity have been persistent. In January 2008, the Sejm decided to appoint a commission to investigate the situation in Florida. Its conclusions led to the dismissal of minister of Floridian Affairs Paweł Bościciału in October, and his replacement by Jaków Puliny, a notorious hardliner from the ranks of the ŻŻŻ, who lacks any reported knowledge about the situation in Florida. Obviously, this solution has not worked out well. Not surprisingly, of course. After all, how can one minor shift within the government change the moods of nine million people overseas?

In Miami, nothing seems to have changed at all. Governor-general Bambaryła official stance remains the same: the Floridians are, and always have been, madly in love with us, and there is "no appreciable guerrila activity beyond small bands of ill-equipped and failing rebels hiding out in the swamps". Every Floridian citizen who displays the weakest ambition to stand up for his nation is mercilessly coined a "buszysta" and will in all probability be locked up in one of the over-filled prisons within days. What Bambaryła and his cronies have failed to notice, is that during the last two years a dynamic underground movement has emerged, supported by a large part of the population and determined to liberate their country from the Republic's neo-colonial rule. During the last month, no less than four regions in the North of our occupation zone declared their independence, but from the governor-general's office nothing but silence. Until yesterday, when
Bambaryła declared: "We receive this kind of declarations on a daily base. Do you really think we have the time to look into all of them? Since we installed local self-government two years ago, it happens regularly that some local bobo declares his village. Usually with utter disregard for the interests of the people, but what do they care? But then, that's the price of democracy! We simply couldn't avoid that some people were misguided and elected buszystas in disguise into their councils. Well, some people have criticised us for that, but I still maintain that we have chosen the right path. We promised to bring democracy to Florida, and so that's what they are getting. You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs."

"In any case", he added, "we cannot tolerate any infringement on our territorial integrity. Florida is integral RTC territory and will remain so forever. Those self-proclaimed local heroes are acting on behalf of foreign powers, and will be dealt with soon." This is also official government policy. According to the transition schedule worked out by the ministry of Floridian affairs, Florida should have been transformed into five regular RTC provinces by January 1, 2010.

How this date is going to be achieved remains to be seen. Obviously, the governor-general himself is not a reliable guarantee for success. Neither his numerous prisons nor his reported death squads have been able to stop a revolt in Florida. Mr. Bambaryła has clearly failed on all fronts. To avoid our Floridian adventure from turning into a disaster, he should be removed from his office as quickly as possible and be replaced by a sensible person who believes in dialogue, not in violence.


Exercise or pacification
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
From: JvS

Wita Warsinie, 20 JAN 2009

MĘĆ RZEGAŁY (WASP) - Twelve thousand soldiers from the Republican army have left for Florida this morning. Under the command of general Emanuel Krowiranda they will participate in a huge military exercise in the region of Rzebamarz. Męć Rzegały's mayor Krzysztof Kawaliniany accompanied them on a large parade through the city center, before they finally took off from the city's aerodrome.

Defense minister Edmund Mielć has denied any connection with the recent events in the Northern part of Southeast Florida, where a group of rebels are seeking international recognition for an independent state they recently proclaimed under the name "Four Palms". "Although the situation is tense in the North of our Zone, this operation has nothing in common with these separatists", Mielć explained. "We have picked Rzebamarz, because it is a scarcely populated region with a unique nature - an ideal shooting range for our brave young men. It is nothing but an exercise. Besides, it was scheduled years ago. That it would happen during a period of growing foreign agitation and increased terrorist activity was something nobody could foresee. A coincidence, nothing more or less."

Not everyone is convinced by the minister's words. Observers within the Republic and abroad expect a huge pacification of Northern Southeast Florida. Because the Republican Guard has been decimated and forced to accept a humiliating ceasefire with the rebels, they predict Krowiranda's men will join their ranks immediately after they arrive, to restore law and order in the rebellious province. Furthermore, some argue that given the growing international tension surrounding Florida, their presence might have a preventive side-effect, as the fear for a potential invasion by the NAL seems to become more and more substantiated every day.

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